pigeon shirt!!!

remember when @zacscottysnl and i wrote scripts for a hypothetical @netflix sitcom called “ethan & tim” 

this? you remember? yeah, okay, well - the premise was joel mchale (ethan) and jim rash (tim) living together 

well, a while ago, jim posted these photos on instagram:

that’s joel’s dog, cowboy, and the captions suggested he was living with joel at the time

on the commonwealth club of california podcast on itunes, joel revealed jim had indeed been living with them for a while because jim had sold his house — joel said - “it was like a sitcom”

so basically:

we predicted the future and @netflix should read our scripts and then hire joel and jim because joel’s show got cancelled and jim probably has some spare time and also alison brie (our character, julie) is already on netflix so like, it all works out gr8


anonymous asked:

I once saw in my local GoodWill a few years ago a collared button down shirt with pigeons on it. Just... Pigeons. On a blue and white pin stripe background. Just lotsa pigeons slapped on the shirt. Looks just how you'd think. I'll have to see if I can find a picture because it was horrific.

That would be glorious!

anonymous asked:

Do you have a merch store? AKA where can I buy a panada hater pin or shirt

Listen my friends. You have asked, and I have answered. Buy them for all your friends. Buy them for your enemies. Buy them this holiday season and jump into a giant pit full of them like Scrooge McDuck