Me: “I’m so old.”

Crowd: “HOW OLD ARE YOU?!”

Me: “I’m so old, when I was a kid, dinosaurs weren’t birds, they were reptiles.”

Single cough.

Paleontologist in crowd: “Well actually, they’re both AND neither. If you consider-”

Me: “Hey! Buddy! Who has the microphone? Security, get that educated heckler outta here!”

Crowd boos.

I wake up alone. A pigeon lands on my windowsill.

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A magic show dove doing her pre-show ritual. 🕊


Beautiful Pigeon Art Painted As Oversized Murals on Buildings By Dutch Street Artist

Dutch street artist Stefan Thelen, commonly known under the alias Super A, is transforming urban walls into an art exhibition for realistic towering images of beautiful pigeons. In the hands of the artist the unlikely muse is turned into a series of stunning detailed images on the side of buildings and walls in a metropolitan area devoid of all other artistic aesthetic.

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“the Big Wonderful Wolf” - “Le Grand Merveilleux Loup” !

If a wolf is following you, it’s maybe just to find an awesome friendship :> !

This little baby pigeon (little red bag) seems to have a lot of things into her red bag and had what many little animals needs to have with them : The dictionary !!!

This wolf was not bad, just really shy and acting strange because of that :’D

“The Big Bad Wolf” in french is “Le Grand Méchant Loup” =D

Friendship is amitié, so “a wonderful friendship” is “ une merveilleuse amitié” ^^

“Merveilleux” changes if you use it for masculine or feminine

A wonderful boy will be “un garçon merveilleux

A wonderful girl will be “une fille merveilleuse” =D