Day 8. June 14 2012

Sup. Today I got for you guys a pic from my personal collection and it’s one of my favorite. It makes me :3 every time. It’s pig boots! The song of the day is Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is one of those songs everyone should know. Otherside gives off a very chill vibe with easy lyrics and just overall great song. RHCP themselves is a very unique band; mixing funk and rock with a bit little reggae which gives off that easy feel. Learn the lyrics! Because you gonna look like an ass when everyone is singing along and you’re just standing there. That’s all for today. Stay cool.


Used my mechanic shirt for a shoot:)
Photographer: Anthony Reinhart
Location: Surreal Studios

coraltealm asked:

you're a saint for adding that pig in boots (got angrier with each inch scrolled, irritated like heck until I saw that babe)

Wait, people actually reblogged that?

Well thank you, I myself felt a lot of anger first reading that post, and I found that pictures of pigs in boots calmed me somewhat.

I’m glad it helped many others get through a boring, if somewhat colorful, post.

Ptsd Music Playlist

Ok, so we just took over a thread with talk about music so I am moving it to the Bar. So far we have the following tunes required on your PTSD playlist for your IPod. Tom Petty - Running Man s Bible AC/DC - Black Flag - This is good Black Sabbath - Paranoid, War Pigs, Fairies wear boots Jr. Brown Jago Channel Eric Clapton Coldplay The Clash - Should I stay or should I go Dead Kennedys - We ve got a bigger problem now, Nazi Punks f*ck Off!! Dire Straits The Doors - LA Woman, The Soft Parade… Ptsd Music Playlist

I like to live my  daily life with the constant thought that everyone is a lesson. Every person I ever have and ever will meet, see, smell, etc. will have some sort of impact on my life no matter how significant. Whether it’s meeting the nice college student in a Starbucks, or watching the overly talented, underground soul singer at 2 am in the dark karaoke bar, or exchanging a quick smile with the cute little girl walking through the grocery store with her little booties; I learn something. I learned that Politics is funnier when you discuss foreign policy with the animal kingdom instead of countries. I learned that the most powerful songs have nothing to do with love. I learned that pink rain boots and pig tails coordinate more perfectly than honey and ham. Being observant and aware of life’s little intricacies makes everyday existence a little more meaningful. It leaves me hopeful and optimistic on the bad days, and thankful on the good days. There really are no bad days. Just good days with hard messages. That’s all.