And onto Karpathos we go...

And onto Karpathos we go…

Oh, Shirley, I credit you with my desire to be in Greece!

Pigadia Waterfront on Karpathos Island

Wednesday’s departure from Turkey left me with mixed emotions. Our time in Turkey was quite wonderful overall, and we had started to become more familiar with some of the customs and travel processes involved in being there. But there was a clear draw for both Thomas and I to move onto another…

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Pigadia, Karpathos

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Pigadia, Karpathos

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This August, for two weeks, my girlfriend and I are traveling to a little town called Pigadia in the island of Karpathos, Greece. It’s an all-inclusive vacation for lovers at a 5-star hotel. So we’re just going to lay in the sun, eat good food and get drunk off champagne and cheap liquor. 

Here are some photos of the hotel we’re staying at:

Only 66 days left to go!


Pigadia - Diafani by boat

Video by Mytsberg