So the devil-person in Snowdin inexplicably became my favorite character. Mainly because her (?) design is rad and fun to draw but also because of the implication that mankind based all of their boogeymen and demons and storytime-bad-guys off of the monsters they fought in the war ages ago, and the inspiration for the Devil was based off of the ancestor of a sorta friendly person who smiles all the time.

Horrifying picture number TWO! Stay inside! Lock your doors! Warn your children! Warn your parents! Warn other people of note! For tonight we have…

A dracula cleaning out his dryer’s lint screen.

It’s been a while since the last horrifying picture. But alas! It was all just to lull you into a false sense of security before jumping out and yelling “scared.” in your face, as commonly happens in world-famous horror franchise: “All the Saws”. But even the most terrifying grungles of “Lil’ Puppet Sawboy” are but a big yawn when compared to this horrific display:

A mummy installing a new graphics card into his sweet gaming rig.

It is with great relief that I gladly announce tonights sbooky image doesn’t contain any ghosts. Those who are deathly afraid of ghosts (this is every person) have nothing to fear. Such relief.

LIES! There are all the ghost in this image! Ghost aplenty! A terrifying twist for everyone! And this is ‘aint no Patrick Swaymie in “The Ghost Man™”, this one’s got rattlin’ chains like a proper spectre. There were nowhere near enough rattlin’ chains in that film, it probably led people to make some poor assumptions on the chain rattlin’ capabilities of ghosts, which are expansive, I assure you. To be perfectly honest, though, this ghost isn’t rattlin’ too many chains themself, because it’s:

A ghost getting angry at a vending machine.

At last, the Hallowed Ween has arrived. The best ween of them all. Stay safe out there, everyone. Gather your sugar and keep it safe from the chungleck impers that prowl the gutter-halls. Children shall dress in the sacred uniforms of the Soldier of Winter and Elsa the Disnetick, and come round to collect the sparkling treasure and bring it to their town bobbleman, who will lock it all away, safe, for another thousand years.

And of course, Hall-o-we-eh-n comes with the final eerie picture: A Cthulhu eating all the leftover candy.