pigeon shirt!!!


August 30th. 

New Collection 7pm pst.

Idols Tee Shirt - $32.00

Pink Pigeon Tee - $32.00

Black and Grey Skate Hat - $38.00

Black Pigeon Tee - $32.00

Heather Grey Classy Dino - $32.00

Yellow IC Classic - $32.00

Yellow and Pink Skate Hat - $38.00

“Pigeons fly in packs, Eagles fly alone.”

anonymous asked:

I once saw in my local GoodWill a few years ago a collared button down shirt with pigeons on it. Just... Pigeons. On a blue and white pin stripe background. Just lotsa pigeons slapped on the shirt. Looks just how you'd think. I'll have to see if I can find a picture because it was horrific.

That would be glorious!

anonymous asked:

Do you have a merch store? AKA where can I buy a panada hater pin or shirt

Listen my friends. You have asked, and I have answered. Buy them for all your friends. Buy them for your enemies. Buy them this holiday season and jump into a giant pit full of them like Scrooge McDuck