pig in a shoe

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Horace: I think the purpose of life is to find our own purpose.

Horace: We landed on the moon. We tamed lightning. We built machines that can fly the average person anywhere!

Horace: Truly, such a great civilization must be on its way to inventing TANGIBLE MEANING

Pig: I just got the newly invented light-up shoes

Horace: *sigh* I thought they already had those…

Pig: They did, but these make laser sounds.

Pig’s shoes: PEW PEW

Toy Machine homie and flow bro Tre Williams has been on a tear lately. Witness Tre slay big rails with ease in his Pig Wheels “Extra Crispy” part now playing at Thrasher Magazine and while your there check out his Follow Up interview to learn who is a more picky eater, Tre or Sinclair?

it’s been a while since i’ve told people to read bartimaeus

  • our heroes: a snarky millennia-old djinni with an embellished resume and a horrible reputation for getting too attached to gross humans, an overly ambitious kid magician ready to crush his enemies but who goes completely shell-shocked when he sees violence up close, a fiery revolutionary with a short fuse who cannot fathom the level of incompetence she is surrounded by
  • our villains: imperialism, the political class, selfishness, caste slavery
  • “I—though forced through lack of space to assume the form of a stoic guinea pig crouched between the girl’s shoe and the glove compartment—was my usual dignified self.” 


Invincible to the touch of it, invisible to the rougher kids *please do not remove caption*

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