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Olivier Coipel

Captain America

Spider Woman


Captain America

Spider Man / l’Araignée, Spider Gwen, Spider Pig, Ultimate Spider Man, Spider Girl, Superior Spider Man, Scarlet Spider

Jubilee / Jubilé, Psylocke, Storm / Tornade, Rogue / Malicia, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers

Silver Surfer / Surfer d’Argent

Hulk, Havok, Hope Summers, Black Widow / Veuve Noire, Doctor Strange / Docteur Strange, Cyclops / Cyclope, Falcon / Faucon, Vision, Scarlet Witch / Sorcière Rouge, Storm / Tornade, Magneto, Spider Woman, Hawkeye / Oeil de Faucon, Wolverine / Serval, Captain America, Rogue / Malicia, Polaris, Ms Marvel, Luke Cage, Red Hulk, Hulk Rouge, Thor, Spider Man/ l’araignée, Emma Frost, Professor X / Professeur Xavier

Spider Woman, Wiccan, Mockingbird / Oiseau Moqueur, Ms Marvel - Carol Danvers, Luke Cage, Hawkeye, Quake, Vision, Hulkling, Captain America - Steve Rogers, Captain America - James Barnes, Stature, Ronin, Slingshot, Manifold, Stonewall, Ms Marvel - Karla Sofen, Iron Patriot

Rogue / Malicia, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch / Sorcière Rouge

the signs as household pets
  • aries: puppy
  • taurus: guinea pig
  • gemini: hedgehog
  • cancer: kitty
  • leo: lizard
  • virgo: ferret
  • libra: snake
  • scorpio: hermit crab
  • sagittarius: bird
  • capricorn: hamster
  • aquarius: rabbit
  • pisces: turtle
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