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Yoongi Scenario: Daddy’s Girl.

Request: Can I request protective yoongi scenarios (since i like this side of him but wanna see toward his family) where Yoongi let Taehyung and Jimin take Taeyeon to theme park with their kids. Then Taejun tell his dad he likes Taeyeon and since Taehyung adoresTaeyeon, he likes the idea. Later when Yoongi joined them, he saw his daughter hand in hand with Taehyung’s son, he got over protective. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much.

Genre: Family / Friendship. 

-We will be joining you later- Yoongi said to Taehyung who was the one taking the bag you had prepared for Taeyeon, you had to go run some errands together so it had been great when Taehyung had offered to take Taeyeon with him to the park since he was taking his son too and soon Yoongi learned Jimin was going as well with his twins. 

-It’s all fine hyung, you take your time, we will have fun-

You were talking with Jimin as Taeyeon was greeting Minah and the two boys. -Be careful, don’t let them go by themselves-

-Come on hyung- Taehyung laughed patting Yoongi’s back. -I’ll take care of her as if he was mine-

Yoongi nodded dedicating a fond glance to his daughter. -I’m just saying, none of your wives are going, and you two like parks too much-

Taehyung laughed at that and Jimin busted in the conversation. -Hey, we are perfectly responsible people-

-He’s just nervous to let go of Taeyeon- you whispered to Jimin who whispered to Taehyung making both of them laugh and Yoongi glare.

-Yah, what are you whispering there Y/N? And you too, rascals-

You laughed too going back to his side. -We were just saying you are bitter because you are not going-

Yoongi snorted placing his arm around your shoulders to pull you closer, you saw the four children, they were all around the same age, Taejun, Taehyung’s son, being the oldest with six, but they all interacted well together, it wasn’t the first time they met so they were pretty friendly with each other, little Taemin, Jimin’s son, being the shyest.

Taeyeon you knew would be perfectly ok, her uncles adored her, and she was a pretty capable five year old, playful and just a bit shy with strangers, but with them she was in her comfort zone, she was specially close with Taejun since they were just months apart in age and they got along well.

Instead of going to Lotte World, they were going to Seoul Children’s Grand Park which was likely to be less crowded but it was a great park too. You were a bit anxious too, a natural thing to see your little girl go out when at her short age it were rare the times when she went out, to anywhere that wasn’t school, without you. For Yoongi you knew it was a hard thing as his little girl was the apple of his eye, he was overprotective with you and the same thing translated to his daughter.
They accommodated all the children on the back seat, the four of them going comfortably in Taehyung’s SUV. 

-Call us if anything- you told them and both men nodded. -Have fun!- you cheered making the children wave and cheer back. 

-Daddy!- Taeyeon threw a kiss at him and you could almost see Yoongi’s spirit falling and melting, it was a wonder how he just waved back cooly instead of clutching his heart.

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At least three dates

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Word Count 10.6k 

‘I like it.’ Harry returned, pulling food from the brown bags and handing things to her. Zara noticed the note of extra jalapenos on the burger that Harry handed to her and she smiled, pleased Harry had gone with it and not thought she’d regret it like others had tended to.

‘Ketchup?’ She asked hopefully. 

‘And mayo.’ Harry told her proudly handing the sauce sachets to Zara.

‘Wow Grim really didn’t forget anything huh?’ 

‘Heyyy.’ Zara snapped her head to Harry at his response. His face was a picture of offence and she had to try not to laugh. ‘I remembered from the restaurant actually.’

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New Friend For Piggy


Hey Lucas, it’s Xavier. Sorry that we never talk much, I’ve been busy. It was great talking with you a few days ago at Macy’s. Hey, I need to ask a favor of you. I need to go out of town for a few days cause Aunt Lucille died. Can you watch my apartment while I’m gone? I just need you to water my plants and feed my pig. Thanks bud. Hope to see you soon.


           I sat in my car in front of the door that would lead to Xavier’s house. It was definitely nice to see him the other day. I hadn’t thought about him in a while, since I was going through my own shit, and there he was: strong and handsome as ever. He was buying clothes in sizes that were too small and too big for him when I saw him. We hugged and laughed, not expecting to find each other there.

           We ended up at the food court, me eating a lot more than him (and to be honest, I upped the ante and overdid it a bit, hoping he would notice) and kept catching up. I noticed him looked at my gut and he smiled

           “Still packing it away, huh?”

           I blushed. “Yeah. Not much into the gaining game anymore, but am happy maintaining the bulk I have now.” I’m almost six feet and weigh 275 pounds. My belly is like a big old ball and I love it. I’m not too big in the chest department, but it’s soft and loveable anyhow. When I met Xavier, I was a little chubby with dreams of growing bigger. He made sure I was always stuffed and he incorporated sex with food, so needless to say in the time we spent together, he certainly fattened me up.

           “What a shame. You had such potential. You know, I could change that sometime if you wanted me too.” Fuck, he was till so smooth and sexy.

           “Oh really? I heard around the community that you have a new piggy toy. Or did you stop feeding him too when you got bored?”

           He shrugged. Smug bastard.

           “Hey, what happens happens. You know how it is.”

           Xavier got bored with me too. Once I decided I was fine at a certain weight and wanted more than feedings and fucks, he got bored. He jumped from fat guy to chubby guy while I downed pints of Ben and Jerry’s to cope. I was falling for him. But hey, it all happens for a reason.

           So, I sat there, in my car in the middle of the afternoon. I was excited to see what this guy had that I didn’t. I slowly made my way up to the door and let myself in. The house was cold, the living room’s air conditioner on full blast. I heard the TV on, something with a lot of action was on. Probably one of those overdone Marvel movies. I walked towards the couch and saw someone sitting there. I walked around to the front and there was Xavier’s pig, snoring during The Avengers. He had a bowl of chips next to his chubby thigh, and one hand on his protruding belly. His hairy belly was rising with each breath, his shirt not covering past his navel.

           “250 pounds,” I remembered Xavier telling me. “I got him to his fattest. Well, fattest for now.”

           I felt many emotions watching this fat pig sleep. Anger. Jealousy. Horny. I wanted revenge on Xavier. It wasn’t the pig I wanted to harm, but I wanted to leave m mark on him.

            I sat down and jiggled his belly, waking him up. He looked confused for a second, then saw me sitting next to him.

           “You must be Lucas, he said, coming out of his sleepy daze.

           “Yup. And you’re the new pig.”

           “Yeah, I guess so. Have there been many before me?”

           “Eh. I wasn’t the first, you won’t be the last.”

           He sighed. “Yeah. I guess I’m enjoying my time with him.”

           There was silence before the pig broke it. “Can we start? I’m hungry.”

           “Did he give you any rules? You know he likes his rules.”

           The pig chuckled. “That’s true. He only said I had to eat everything you give me and obey you like I do him.”

           That’s what I like to hear. I patted his belly and got up, heading for the fridge. The pig followed me, rubbing his gut. He was certainly on his way to becoming a real fatty. He kept eyeing my belly as I searched the fridge for food. I reached in and grabbed a banana cream pie, handing it to him.

           “Eat this.” He smiled and nodded.

           “With a fork or without?”

           I like how he thinks. “Fork I guess. How ever you wanna eat it.”

           He looked at me, then down at the container, then back at me with a smile. He reached his hand in without taking his eyes off of me, and stuffed his face with turkey and stuffing. Clearly he was enjoying this as he scooped in handful after handful into his greedy mouth. I would be lying if I said this wasn’t turning me on. I grabbed a left-over slice of pizza and before I could take a bite, I was getting yelled at.

           “Are you eating my pizza?” He looked at me, stuffing scooped in his hand.

           “Yeah…I’m hungry. You can’t have all the food.”

           “But…” then he stopped, and pushed the food into his mouth.

           “’But’ what?” I asked him, placing the pizza back in the box.

           “You’re already fat.” He said, meek and small, looking at the now empty container.

           “Yeah. What’s your point?”

           He looked up at me. “That IS the point. You’re hot and have this big belly, and I ony have this small one.” He stood up and took off his shirt, showing off his now moderately stuffed belly. It was hairy, with hair leading up to his soft chest. His nipples were small and hard. He patted his belly, and even bounced it a few times. “I mean, I know I’ll get there. But I don’t know. Xavier isn’t even fat. It would be so different if he was. Yeah, I love his tight toned body. But I want to know what it feels like to touch someone else’s fat.”

           I understood where the pig was coming from. I was once the same way. Now, I have chasers wanting a feel of my belly and men wanting to add more weight on to me. And then there are the delectable chubs who want me to feel up on them.

           I looked at the pig, and handed him a slice. “Eat up then.” He looked confused. I walked up to him, my belly touching his, took the pizza out of his hand, and put the first few inches into his mouth. He chewed it eagerly until he was down to the crust, where he took it out of my mouth and made it disappear behind his lips. He smiled and put his hand on my belly. He rubbed it for a few seconds, then pulled his hand back.


           Slightly frustrated, in general and sexually, I took my shirt off, exposing my hairy belly and chest. His eyes widened.

           “Touch it. Feel it all you want.”

           The pig’s hands reached out slowly and grabbed my ball belly, rubbing its surface and pushing his hands into my dough. “Wow. You’re really fat,” he said as his hands slid across my round surface. His hands trailed up my globe of a gut and reached my chest, which he squeezed and played with. I definitely got a boner from this young pig loving on my fat. As he played and touched, I fed him slice after slice until he ate it all.

           From there, I fed him containers of left overs, two eggrolls, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s (melted so it goes down easier) and an entire box of Lucky Charms. He slammed down on the couch, shirt stretched out over his rock-hard belly. He griped the sides of it, moving his hands in circles. He moaned as he digested. I sat down next to him, still shirtless, and admired this pig. He ate more today than I did with Xavier in my first few weeks.

           The pig’s hand went from his belly to my leg, darting straight for my cock. He rubbed my crotch, feeling my cock grow against the denim. Skillfully, he slid his hand passed waistband and gut to unfasten my pants, and to be nice I slid them off. He looked over and glued his eyes onto my cock. You’d think a big man like me would have a small cock. Fortunately, I’m seven and a half inches and very thick. His eyes widened as his body leaned over and his mouth wrapped around my cock. His face rubbed against my belly as he bobbed up and down, slurping away at my dick. I eventually swung my body onto the couch to where I was lying down, allowing him more access to my dick. As one hand worked with his mouth, his other hand ran up my fat belly and pinched my nipples, making me moan and shudder. It had been a while since I had done anything sexual with a man, and I wasn’t going to let this go to waste.

           Soon, we found ourselves on the floor, him on all fours and me fucking his fat piggy ass. He moaned in delight as I pounded him with everything I had. My huge gut sat in the small of his back as he pushed his ass closer against me. Still, I didn’t want this to end. I told him to get up and grab the box of Twinkies off the counter. The pig came back to find me slouched on the couch, dick pointing towards the ceiling. Taking the obvious hint, he sat his sexy mass on my dick and slid all the way down to my lap. As he slowly rode me, I unwrapped a Twinkie and fed it to him. As he rode faster and the Twinkies were added to his already swollen and bulging gut, my hands grabbed his big belly and smacked it, hearing a drum sound.

           With the box of Twinkies empty, I grabbed his thick thighs and guided him up and own my cock faster and harder until we both couldn’t hold it in anymore. His cock spewed cum all over my belly, while I filled his insides with copious loads of my spunk. After cleaning up, he fell asleep, head resting on my belly.


           I came home a few days later. The service was nice, but I couldn’t wait to get inside and see my piggy. I was dying for a blowjob and to see what damage Lucas had done to him.

           The house was silent when I walked inside, all but for faint breathing. I walked into the living room and saw the back of my pig’s head from the couch. Walking around to the front, I stopped. His gut was jam packed full of McDonald’s, judging by the wrappers and milkshake cups on the coffee table. One hand rested on his belly as he snored. He had dried white stuff on his face and around his mouth, clearly a milkshake that piggy drank sloppily. My cock twitched seeing my fat, bloated piggy suffering from one hell of a food coma.

           As I cleaned, I found the weirdest thing. All of the milkshake cups were chocolate. Where did the white stuff come from? Maybe the ice cream in the freezer?

           I saw a note on the counter from Lucas.

           Hope the service was nice. Don’t worry, I fed the pig and watered the plants. It was fun. I turned him into my own cream filled piggy. Man, does he really like the cream.



a play in three acts written with a predictive text emulator

source: all available transcripts of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown



1. Get all transcripts of the show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown from cnn.com.

2. Divide transcripts by character and give them to computer program that uses word sequences in a source text to suggest likely words to continue a sentence, like the predictive text function on a smartphone. The program offers a list of top options and the writer picks one of these.

3. Write Bourdain lines using collection of all lines transcript attributes to BOURDAIN; write Unidentified Male lines using collection of all lines attributed to UNIDENTIFIED MALE; write Unidentified Female lines using collection of all lines attributed to UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE.

4. Arrange lines into play.

5. Write stage directions without machine assistance. Add punctuation.


Act 1

Daytime. A modest kitchen in a distant land. American television personality ANTHONY BOURDAIN hunches over a small, bare table opposite an UNIDENTIFIED MALE and an UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE. Behind them, a cracked window gives onto a vast desert. Bourdain moves his hands animatedly, addressing his hosts with utter confidence.

Bourdain: It’s delicious to be a poet of life. I guess what I’m telling you is, I am famous for my great joys and I would like to eat a big thing of the pig. A big bowl of rice might be worth dying for.

Unidentified Female: We have one food here and it’s very bad for sure. We can get a lot of it for you if you like.

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