pigeon drawing


Now on display at the wonderful Antler Gallery in Portland for the “Unnatural Histories V” exhibition:

“Pigeon Gryphon”, 2016, Ballpoint Pen, Ink Pencils, Colored Pencils, Graphite and Gel Pen on Multi-media Paper, 15.5 inches by 19.25 inches (19.5 inches by 23.25 inches framed)

Please contact me or Antler Gallery at antlerpdx@gmail.com for any and all questions about this piece and this exhibiton


Today’s winner: physics.

I think it’s time to retire the ‘stares into the camera’ gag for a while, so I figured I’d end with a good one!

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Is this an inside joke or...?

When Marinette’s flipping through her sketchbook in the pigeon episode, there’s a split second of her drawings.  This page in particular caught my attention.  

Marinette (aka, the animators) drew a caricature of herself when she’s surprised/awkward/interacting with Adrien.  And what looks to be a flying creature almost straight above that.  Is that supposed to be Tikki or is she hiding a tiny dragon somewhere?

Also, what the hell is going on in the lower right hand corner…???