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It's finals week for me and I'm stressing big time. Can I get some fluff/cuddle imagines for poly roadrat, and poly mchanzo if it's not too much?

For you, to clear your stress (I wish you the best of luck on your finals!!), and for me, to cure my cold, and for everyone else, to feel amused at our problems but also to feel fluffy and warm inside because poly cuddles are great.

Tbh, I just want a big boyfriend, a small boyfriend, and a girlfriend. Is that too much for a polyamorous person to ask?

I’ll tell ya. Yes. Yes it is. Apparently.

Moving on. I love your username. (I also said so in the tags.)



  • You both cuddle up on Roadhog’s belly
  • But y’all share a bath or a shower first, as to not get your cuddle supplies all dirty
  • Jamison probably encourages onesie-wearing but there’s not a onesie big enough for Mako, so Jamie either tries to make one or the large piggy wears sweats
  • Movie/TV binging (usually provided by you) and loads of junk food (provided by them)
  • No food-shaming here
  • Eat to your heart’s content
  • Usually cartoons or animated movies unless you can convince Jamison to agree to watch something else
  • Roadhog will cut you both off if either of you start complaining about stomachaches though
  • If this happens, he’ll probably rub and kiss your belly/bellies (if the same happens to Jamie) to make you feel better
  • Roadhog always has one hand on you and the other on Jamison
  • Usually on your butts, if the reach is possible (ex. y’all are curled up on your sides against this big beautiful man)
  • Furniture forts
  • Pillow Pets
  • Plushy piles
  • Being wrapped up in sleeping bag burritos
  • Roadhog nose boops
  • Jamison smooches
  • Whenever he gets the chance to tbh
  • Lots of Jamison smooches and squeezes and touching for both you and Roadhog
  • Jamie’s a very touchy, squeezy person
  • And he’s just excited about the experience in general
  • Pecious man-boy bean
  • Roadhog’s smooches are less frequent and usually only happen during breaks but he always gives plenty of nuzzles to make up for it
  • He always wears his hair down when you guys are just chilling out at home
  • Also that hand is always holding you or squishing you or rubbing its way along your body, so he’s definitely not lacking affection at any point in time
  • At times he’ll nuzzle your head or ear and make little snorty piggy noises at you
  • Or he’ll nuzzle a pig plushie against your cheek and snort
  • Jamison might copy him just to make you giggle
  • Mako laughs and gets so happy if you do it back
  • Y’all will probably end up falling asleep after like twelve movies/seasons and then sleep for like six more hours
  • Or the boys will, at least
  • Roadhog sleep-snorts
  • Jamie mumbles and drools a bit


  • Lord, fucking help me please I want to be sandwiched between these two men; not even sexually just let me be snuggled between the two of them please and thanks
  • One’s on either side of you at all times
  • Bigger couches need to exist/be bought for times like these
  • Y’all will just lay somewhere like that for hours
  • Bed, floor, couch, patio, porch swing, backyard, wherever the fuck you feel like
  • Hanzo’s hands usually end up roaming your body and playing with your clothes while Jesse’s constantly playing with your hair
  • Competitive kissing
  • Hanzo kisses your neck, Jesse kisses your jaw, cheek, and nose
  • Jesse kisses your hairline, Hanzo kisses all the way down the side of your face
  • Hanzo kisses you, Jesse kisses harder
  • Simultaneous neck kisses on either side of your neck
  • It’s a dizzying experience, really
  • Could this lead to you three doin’ the fukk, who knows?
  • They’re both competitive boys
  • You three will usually just cuddle someplace in silence but every once in a while you and Jesse can convince Hanzo to join for a cuddle pile while watching musicals
  • Hanzo’s critical about just about everything you and Jesse pick out to watch though
  • He’ll end up picking the movies instead
  • He doesn’t pick too bad of movies
  • He’s actually one hell of an oldies/classics nerd
  • Jesse, stay away from the fU C K iNg Westerns goddammit
  • You get your choice of wearing Jesse’s hat or serape
  • Hanzo usually gets the other
  • Sometimes all three of you will share the serape
  • Sometimes Jesse’s in the middle because A) He’s the biggest B) He’s a natural heater and C) Just don’t give a fuck however you lay on top of, next to, or wrapped around him
  • Hanzo’s kind of picky and a bit claustrophobic, so he doesn’t do the middle often; he likes having a free side
  • Unless he’s in a bad mood; then smother the grumpy ninja boy
  • The noodle dragons usually join in on these cuddles
  • They each pick either you or McCree to cling to or they wrap around both of you
  • Dragon pillows
  • Dragon scarves
  • Hanzo usually ends up with dragon tails in his face
  • He gets a bit jealous of his dragons and depending on his mood he’ll shoo them away
  • Again, smother him if this happens
  • Jesse will probably be the one to suggest forts, pillow fights, and onesies
  • Hanzo will engage in only the fort building
  • And the pillow fights
  • But if those to really start, you usually end up watching from the sidelines and eating popcorn while they wrestle around for a while
  • They’ll stop eventually, after falling off or hitting their head on some piece of furniture
  • If this goes on too long, they’ll apologize and make it up to you by smothering you is scratchy facial hair kisses and getting you your favorite treats
  • Literally hotheaded teenagers in scruffy men’s bodies

Pork cheek, armagnac prune and leek broth

It feels like the right time of year to move away from heavy casseroles to light, herby spring broths. I used pork cheeks here for the first time - they’re not only incredibly good value for money, but possibly the tastiest, meltiest cut of pork too. And as I had a box of Armagnac prunes about (born of my compulsive need to buy anything in the Sainsbury’s baking aisle labelled ‘Taste the Difference’- it’s a problem) I decided to pop them in too, remembering that they’re a classic French flavour combination with pork, and understandably so. Flavour the broth with whatever fresh herbs you have to hand, and serve it with a good dollop of strong Dijon mustard and - if you’re me - a cold glass of sauvignon blanc.

Preheat your oven to 150C. In a large casserole dish, soften a roughly chopped onion in butter for five to ten minutes, before adding two sliced cloves of garlic, a grated carrot and a sliced stick of celery. Stir and soften for a further ten minutes. Meanwhile in a large frying pan, brown eight pork cheeks (around 550g) in two batches. You want them well browned on each side, not to seal the meat, but to add lots of lovely caramelised flavour to the dish. Once you’ve browned all the pork cheeks, set them aside on a plate, and deglaze the pan by throwing in half a large sliced leek along with a knob of butter. Leave the leeks to soften for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Once they’re soft, throw in 125ml white wine, and let it bubble down until you can’t smell the alcohol anymore. 

Tip the leeks, wine and pork cheeks into the casserole dish with the vegetables, and tuck in 150g armagnac prunes around the meat along with your fresh herbs. Pour over 450ml good quality chicken stock, bring it to a simmer on the hob, then transfer it to the oven to cook for 1 ½ hours. Half an hour before the casserole is ready, slice the other half of the leek, a carrot and a stick of celery into ½ cm pieces, and tip them into the casserole dish to cook with the pork for the final 25 minutes, so you’ll get a lovely textural contrast between the melting pork and crisp vegetables. After an hour and a half, remove the casserole dish from the oven, prod the pork to check that it’s completely tender (it should threaten to fall apart), and taste and adjust the seasoning. Serve with a good grind of black pepper and smooth Dijon mustard. The broth is rich and filling enough that you don’t really need much to go with it, but buttery mashed potatoes or a nice crusty baguette wouldn’t go amiss. 

Chocolate Drunk | Valentine

A/N:  Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri, lee Victor) -  20. “I may have had…hehe…just a bit too much to drink…?” // Valentine-ized.

Seeing this prompt and linking it to Valentine, I just couldn’t help making it sort of sequel-ish to my other drunk Yuuri fic: Chocolate DrunkHappy Valentine’s Day!

Summary: Yuuri and Victor are out on their romantic Valentine’s dinner date. Things turn out a lot different though, when a bunch of Victor’s fangirls show up and disturb their date… and Yuuri gets jealous. Oh, and drunk. Let’s not forget drunk.

Word Count: 2013

“Cheeers!” Pleasant background music, candlelights and clinking glasses. Yuuri couldn’t have been happier that both of them could take their hands off their busy training schedule for a romantic Valentine’s Date. 

“To the best Valentine’s Day ever,” Victor told him with that attractive smile, and Yuuri nodded with a blush and took a few sips from his wine. 

“Yes, the best!” he agreed. This was their first Valentine’s Day together as a couple, so of course he was happy. Before, Valentine’s Day didn’t really have much meaning to him. He didn’t date, he didn’t really love. But now with Victor in his life…. He sighed dreamily.

“So, what do you want to eat? I’m starving,” Yuuri said, and he took a look at the menu.

“Me too. Hmm, how about….hm?” Both of them looked up when the sound of squealing girls’ voices disturbed the peace.

“V-Victor Nikiforov? Kyaaaa!” Yuuri rolled his eyes with a smirk. It was quite a regular thing to have girls fangirl over his boyfriend. It was all fine.

“To meet you on Valentine’s Day. I’m like, the luckiest woman in the world!” Yuuri did an inner choking move. Alright, maybe he could get a bit salty about fangirls after all. They were just… gross. Victor was his boyfriend. But it was all fine, they’d go away soon.

“Right? Do you want a picture?” Yuuri’s eyes snapped open, and he glared at Victor. Was he in his right mind? Accepting picture offers was one thing but… Offering them by himself was something else. 

Yuuri frowned in annoyment. He sure was enjoying his moment of fame hm? Pouting, he returned his attention to the menu, doing his best to ignore the mess around his table of Instagramming and Snapchatting girls about their miraculous encounter with Russia’s famous dreamy figure skater.

“Sorry about that!” Victor finally said after numerous of private photo snaps, and Yuuri tried his best to hide his annoyment. It was fine, they were gone now.

“So. What do you wanna eat?” They finally ordered their first course, and Yuuri was starting to relax again. He wanted to treasure today’s Valentine’s Date with Victor. He just wanted–

“KYAaaa it’s true!” Oh no. Not only Yuuri but also other guests and restaurant staff looked up when an unwanted crowd of females entered the place. Shit, the damn curse of social media. Yuuri jolted in shock when a pile of heartshaped Valentine’s chocolate boxes ended up on their table, and Victor got dragged in another moment of fame. 

There were no big camera’s or media - thank God - but the current crowd sure did their job with:

“How are you enjoying your Valentine’s Day?” “Do you have a Valentine?” 

-while shoving phone camera’s in his face. Yes, right here, Yuuri thought as he munched on his food with a frustrated expression. Victor was very extravagant in his replies, but he didn’t mention he was on a romantic date with his student. He didn’t mention Yuuri was his Valentine..

Yuuri sighed and stared at the chocolate boxes. Fuck it, Victor. He angrily snatched away one of the boxes, opened it violently and ate the chocolates. Hmm yum. Not even anyone noticed. He was that important of a factor in here. It was all Victor this, Victor that. 

A sip of his wine, chocolates. More wine, more chocolates. Yuuri wanted Victor to notice him. To get frustrated as a coach or boyfriend or whatever - for going on an eating rampage, and eating the sweets that were meant for him. Ha. He’d see Yuuri didn’t like him being like this. 

He would definitely– Yuuri finished stuffing chocolate bonbons in his mouth from the third box like a pig, and with his cheeks round and filled like a hamster he suddenly smiled when the fangirls got finally successfully chased out of the restaurant by the waiters. 

Ahhh. Life was good. They were gone. Yuuri was surprised how much of a difference it made.

“Yuuri?” Victor asked him, and he nodded, swallowing the chocolates. He could vaguely register how one of the waiters cleaned up the pile of empty chocolate boxes and he ordered another wine. What a beautiful place to be. Was this what happiness felt like? Wait, what were they doing again?

Yuuri?” Yuuri smiled at Victor, feeling a little bit dizzy.

“Sorry Vitya. I may have had…hehe…just a bit too much to drink…? This is good stuff!” Holding up his wine glass, Yuuri licked his chocolate lips.

“Drink? That was only your first! Don’t tell me you seriously ate all those bonbons? Didn’t last Christmas teach you there’s alcohol in those as well?” Victor lectured as he looked at the pile of empty boxes in disbelief, and Yuuri lifted his head dreamily.

“Christma- bonbons? Wha?” he blurted out in confusion, and he took a thirsty sip from his new wine when it arrived at the table, yay!

“That’s it Yuuri. No more, geez. Why did you have to eat all the chocolates those girls brought?” Victor leaned over the table to take his wine and also reached out to wipe his mouth, but no.

Girls. Now he remembered why he was feelings so shitty. Triggered, Yuuri slammed the table with both hands- or well, his hand landed flat in his unfinished first course, and he hiccupped.

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2am; p.j.h

a/n; another i-want-to-write-but-i-dont-wanna-study-fic,, special thanks to everyone in everyong for helping me out^^btw, im no gamer girl so please excuse me for the usage of gaming terms:“))

Originally posted by kimjaehvvan

“Yah, can you send over some support?” the boy beside you beckoned.

“Are we even on the same team?” You replied monotonously, fingers tapping on the keyboard inccessantly.

Yes you were, indeed, on the same team as the cute boy sitting beside you. You started going to the internet cafe on sleepless nights, which, was every night after your exams were over. You would always go alone, since your friends didn’t share the same interests in gaming as you did. They were more interested in cute boys who were seemingly dancing on stage 24/7.

Every time you went to the internet cafe, you would sit beside this boy, around your age. Not because the unflattering PC light actually made him look good, but that was exactly why you joined his team. You couldn’t help it, the sense of euphoria when his team won, and when he would punch the air in victory. It was pretty cute to see, and at times when he lost, a cute pout will form on his handsome features.

You’ve always wanted to make friends with the cute gamer boy, but you were too shy to approach him. Besides, he seems to be attached to someone, prettier than you.

“Pinksausageprincess,” the boy paused his game and reclined into the seat, as you froze at your in-game name, “I’m pretty sure you’re one of the leaders in my team.”

“Who’s that?” you scoffed, “What a cringe name.”

“Isn’t that you, princess?” He smirked, as you swore your heart skipped a beat, “I’ve yet to thank you properly for the help you gave me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” You huffed, as you left the Internet cafe and ran to the nearest convinience store.

You picked out a bottle of strawberry milk, as you slammed it dramatically on the cashier table.

“Do you need a bag–”

“I’ll pay for it,” a voice jolted you, and it belonged to the cute boy from the Internet Cafe.

The boy took your milk as he settled for the seat outside the convinience store. You sighed, there was no way escaping from him now.

“Can I get my milk back?” You pointed to the artificially flavoured drink, “and, uhm, thanks for the treat.”

“Not before you tell me your name, I’m Jihoon by the way,” he shrugged, “and your number perhaps.”

“I’m Y/N,” You extended your hand out towards him, which he shook, “as for my number…”


“Never!” You stuck your tongue out, as you snatched your drink and ran as fast as possible you could to home.

Jihoon smiled sheepishly to himself, as he watched your petite figure run off into the distance.


Yet another sleepless night, but you decided to not go to the Internet Cafe, but instead binge on convinience food and people-watch.

You were often alone, with your parents out of the country for a vacation and your older brother in the army, but you had no qualms of spending your holidays at home alone.

You pulled your hoodie over your head and tightened the drawstring, in attempts to hide yourself. Not the most ideal way to hide yourself, but at least, you look like an ordinary human, shoving down 3 pieces of ddeobokki down your throat at a time.

“Be careful, you might actually choke on your food,” a voice interrupted your binge eating session, as you actually choked on the 6 pieces of ddeobokki in your mouth.

You spotted the reflection in the mirror, it was Jihoon. You rolled your eyes as you gulped down your strawberry milk to swallow down the bolus that made you choke.

Jihoon took his seat beside you, as he hazed at you affectionately as he munched on the ready-to-eat sausage he presumably bought earlier. You exhaled loudly, finishing up the rest of the ddeobokki you had in the bowl. Just as you were about to leave, you felt Jihoon tug on your sleeve.

“Y/N, do you hate me?” You found yourself being lost in Jihoon’s eyes, momentararily losing your senses.

“Uh, no?”

“Then why do you keep avoiding me?” He leaned back, folding his arms.

“It’s lowkey embarrassing how I joined your team because I thought you were cute–” You soon realised what you have just said, as a smile etched on Jihoon’s face.

“You think I’m cute?” Jihoon grinned.

“N-no!” You stuttered, as blush creeped uo your cheeks, “you pig baby.” you muttered under your breath

“I’m what?” Jihoon feigned ignorance, as a sinster smirk spread across his lips, “I’m your baby?”

“Yah! I did not say that!” You defended, fanning yourself.

“Anyways,” Jihoon stood up slowly, as he tucked his hands in his pockets, “sleep well, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“What…” You frowned, as a piece of paper beneath your ddeobokki bowl caught your eye.

“Meet me at Lotte World tomorrow, princess, I promise you won’t be lonely anymore;) -p.j.h”

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113 Shance? Please and thank you :)

Shance- 113: “I prefer blondes”

“How about this one?” Shiro asks, leaning close to show Lance his find.

“Shiro!” Lance gasps in horror, clutching Marilyn to his chest. “How could you even suggest such a thing. You know I prefer blonds!” He makes such a scandalized face that Shiro has to hold back laughter, determined not to give up without a fight. Time to bring out the big guns.

“But Laaance I want this one,” he pouts, holding up a fluffy black-and-white guinea pig next to his cheek. “It matches my hair!”

He gives his biggest puppy-eyed look that he knows Lance can’t resist and flutters his eyelashes. It’s the best persuasive force he has and Lance knows it. The blue-eyed boy tightens his lips and glares in defiance, but Shiro can see the twinkle of amusement in his eyes. “C’mon,” he pleads. “Two guinea pigs can’t be much different than one!”

“We weren’t even looking for pets!” Lance hisses. “We’re supposed to be on a nice lunch date, but you had to come in the pet store as soon as you saw the sign.” Shiro smirks and raises his eyebrow pointedly at the furball in Lance’s arms.

“Says the one who’s been cuddling Marilyn for the past five minutes.”

A few beats pass while the two boys have a staredown, silence broken only by the snuffing and squeaking of the chubby rodents they are holding. Finally Lance heaves a sigh and deflates like a popped balloon, groaning in defeat.

“Fine, we can get both,” he says, amused smile playing on his lips. “You’re too cute for your own good, you know that?”

“All the better to woo you with my dear,” replies Shiro happily, sliding his arm around Lance and pulling him into his side.

Voltron Drabble Challenge - 150 Prompts

glutenfreelesbian  asked:

Would you write out some trc headcannons because I want to reread but I can't find my copies of the books :(

ok!! here r some random scattered thoughts

  • ronan talks to gansey in latin when he has panic attacks because it calms him down. gansey cant understand him bc he’s 1) bad at latin 2) having a panic attack, so ronan just kind of rambles abt whatever’s on his mind and gansey doesn’t say anything except one time after he calms down he just quietly asks “what was that about adam?” and ronan just…sputters 
  • this is kind of random but i feel like henry and calla get along rly well in a weird way? i could see them coming back for a break from road tripping and calla pretending she hates him but also very easily recounting stories abt persephone and maura to him and cackling
  • gansey insists that they play Classic Road Trip games and researches them extensively. blue threatens to kill him again by the time he gets to california in the license plate game
  • speaking of i rly refuse to believe that blue and gansey cant kiss again. they kiss! they kiss during sunsets and sunrises and in shitty motel rooms and at national parks and gansey gets officially Banned from even small kisses when he’s driving bc he gets so flustered, he almost crashes the pig over a cheek kiss once in colorado 
  • speaking of again, gansey gets rly overwhelmed at first bc the only person he’s kissed before is adam tbh!! he texts adam and asks for kissing advice and he immediately responds with “You really can’t research this Gansey. Just do what feels right.” which he thinks is stupid bc he can research anything so he texts ronan who responds like six hours later w/ a text that just says “ask adam he knows lmao”
  • adam teaches ronan how to bake his freshman year of college. one day they’re in adam’s messy communal dorm kitchen and adam’s mixing some batter and ronan’s just watching him mesmerized and adam catches him staring and smiles and ronan mutters “cooking is stupid i can just dream this food” and adam just stops stirring and is like “u cant dream these hands” and casually goes back to stirring as if he doesn’t Know what he’s Done
  • (that night they sleep in adam’s tiny dorm bed and ronan holds adam’s hands all night and he doesn’t dream up anything new that night but he wakes up still smiling and blushing and v happy) 
Because I love you >> Hongbin

Wow, another Hongbin vs N scenario LOL I think those two would make the weirdest rivals XDD

This was requested by lulusgull , i really liked your story very much ^_^ it was so good. you’re a good writer.

Enjoy reading it ^_^ 

“See you later then.”

“Hmm.” You smiled, giving your close friend, Hongbin, a slight hug. He dropped you in front of the library before going to his own classes. He walked backward as he kept waving until he turned and walked away.

“Yah! Yah!” Your best friend, Eunji, hit your arm after approaching you from behind making you jump from the shock.

“What?” You scrawled, rubbing your arm where she hit you.

“What’s between you and Hongbin?” She frowned, giving you dared look.

You chuckled and then your face suddenly went into a blank expression. “Nothing!!”

“I’m sure there’s something.” She snorted and linked her arm with yours, dragging you with her to the library.

“What make you say that?”

She raised an eyebrow at you and smirked. “As if you don’t know!”

“No, I don’t!” then you realized what she was hinting about. You held out your hands and said. “We are just friends, okay?”

“But he likes you.”

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Overdue (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Summary: Shy!Reader is sent to Daveed’s dorm to collect an overdue book.

A/N: this is my very first Daveed Diggs x reader so please don’t be too harsh! Also my ask box is open so feel free to give feedback and I don’t mind taking requests but fair warning that I won’t do them right away!

“Hey Ms. Ruby.” You greeted as you walked through the doors of the library.

“Hi sweetie! You here to return a book?” Ms. Ruby raised an eyebrow at you, her cherry lips forming a smile.

“I am.” You nodded, placing the book on the counter.

As weird as it sounded, you came to know the middle aged librarian when you bumped into her at Starbucks. It started as a small conversation that led into a long one. You’ve been friends ever since; not to mention, you meet weekly for morning coffee.

“I wish everyone would return their books on time like you, Y/N.” Ms. Ruby shook her head despairingly as she scanned your History book.

“Well, it’s not that hard to turn in a book; and I live on campus so it’s not like I don’t have time to walk here.” You shrugged carelessly.

She held up a finger, suddenly remembering something, “Speaking of books and living on campus,” Ms. Ruby took out a notepad, “I need a favor from you.”

“What is it?” You cocked an eyebrow.

She logged onto the computer and wrote down something on the paper, and handed it to you. “There’s this student, Daveed Diggs, he hasn’t turned in his book in over two months. I obviously can’t bring him in since I’m stuck here; and if I were to show up at his dorm, I’d be in big trouble.”

You crossed your arms and let out a loud sigh, “What’s in it for me, Ms. Ruby?” a soft chuckle escaped your lips.

“Coffee’s on me this Saturday.” Her cherry lips formed a smirk.

“Deal. Then I guess I’ll be going now. See you later, Ms. Ruby.” You walked out the library mentally kicking yourself.

It’s not that you hated doing favors for Ms. Ruby, it’s just that it required you interacting with someone you had never met. And to put it simply, you weren’t exactly a social butterfly.

With your anxiety clouding your thoughts, you hadn’t realized that you were already standing in front of the dorm door of the so-called Daveed Diggs.

A shaky breath escaped your lips as you tightly held your own book to your chest. “Do it for the coffee, Y/N.” You encouraged yourself.

Before your anxiety could give you any more reasons to avoid this confrontation, you knocked on the door while holding your breath. What could this irresponsible student look like? You shook your head. You didn’t want to know, you just wanted to send the message, look for the book, and get going.

When the door opened, a tall, dark skinned man with the most gorgeous poofy yet damp hair stood before you in nothing but a towel. He had warm chocolate eyes that had a twinkle of amusement in them. His facial hair suited him nicely. His torso was decorated with droplets of water that accentuated his abs. This man was a god and you wondered why he would ever leave Mount Olympus to live among average people.

“Oh my-,” Your head looked down to the floor, a blush crept upon your cheeks. “I’m so sorry. This is a bad time.”

“It’s pretty rude to not make eye contact with the person you’re talking with,” His hand reached for your face, delicately lifting your chin to meet his chocolatey brown eyes. “Is there something you need?”

A nervous smile crept on to your lips as you pulled away from his delicate touch. He chucked. “Yes, I’m looking for someone. ” Your voice trailed off as you picked your pockets to find the paper Ms. Ruby had given you.

“Well, it’s not every day a pretty girl shows up at my dorm needing my help. Who’re you looking for?” He asked, smirking slightly.

Blushing even harder than last time, you ignored his comment. When you found the note, you hurriedly opened it. “Okay, I’m looking for Daveed Diggs.”

“Yeah, he’s here.” He nodded, his hair moving back and forth. “Why don’t you come in? I’ll go get him.” The shirtless man opened the door wide enough for you to walk in. “Make yourself comfortable,” His voice echoed as he walked into the bathroom.

You stood in the middle of the small dorm, not knowing what to do in this situation. To be frank, you couldn’t even move due to the fact that the place was practically a pig sty. Your cheeks were heating up again when you remembered his flirtatious comment. He couldn’t be flirting with you.

“Daveed Diggs here.” Came the voice from the god that opened the door.

“You’re Daveed?” You asked. Why hadn’t he said so in the first place?!

“You sound disappointed.” Daveed frowned, displaying his puppy eyes. Oh god, that look alone could give you cavities.

“No- Its just-,” You struggled to spare his feelings but at this point you were only embarrassing yourself. “Listen, you have an overdue book and Ms. Ruby sent me to collect it.”

“Wait, you’re telling me that I let a stranger into my dorm?” Daveed made a ‘tsk’ noise, “I should'a known not to be fooled by a pretty girl. No good.”

“I’m…. Y/N L/N. I’m friends with Ms. Ruby.” You explained simply.

“Well Y/N,” Daveed scratched his head. “It should be here somewhere…. We’re gonna have to tear this place apart to find it.”

You remained silent.

“You don’t talk much do you, Y/N?” He leaned closer to you, raising a thick eyebrow at you.

You shook your head.

Daveed put his hands up defensively, “Hey, that’s totally cool. I dig a shy girl. Much more interesting, if you ask me.” Daveed winked at you and you were oh so helpless.

“Well that book isn’t going to find itself.” You said quietly, making eye contact with Daveed for the the first time. ‘Oh look at those eyes!’ The two of you thought simultaneously.

After about an hour of searching and him flirting with you, Daveed found the book under the sink in the bathroom. He held it victoriously in the air. Even though you didn’t say much, you realized that you enjoyed his presence.

“Ms. Ruby’s gonna be delighted,” You exclaimed to yourself, making a grab for the book.

Daveed immediately raised the book over his head, “Hold up, I don’t think I’m ready to just let a pretty girl leave with out knowing if I’ll see her again.”

“You’ll see me again if you have an overdue book.” You retorted.

“Ahhh, not only is the pretty girl shy but she’s also witty? A match made in heaven.” Daveed grinned. “How about this, I’ll give you the book only if you agree to go on a date with me tomorrow night. At seven?”

You couldn’t help but smile too. “Deal.”