pig cartoon

“Here, put on this blindfold.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’m sorry?”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t be. Grab this dart, I need to pick a color.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m so confused.”

Carl the Animator: “Dartboard in place. Ready?”

Ted the Animator: “No! There’s nothing more dangerous than ‘sharp objects you can’t see’ plus ‘Carl telling you to do something.’”

Carl the Animator: “I moved at least 70% of the fragile things. Just throw it.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh, goodness, here goes…”

Ted the Animator: “…did I hit anything?”

Carl the Animator: “Beautiful! Narrowly avoided Lime Green, and barely hit the edge of Bright Blue. Blue it is, then.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m afraid to take the blindfold off.”

Carl the Animator: “Aaaaaaaand done. It’s beautiful, fear not.”

Ted the Animator: “…what.”

Ted the Animator: “What… what is… why….”

Carl the Animator: “Good choice, that. Lime Green would have looked weird, blended in with the hands and all that.”

Ted the Animator: “…why is the pig blue.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe we should get creative on the chickens, too….”

Ted the Animator: “WHY IS THE PIG BLUE, CARL.”

Carl the Animator: “The same reason this scene has a bank executive dressed up as a green monster with purple hair in a business suit chasing chickens and teenagers while riding a pig through a rentable-for-dances barn.”

Ted the Animator: “…which is?”

Carl the Animator: “Because it can.”


Time and again, I’ve seen many an appreciation post about today’s popular cartoons, and with every one you see include something from Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, etc. Now I’m not knocking on those shows, but along the way there are other series that deserve at least a second chance, misunderstood, unfairly got hated on, the least watched/talked about, neglected. These titles shown here are among the current or recently ended shows – original and acquired – from Disney XD, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon here in the U.S. that are or will soon fade into obscurity. 

I do watch some of the popular cartoons of recent years, but I also happen to be the kind of person who watches other shows almost watched by no one else. They’re entertaining enough for me to watch them. I do realize that people don’t have to like them, but it sometimes frustrate me to see some of them send hate to them, its fans and the people behind the scenes of some series, while they could just ignore it and move on. 

All I’m saying that some shows out there need some more attention…


“If I saw a person smile, that to me was payment in itself. If I could make them laugh when they were very sad, it was the greatest payment to me.”

-The Man of 1000 voices, Mel Blanc

“He devoted a lot of time to ailing children in hospitals. I think he really had a great affect in doing so, even if it just made them feel better for just a minute, he did. We had to try to get him to leave first of all, he would spend all day doing it. There would be times I would say, ‘Mel, we gotta go, it’s getting dark, we have to get back on the road.’ When there were children in that situation you couldn’t get him to walk away.”

-Assistant to Mel Blanc, Sophia Sprock