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TMNT Amazing Adventures #4 cover.

“It’s up to Slash to rescue the rest of the Mutanimals. Will he be able to put the Turtles’ training to good use and save the day? Part two of a special story that documents the Mutanimals first adventure together!”


Some highlights from my Communication Design class final! It’s a book about pigeon rescue and adoption! So excited to finally have this in my hands. I’ve been working on this for the past month or more and it’s finally finished! This book was actually inspired by @commanderholly and her love of birbs! There’s a credit page in the back of this where I mention her youtube channel. I’m so proud of this and I can’t wait to make more books like this in the future!



Prints come in 5x7 ($5 USD) and 8x10 ($10 USD)

5x8 comic books contain 15 Pigeon Comics ($8 USD) and my love.

Purchases of (1) print and (1) comic book also comes with a FREE STICKER AND PIN BUTTON

(For shipments outside of USA, add +$5 to your total!)


Paypal: [lemurart@gmail.com]

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