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Get to Know Me Tag!

Thanks, @helenpowers, for tagging me!

Relationship status: Happily married to a beautiful wife.

Favourite colour: Navy.

Pets: Two vicious guinea pigs (I’m joking, they’re lovely and jump around a lot).

Last song you listened to: Lean with it, rock with it 🎵 … Holding Onto You by twenty one pilots.

First fandom: Not quite sure, but I got really obsessed with Blackadder at one point.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, running, photography, wandering about London, playing the drums/guitar, digital painting (not that I’m any good at it).

Currently Reading: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (loving it so far!)

I tag @wimzik @jericbowers@vivien-reis@shortstoryz​, but no pressure if you don’t wanna do it :-).