pigeon chick

This is a cage marketed for rabbits. We have two platforms, one came with it and the other is a plank of wood with screws in the side to keep it in place. The perch is a little too thin for pigeons but works for baby chicks. Obviously pigeons wouldn’t need to be heated so you’d swap out the brooder for a toy or nest box, and use ceramic dishes for food and water. Pigeons don’t need bedding and newspaper would work.

WHY DON’T YOU EVER SEE BABY PIGEONS, New Yorkers ask, but now you can! This is a New York birb I raised after it fell out of its nest and was just standing around looking confused on the sidewalk. So I took it home and it looked confused in my apartment instead. Pigeon chicks look like grouchy old men in big overcoats except they’re also covered with little yellow party streamers. Plus they have the awkwardest beaks.

Chex out the fashion weeks on this silly doodler!  The New Hairs, a silly beakle, and squawk for a snacking!  "Please no I muts keep the coat on I or will be colb"  Give this bab a round of claps!


In celebration of Easter, here are some more photos of me and Tweak, I don’t post her often because she’s a very old lady and not much of a fan of taking pictures. As you can see, she has scissor beak, and so my mom and I hand feed her pellets (and sometimes little pieces of veggies) every day by stuffing them into her mouth.

She acts more like a dog than a chicken, and lives primarily in the house. Also, Ms. Theodore Roosevelt is her arch nemesis.