pigeon square

Unakite for @gemsonaresources gem collab event! I’ll bold the stuff that was given to me to work with.  ^^

-Weapon: A spiked shield, good for defending and bashing if an enemy gets too close.
-Ability: Can calm the emotions of others to pacify fights, and drive cars.
-Pronouns: She/her, he/him, or they/them
-Personality: Very patient, very caring, and for the most part, very forgiving. She doesn’t like to conformation at all, so they can be a bit weak willed.
-Backstory/Biography: She was created on Earth and has lived there ever since she emerged, alone, from a section of the alpha kindergarten that wasn’t supposed to ever hold quartzes. She knew nothing about gems or Homeworld since she was born after the rebellion, so naturally she walked into the nearest town and integrated into human society.

-Extra Information: They saved and kinda accidentally adopted a human child, and is actually doing ok at the whole parenting thing. She also adopted the hair and fashion sense of suburban parents. Unfortuatively. Her other favorite outfit still incorporates a pastel polo shirt, but with a jacket tied over the shoulders. They got roped into becoming the coach for her child’s elementary school soccer team, and so far in their season they’re 3-1, so I’d say life is going alright.


Sponge Pigeon Squarepants ! Every saterday mornings at 10h30 !!

French opening xD : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wGq5gpkBC0&ab_channel=NICKELODEONFRANCE   OUI CAPITAINE !

Follow the story of a sponge pigeon called Bob, living into a papaya with his pear Gary and follow his amazing adventures with his friends ! 

I can tell you I laughed hard while making all of this, hoping it will have the same effect on you and will bring you a smile ! The first time I saw the title in english, I asked some english friends about the name and they laughed cause I wrote : Sponge Bob Square Pantsu instead of pants … that’s how I remember the title now ^^

In french it’s : Bob l’éponge carré ! and Squidward’s name is Carlo !

I really like this cartoon and when I see a sponge I think about it fast !

Hope you will enjoy this and again, thank you very much for all of your support, it’s unbelievable !! I still can’t believe how many of you follow me and my world of bouncing birds and other little animals, never excepted so much feedbacks and messages telling me how my little animations helps to bring happiness, it’s amazing, you rock ! Merci beaucoup tout le monde x’) !! Will never stop !! 

Seeing the Sights [Lin-Manuel & Reader]

Summary: You never thought helping a tourist out would make such an impact on your life.

Word count: 3214

Warnings: a swearword or two, mentions of dragon slaying

Author’s notes: This is a completely platonic piece. No romance. None at all. I wrote it because, as someone eloquently put it, “I just want to be friends with Lin, is that so much to ask?”. This is exactly how my meeting with Lin would go down in a perfect universe. Self-indulgent? You bet.
At first I wanted to include a scene where reader tries to teach Lin a bit of their language, but it just didn’t want to fit anywhere. Maybe I’ll post it separately later, since it was pretty hysterical. Polish is a hard language to learn, guys.
Also, the reader’s gender neutral!
(Just a warning - I’m not a native English speaker, so this might be a little awkward in some places. If you notice any mistakes, please point them out to me!)

“Co podać?” (“How can I serve you?”)

“Miętowe z czekoladą, poproszę” (“Mint and chocolate, please”), you said to the vendor, already excited to taste the sweet treat. It was the nineteenth of May, and that was your first ice cream this year. You always had to be careful about eating frozen food, since you were prone to catching colds, but the air was perfectly warm. An ideal day to enjoy some minty goodness.

You’ve been lucky this semester: no classes on Fridays. At first, you’ve been planning to get some work done, but seeing the pleasant weather outside you decided to get some “you” time. It’s been a while since you’ve taken a break, and your skin was yearning for sunlight.

You strolled down Basztowa Street, observing both people rushing towards the shopping mall and crows hanging around the park on your left. You liked this place; it was right in the heart of Cracow, but it never felt truly crowded, probably thanks to the greenbelt surrounding the Old Town. It was a perfect spot to people watch; something about here made you feel less lonely. Well, at least less than usual.

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