pig ribs

Some of the bones I collected recently! These are ribs (pretty sure, though I’m no expert) from a feral pig whose body I came across during a hike. I don’t know how the animal died or when; most of the body still had skin and hair, but scavengers had had time to tear into it pretty thoroughly. I don’t yet have the experience, resources, or probably the stomach to deal with flesh, but since the ribs had been scattered and picked mostly clean, I collected about a dozen.

I know that, in and of themselves, pig ribs aren’t exactly the coolest bones. I mean, I could go to the grocery store right now and get pig ribs. But it still feels cool to find anything in nature, and more than anything else, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to learn. I’m totally new to bone cleaning, so I’m testing out different degreasing and bleaching techniques on these so that I can start learning the processes and compare the results!

Warning for animal remains below the cut. No blood, gore, or cruelty; simply the animal as I found it in nature, undergoing natural processes, included for reference.

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