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Hello there! I’m a native Polish speaker and I’ve decided to make this little series of posts concerning the most interesting and/or popular Polish idioms, sayings, and proverbs. I’ve seen a few similar posts on Tumblr, but most of them repeat the same few idioms a maroon nd I really want to introduce you guys to many more sayings in my language. Each post in this series will have around 8-10 sayings and I plan to make such posts once every week. I hope you’ll enjoy them and learn something new! Here is the first installment. You’ll find the later ones in this tag on my blog.

✧ Polish: Co ma piernik do wiatraka?
Literal translation: What does a gingerbread have to do with a windmill?
Meaning: Used when a person you’re talking to says something completely irrelevant to the whole conversation. Something like: what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

✧ Polish: Tylko krowa nie zmienia zdania.
Literal translation: Only a cow doesn’t change its mind.
Meaning: People are allowed to change their opinions and views over time. You can use this saying as a comment on this fact.

✧ Polish: Szukać dziury w całym.
Literal translation: To be looking for a hole in something that’s whole.
Meaning: To quibble, to nitpick. To stubbornly be trying to find fault with something that’s without fault.

✧ Polish: Raz na ruski rok.
Literal translation: Once in a Russian year.
Meaning: Very rarely, hardly ever. Once in a blue moon.

✧ Polish: Lepszy wróbel w garści niż gołąb na dachu = Lepszy wróbel w garści niż kanarek na dachu.
Literal translation: A sparrow in the hand is better than a pigeon/dove on the roof = A sparrow in the hand is better than a canary on the roof.
Meaning: It’s better to hold onto something you already have than to risk losing it while you’re trying to get something else. Basically: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

✧ Polish: Gdzie pieprz rośnie =  Gdzie diabeł mówi dobranoc.
Literal translation: Where pepper grows = where the devil says goodnight.
Meaning: Somewhere far away, in a distant and unknown place, at the end of the world. 

✧ Polish: Kłamstwo ma krókie nogi.
Literal translation: A lie has short legs.
Meaning: People will always find out about your lie.

✧ Polish: Dzieci i ryby głosu nie mają.
Literal translation: Children and fish don’t have a voice.
Meaning: Adults don’t care about children’s opinions; children’s opinions shouldn’t be considered when a family is making important decisions.

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do you have any fallen angle AUs?

  • “Oh stop whining. I’ve fixed plenty of broken bird wings before, and your wings aren’t any different. I could hurry this up if you stopped fidgeting.” AU
  • Character A didn’t technically fall from heaven, it was more like they took a wrong turn and then accidentally found themself tumbling down a flight of stairs leading to earth. Waking up, Character A finds themself in a city park, naked except for a coat that somebody put over them, and surrounded by a crowd of humans while Character B – the person who was wearing the coat – calls 911.
  • Character A’s grandparent liked to tell Character A bedtime stories of how their family members were descendants of angels, but as Character A got older, they realized how silly the stories were…until one day when Character B, a bedraggled and bloody angel, shows up on Character A’s doorstep, saying that Character A is the only one that can see or help Character B.
  • “There’s two troupes for fallen angels. We’re either devilishly handsome demons on earth meant to lead humans astray, or we’re beings of pure light and innocence that are here to provide miracles. Neither one of those are true; we’re mostly just really tired observers who keep reporting back to God in hopes that he lets us back in one day.” AU 
  • Character A keeps pigeons up on the roof of their apartment building, and when going out to check on their birds one morning, Character A finds a winged figure sleeping in the middle of the bird cage.
  • “These scars? This was where my wings used to be before I got thrown out of heaven. Sometimes it feels like I still have my wings…” AU

Found pigeon (??)

My friend’s sister found this pigeon on the roof of their home yesterday evening (November 11)
To my knowledge it came down to her and she brought it to their backyard. Unfortunately their dog got ahold of it but the pigeon seems to be fine; I had my friend look him over to make sure.
He is friendly and let my friend touch him, which makes me believe it is possibly a pet.

He was found in Richardson Texas so if you know anyone who might be missing a pigeon, please let me know!

-she will be taking him to a near by vet tomorrow (November 13)-

Breakfast Club


“Come on, Lions!”


“Ready, okay!”


“Gimme an L!”


“Gimme an I!”


“Gimme an-,”

The piercing shriek of all fifty-four fire alarms across Garrison Academy’s campus was like the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

Magnified, of course, fifty-four times.

Screams rang out across the football field, and the cheer team scrambled down from the pyramid and booked it.

Only one girl remained, a grim look on her face, as she stared down at her phone, two texts from the hour before glowing bright blue.

kat: you might want to get out of the school

Across campus, a petite girl in the standard blue blazer and gray skirt was being dragged kicking and screaming into the first office in the corner of the main building.

“Miss Holt. Third year, age….sixteen?” The dean of the school looked down through his bifocals at the girl in front of him.

She was quiet, her thick glasses flashing in the sunlight streaming through the open window.

“Miss Holt, you were apprehended with a computer, seemingly stolen from the library, in your backpack. Is this correct?”

More silence.

“Our cameras tracked you to the boiler room, where you were caught, on tape, hacking into the school’s mainframe and turning on every single fire alarm in the vicinity. You were then caught in the records room, which is, as stated during your orientation, off limits to students.” The man stopped, and looked at the girl. “Can you confirm this?”

She was quieter still, and the dean closed his eyes and massaged his temples when suddenly-


The dean’s eyes popped open. “What?”

“Not every fire alarm was set off.” She said, eyes hard. “I was unable to access the ones in the office.”

“Well, Miss Holt, this is an extreme offense. Not only have you costed us around a thousand dollars in repairs, but you, with this intent, I presume, caused mass terror through the student body. The Garrison does not take these types of actions kindly.”

The girl stared coldly at the dean.

“You will be punished, as expected. You will not be allowed to return home for spring vacations, and detention will be served in the library every day after school. Have I made myself clear?”

The girl stood up suddenly, and moved toward the door, hand on the knob when the dean’s voice reached her.

“Miss Holt, have I made myself clear?”

Her hazel eyes flashing, Katie Holt turned to him. 

“Yes, Dean Iverson.”

Voices echoed through one of the upper halls of the main dormitories, footsteps quietly sounding off the marble walls.

“I can’t believe you went through with it! I told you, this kind of stuff-,”

“Allura, I get it. I messed up and got caught.” 

“Katie, I know this is your first year, but Altea takes this kind of stuff seriously.” The taller of the girls, hair still in her cheerleader ponytail, stopped, and said sternly to her friend. “You know how many connections the dean has? He went to Harvard, his son is practically engaged to Yale, MIT is where half of the techies go, and Dartmouth and Princeton are on call just like-,” She snapped her fingers. “That.”

“And why should I care?” Katie shot back, stopping as well.

“Do you want to be flipping burgers for the rest of your life?” Allura said, drawing herself up to her full height. “Because this school has the power to make that happen.” 

Katie glared up at her friend for a second, and then just turned away, shoulders sagging. “I-I just……,”

“Why’d you even do it?” Allura questioned her. “This isn’t like you.”

“They said it was an accident!” Katie yelled, and wingbeats sounded as a flock of pigeons took off from the roof. “They said, on file, that it was an accident, but that’s a lie! THEY SAID MY BROTHER IS GONE BECAUSE OF AN ACCIDENT!”

Allura’s face was white. “Katie-,”

“Just…..just go away.” 

And then she was gone, leaving Allura alone in the open hallway, staring after her.

“Mr. Kogane? Ah, do come in. I’m sorry this is so sudden.”

“Professor Coran? Is…something-,”

“I need you to do something for me. For the school.”

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i'm total trash, if you're feelin it, how bout some early mornings on a balcony bellarke? i need me some domestic fluff for this hiatus. sorry if it's too specific i just imagined them watching the day come to life and dklajflgkha;g

Nonny this was exactly what I felt like writing today so blessings on you and yours for this prompt.

Clarke stumbled into the kitchen, bleary-eyed, and found the coffee maker bubbling and hissing as it finished brewing.  Bellamy was nowhere in sight, but a cool breeze caressed her bare legs and Clarke allowed herself a private smile.

In the six months she’d been living in Bellamy’s spare bedroom, she’d learned that if he was out on the fire escape he was trying to think something through— whether it was a problem with his latest chapter of his dissertation or a fight with Octavia, being on the fire escape meant he was sinking deeper and deeper into his own thoughts.

Less than a year ago, she didn’t even like Bellamy.  He was just Octavia’s frustrating older brother, prone to picking fights with her whenever they accidentally crossed paths.  But then Clarke broke up with Lexa.  That was bad enough in and of itself, but she was also in one of her every-few-years clashes with her mother, which meant Clarke didn’t have anywhere near enough money for a security deposit, which meant she had to move out of Lexa’s place immediately and she was trolling craigslist for a place that wasn’t also a murder-dungeon but the only things in her price range screamed murder-dungeon.

Clarke had been bitching about it to Octavia while Bellamy grumpily helped Lincoln set the table. Lincoln had just suggested Clarke check out Luna’s co-op— you have to commit to eating vegan and they don’t feel it’s ethical to pay a corporation for internet access so you probably want to make sure your phone’s data plan is unlimited— when Bellamy sighed.  “Miller’s moving in with Monty next month.  I’ll need a roommate but if it’s you I won’t ask for a security deposit,” he announced, and Octavia and Lincoln shared a look.

“You guys will kill each other in under a month,” Octavia pointed out.

But Clarke was desperate and stubborn so she set her jaw and made eye contact with Bellamy.  “Deal,” she said, and and Bellamy met her gaze with an equally determined look.

The first month had been rough— Clarke didn’t know it was possible to fight about literally every single thing— but somehow they managed and six weeks in, everything clicked.  Bellamy made her extra coffee in the mornings and Clarke covered him with a blanket when he inevitably fell asleep on the couch at night.  They were a good team, they found, and almost frighteningly in sync.

Clarke poured two cups of coffee and brought them over to the window sill.  She passed one out to him without a word and then snatched a blanket from the couch, because mornings in May were still brisk enough to raise goosebumps on her arms.  She ducked out the window and Bellamy shifted to make space against the rough brick wall.  “Everything okay?” she asked, her voice cracking with the remnants of sleep.

Bellamy shrugged and lifted the mug to his lips.  Clarke tossed the other end of the blanket over his lap.  The sky was still a soft orange-pink, the streets quiet except for the occasional delivery truck rumbling about its rounds.  “Just thinking about some shit,” he said finally.  

Clarke stole a look at him out of the corner of her eye.  His skin seemed to glow in the early morning light and her heart felt soft and warm in a way she had thought it would never feel again.  Her shoulder was pressed against his arm and her leg against his hip, and not for the first time she felt the urge to curl closer, breathe him in and skim her lips over the shell of his ear.  She slurped her coffee to stop herself, and Bellamy glanced at her.  His eyes were almost sad, but he smiled at her nonetheless.

“You know, I kind of thought Octavia was right— I didn’t think we’d last as roommates,” he said, the morning breeze ruffling his curls.

“So why offer?”  Back then, Clarke had felt like she was drowning.  She was flailing, throwing her hands out in any direction, hoping something, someone, would stop her fall.

And Bellamy had reached out and caught her hand just at the last minute.

But it was more than that— he made her feel safe.  She could put herself back together with him and he wouldn’t judge, wouldn’t make her feel weak and stupid when she fucked up.  He was just…there, no matter what.  Steady and unexpectedly warm, just like now.

“You needed a place to live,” he said simply, and Clarke wondered if she would ever reach his level of innate warmth.  He hid it well, to be sure, and his anger— real anger, not just annoyance that she’d left her shoes right in front of the door again— could be cold and harsh.  But when Bellamy saw someone in need, he never hesitated.  She loved that about him.

She loved him, as long as she was admitting things to herself.

“Well, thanks,” she said, and on an impulse she rested her cheek against his shoulder.  His lips twitched like he was smiling and he brought his arm up and around her.  Clarke snuggled closer, because the part of her that craved him in whatever way he’d let her in was growing stronger by the second.

Three stories above them, a pigeon cooed from the roof.  Four stories below, Niylah unlocked the gate to her store and it rattled as it rose.  But there, on the fire escape underneath a blanket Bellamy’s mom had made decades ago, they drank their coffee and sat in companionable silence.

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So uh for the oc thingy, is it ok if it's an animal? I have this idea that there's just a white pigeon hanging around bendy*s bar and he can't get it to leave even though it ruins his whole aesthetic. Just a white fluffy Pigeon hanging around near the roof and bar , would that be ok? - Pigeon Anon

I love that!! He has a rivalry with then damn pigeon! MOCKING HIM!! TAUNTING HIM WITH IT’S EXISTENCE!!!

Koro or incense burner in the form of an ancient Chinese roof tile with a small spider on the side, which has caught the eye of a pigeon perched above. The roof tile of hammered iron, the incense well of hammered silver, the spider of shakudo inlaid in gold, the pigeon of hammered silver inlaid in  shakudo, red bronze, and gold. The pigeon signed with a chiseled signature on the underside of the tail feathers: Shoami, and the roof tile signed with an inlaid gold signature on the reverse:

Katsuyoshi (Shoami Katsuyoshi, 1832 – 1908).

Late Meiji era, circa 1890 – 1908.

The Signs as Weird Clash Stories

Aries- The Blockheads show up at the studio dressed as police, causing the band to panic and flush all their drugs

Taurus- Topper and Paul are arrested for shooting pigeons from the roof after someone mistakes them for terrorists.

Gemini- Mick and Joe fly to Jamacia, spend the whole trip smoking weed while hiding in their hotel room, because two tiny white boys severely underestimated how different life was in Jamaica.

Cancer- Members of the clash are arrested for stealing pillows from hotel rooms. Reasons unknown.

Leo- Mick Jones sends Johnny Green out to get cocaine. The store Green was buying from is raided, people are arrested, and Green barely manages to sneak out. Upon his return, Mick is pissed that Green didn’t at least smuggle out some cocaine.

Virgo- Topper calls Johnny Green and asks him to come over, rambling about some pool table he just bought. When Green arrives, the table isn’t even set up, and it’s clear to him that Topper was just lonely and wanted someone to come over.

Libra- Mick Jones sits outside of the tour bus and refuses to move until someone gets him a joint.

Scorpio- Paul auditions for London SS, and it is immediately clear why Paul doesn’t sing. He is still kept in reserves, because Mick Jones thought he was very attractive.

Sagittarius- Paul begins bass and is terrible. His original plan was to stand on the front of the stage and jump around so much no one would notice he couldn’t play.

Capricorn- Joe Strummer is sent a death threat. Despite the danger, he still wants to play at the location he was told he will die in. Mick, Paul, and Topper refuse to let him.

Aquarius- Mick Jones writes Train in Vain and is immediately shut down by Joe Strummer, who despises heterosexual love songs.

Pisces- Joe sees a group of sad punks outside a venue he was supposed to play at and walks up to them. They couldn’t get tickets and were upset, so, naturally, Joe brings them in and gets them up front.