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Blue Birds

I was playing with watercolors again and really wanted to paint some birds!

Featured Birds: Peacock, Blue Jay, Blue Bird, Hyacinth Macaw, Asian Fairy Blue Bird, Crowned Pigeon, Little Blue Heron, Blue-Throated Hummingbird, Parakeet, Blue-Footed Booby, Banded Cotinga, Lovebird, Blue Kingfisher

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Some illustrations for my poetry class. I wanted to do a picture book with poetry but I didn’t include the latter because… I don’t like writing……… Anyways it’s a story about a pigeon who falls in love with a colorful peacock so he takes him to live in the city with him and bring some color to his life, but the peacock’s color starts to fade as he is unable to adapt to city life, and the pigeon eventually decides to let him go. But then the pigeon discovers he has color too! My friends say it reminds them of the city mouse/the country mouse but I was lowkey more inspired by the original little mermaid ;; guess the lesson is don’t force yourself to change!


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wip meme: blue

The garage had once been a barn, and still showed signs of it in the high ceiling and the wooden exterior. Will used it mostly for storage: a chest freezer for extra fish; old sailcloth; extra dog food; an old recliner Will kept meaning to haul to the dump. There was a space just big enough to park a car. The Volvo had looked at home among Will’s things; the Bentley, all sleek lines and midnight blue, looked like a peacock among pigeons.

First, a big thanks to @merrysnork for inspiration and advice

The Diamoric community is still very new, and as most LGBT communities go, we havent had many terms made. The sapphic ladies have fem/butch and tomcat/doe, and I’ll be honest that i dont know the achillean terms, but that doesnt mean there arent any and thats where we come down to When The Heck Were We Gonna Get Some

The answer, possibly, is right now, good friends because having all the femme-butch character scale memes on my dash has inspired me to make a similar scale for all diamorics, with characters to match!

In keeping with the LGBT trend of using animal names as terms (for the most part,) this uses birds! It doesnt focus on masculine presenting to feminine with androgynous in the middle, but it focuses more on the two main ways ive seen nonbinary people portrayed: Flamboyant and Modest. If the picture won’t load the scale goes from Peacock, to pigeon (which may or may not be official,) to Crow, to falcon (which also might not be official,) and Kiwi! 

Does anyone else like this, or should I revise this? Please give me your input!

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I can’t get this headcanon out of my head like I want them to go to the zoo that would be so cute

-Gansey would totally be that dad with the map of the zoo trying to maneuver through all the exhibits and keeping track of where they are, but then Noah’s just like “PANDAS” and they all go running to them and Gansey’s like “GUYS THE MAP YOU CANT JUST, OHMYGOD NOAH DON’T TRIP YOU GUYS ERIOUSLY, THIS ISNT THE PATH I PLANNED OUT FOR US”

-They go to the penguin exhibit and NOah’s like ohmygod they’re so cute and he just goes through the glass and becomes one with the penguin herd, like he’s waddling around with them and everything and the penguins just accept him as one of their own.  And all the while Gansey is just HAVING A HEART ATTACK SCrEAMING like NOAH YOU CANT JUST

-They go to the gift shop and they’re selling these like animal masks, and blue is just trying all of them on and she points to the lion mask and shes like “ronan put that on right now” and he refuses because hes soooo tough and then adam just takes it and puts it on his face, and under the lion mask ROnan is just blushing SO HARD and he won’t take it off because he doesn’t want them to see him BLUSHIng.

-Ronan gets into staring contests with every animal that looks at him and then he’s facing off with this llama and it just spits on his face, and adam and blue are just dying

-They’re at the wolverine exhibit and gansey’s reading the sign for them and it says something like “though small and cute the wolverine has a highly aggressive nature and can take down prey as large as a moose and steal food from bears and wolves.” And he’s just smiling to himself because it sounds like blue, and at that moment blue is punching ronan for pointing this exact thing out.

-I just imagine gansey sitting on like a big rock to rest his legs and then the rock just starts moving because it’s actually like a bigass tortoise and Gansey jumps up and screams and falls over himself and then he has to crawl around looking for his glasses

-They’d be in like a big butterfly house where all the butterflies fly around and chill. And this butterfly just lands on Ronan’s head and blue keeps giggling because Ronan’s acts all tough and manly and here he is with this butterfly on him and he shoos it away but it just comes back.  And then another butterfly lands on his shoulder, followed by another, and another. And soon he’s just like COVERED in butterflies and they’re all laughing because its RONAAn.

-then like a butterfly lands on adam’s nose and he sneezes and ronan just cannot handle it

-You can BEt YouR AsS Gansey brought a bunch of little sandwiches and juiceboxes and snacks for his children and they all sit under like a tree just eating while like pigeons and peacocks are just walking around eating crumbs.

-Noah and Blue keep throwing chips to the birds and then more and more birds start coming until Blue and Noah have amassed and ARmY. And then they just look at each other, and then throw all of the contents of the chip bag at where Gansey, Adam, And Ronan are sitting and watch the ensuing chaos as the flock of birds just SWARM ND ATTCK.  ANd Gansey is trying to crawl away as a pigeon tries to like nest in his hair, and Ronan is trying to protect adam and failing miserably, and then chainsaw is like squawking at the other birds, and blue and noah are rolling on the ground laughing.

-They are looking at the elephants and then there is a tiny lil baby one just tumblin around and adam is watching ronan’s face just smiling because this elephant is so darn cute and then the baby elephant falls down and ronan’s concerned face is so darn cute that adam has to look away.

-I literally just imagine Gansey outfitted in like one of those full Zoo Safari outfits that are like all beige and with the hat and the vest and all the pockets and everything like what a nerd i love him


-Gansey bought a pair of fucking binoculars to see the animals better because he’s gansey and he’s trying to get a closer look at the gorillas and then blue just puts her face in front of the binoculars so Gansey just all of a sudden sees A HUGE BLUE and he hits himself in the face with the binoculars

-They’re sitting by a fountain and Adam is feeding bread to a bunch of baby ducks but when they get up to leave the baby ducks just start following him like he’s the mama duck and adam just does not know what to do because they will not stop following him and ronan is just sCrEaMiNg INTERNALLY

-They are looking at this cute little white rat in a glass cage unaware that it’s about to be python food so Gansey and noah are just screaming while this python swallows the rat whole, blue starts to sing “circle of life”, ronan is laughing at them, while adam is just shaking his head at all of them.

-a little kid is lost and crying because the lions roaring is scaring her and adam, being the only capable and responsible one, just like kneels down beside her and is like “Hey it’s okay, the lions can’t get you because there’s a big fence so they can’t get to you” and she’s still scared so he’s like “Even if they get past the fence you see that guy(pointing to ronan), well he’s a super professional lion tamer and he’ll stop them before they get to you, so you have nothing to worry about” and she stops crying and he takes her hand and helps her find her worried parents. AWh. 

-They get dippin dots and Noah is just IncREdiBLY fascinated and captivated by these little ice cream dots even tho he can’t eat them, so he makes adam eat two because adam has never had them either

-They have a contest to see who can stand the longest with one leg in the air like the flamingos and ronan is immediately out because he has shitty balance and he’s like “this is dumb” and he storms off and adams just like “Ronan stop omg” and goes after him and so adam’s out. And gansey is so busy watching blue concentrate that he doesn’t even realize he’s falling.  And then Noah and Blue are at it for like two minutes until Blue cheats and cuts off her energy supply to Noah and Noah flickers out and he stumbles so Blue wins even tough noah is grumbling that she cheated.

-They’re at one of those polar bear exhibits where you can look through the glass and see the polar bears swimming.  And Ronan like pushes Noah and noah accidentally falls through the glass and the little kids there are like “MOmmy look theres a boy in the water!” and the Parents are just like “DEAR GOD KATIE LOOK AWAY” and then the EMPLoyees are runnin g around like “MAYDAY MAYDAY CODE 9 I REPEAT CODE 9″ And Noah just like gets out and he’s completely fine and they have to leave because the employees are Like HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD, and noahs just like “i kinda am so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”


I was going to make a post of my tools, but I’m not sure how much of my collection I want to show off, really. Instead, I’m going to start categorizing birds into those aforementioned archetypes. This post will be updated as needed.

I tried to use biological or ecological bases for all of these categorizations, but of course that’s not entirely feasible for some of them

General Magical Birds - blackbirds, crows/ravens, magpies, mockingbirds, chickens/roosters, eagles, hawks, vultures, albatrosses

Healing - doves, cranes, vultures

Guidance - pigeons, migratory birds; of course crows for my personal use, or your own patron bird

Banishing - Australian magpies, ostriches, cassowaries, mockingbirds, gulls, eagles, owls, swans; typically birds that are considered aggressive and/or highly territorial

Binding - bowerbirds, weavers, penduline tits, barn swallows, humming birds; birds known for their elaborate nests

Love/Fertility - doves, lovebirds, peacocks, pigeons, swans, albatrosses, flamingos, geese, eagles, roosters; birds known for their monogamy or courtship rituals are good choices - highly customizable based on the particular spell or nature of relationship desired

Friendship/Cooperation - geese, sociable weavers, crows/ravens, ducks, parrots, doves; any social birds or birds that congregate in large numbers, again customizable to particular relationships

Protection - swans, cassowaries, eagles, owls; again, highly territorial birds

Travel - geese, albatrosses, terns, pigeons; generally migratory birds and sea birds

Wealth - bowerbirds, magpies, scrub jays, crows; any bird known for its caching or collecting behavior

Fortune/Luck - this one is far more prone to personal bias, but traditionally martins, cranes, and peacocks are considered good luck

Tranquility - doves, quail, owls; another personal one, particularly good would be any bird with a pleasant call

Cleansing - vultures, red-billed oxpeckers, wattled jacanas; other carrion birds or cleaning symbionts

Knowledge - corvids, mockingbirds (for their part in Darwinian evolutionary theory); i refuse to add owls to this list because they are actually huge dorks

Transmutation - herons (the possible inspiration for the phoenix), storks, vultures, cardinals, bluebirds, robins; other carrion eaters and birds associated with changing seasons, apex predator birds may also fit

Home and Hearth - doves, chickens/roosters, turkeys, sparrows, swallows, finches, blue jays; domesticated birds, non-migratory/resident birds, and territorial birds are all good fits

A painted breadcrumb

So as some of you know, I’ve been asking for a subtextual clue (because a textual one would be a) too much and b) impossible to find before S4? TAB?) of Mycroft’s knowledge/frankly nonsensical inaction about “Mary Morstan/AGRA” past activities. Or a symbol, a subtextual breadcrumb left for us to rely on something “tangible (i.e. left for the writers for us to see) besides logic.

So I think I found it. The breadcrumb. The subtextual proof.

Okay… If you say so?

Ehm, what are we looking at?

This painting is called “Peacocks”. Made by Melchior  d'Hondecoeter. This dutch guy lived in the XVIIth century. Quoting the wikipedia page on his work,  “he painted virtually exclusively bird subjects, usually exotic or game, in park-like landscapes. Hondecoeter’s paintings featured geese (brent goose, Egyptian brent and red-breasted brent), fieldfares, partridges, pigeons, ducks, magpies and peacocks, but also African grey crowned cranes, Asian sarus cranes, Indonesian yellow-crested cockatoos, an Indonesian purple-naped lory and grey-headed lovebirds from Madagascar.”

What do we have on that painting? Peacocks, obviously. The African grey crowned crane (the big white bird with the red head). A squirrel. A turkey. Also a spider monkey. And what is that, flying free? A MAGPIE.

Please notice the birds he almost exclusively painted. This guy knew his market. He knew where the money was, so he mastered his themes catering to his clients’ taste. His repertoire was limited. If you see a bird flying on a Melchior painting, chances are that is a magpie you’re seeing.

And pray tell, what on earth has that painting to do with the show? Well, since you’re asking…

That painting is hanging on the walls of Mycroft’s house. 

Mycroft has a painting of a magpie mastering the skies.

Shown on the same episode “Mary Morstan” marries John Watson, breaks Sherlock’s heart metaphorically, while Mycroft, knowing who she is (ok, who she definetely isn’t, for sure) does nothing to stop her/tells anyone the truth.

Mycroft is shown running while going nowhere. Watched by a magpie.

Is that the same painting? It is.

If you read my last meta M for mutant (and let’s face it, even if you didn’t), you know magpies are a symbol for the villain “Mary Morstan”. So there it is. The breadcrumb I was referring to. An arrow to the link (or the lack of). 

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