pigeons on roof

lmao, that time when Rob tried to sneak in through Pixel’s window but (ofcourse) fell down the ladder which resulted in a big bang and then Ziggy explains the noise with “just a big pigeon on the roof” and Pixel’s like “yeah that must totally be it” like wTF there’s no pigeons in Lazy Town???? Have you ever seen a pigeon in Lazy Town??? I’ve never seen a pigeon in Lazy Town

The Signs as Weird Clash Stories

Aries- The Blockheads show up at the studio dressed as police, causing the band to panic and flush all their drugs

Taurus- Topper and Paul are arrested for shooting pigeons from the roof after someone mistakes them for terrorists.

Gemini- Mick and Joe fly to Jamacia, spend the whole trip smoking weed while hiding in their hotel room, because two tiny white boys severely underestimated how different life was in Jamaica.

Cancer- Members of the clash are arrested for stealing pillows from hotel rooms. Reasons unknown.

Leo- Mick Jones sends Johnny Green out to get cocaine. The store Green was buying from is raided, people are arrested, and Green barely manages to sneak out. Upon his return, Mick is pissed that Green didn’t at least smuggle out some cocaine.

Virgo- Topper calls Johnny Green and asks him to come over, rambling about some pool table he just bought. When Green arrives, the table isn’t even set up, and it’s clear to him that Topper was just lonely and wanted someone to come over.

Libra- Mick Jones sits outside of the tour bus and refuses to move until someone gets him a joint.

Scorpio- Paul auditions for London SS, and it is immediately clear why Paul doesn’t sing. He is still kept in reserves, because Mick Jones thought he was very attractive.

Sagittarius- Paul begins bass and is terrible. His original plan was to stand on the front of the stage and jump around so much no one would notice he couldn’t play.

Capricorn- Joe Strummer is sent a death threat. Despite the danger, he still wants to play at the location he was told he will die in. Mick, Paul, and Topper refuse to let him.

Aquarius- Mick Jones writes Train in Vain and is immediately shut down by Joe Strummer, who despises heterosexual love songs.

Pisces- Joe sees a group of sad punks outside a venue he was supposed to play at and walks up to them. They couldn’t get tickets and were upset, so, naturally, Joe brings them in and gets them up front.


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 48

While I showed you a lantern last week, Heiko showed you a bird toilet. And that’s where we continue this week. Don’t worry the birds, not the toilets. Like every big city, Cologne (first photo) and Munich (second photo) both have a lot of pigeons. And I know Heiko’s photo doesn’t show a pigeon it shows a gull, because Cologne also has a lot of gulls. While kids have fun with the birds feeding and hunting them, the adults don’t like them very much. There even exists a song about three pigeons on a roof with a very sad and violent end for the poor birds http://youtu.be/7qhPia8YwDg This week no critique and praise, just a little bit sympathy for the little birds. And a happy 4th tumblr birthday to a surprisingly bird @adventuresofalgy