pig back rides

spiffy-is-chronobreaking  asked:

Reaper w a smol S/O ♪(´ε` )


  • carries them everythere tbh, does not give a fuck about his edgy exterior when it comes to his s/o
  • piggy back rides holy shit
  • 24/7 piggy back rides
  • picks them up to kiss them 99.9% of the time
  • incredibly gentle with them
  • will fight a n y o n e who makes fun of them for their height
  • but if they’re okay with it he may poke a lil fun at them now and again just for kicks
  • cause he’s the only one who can make fun of his s/o
  • no exceptions
  • exactly zero exceptions
  • little spoon s/o but will submit to being the little spoon sometimes
  • weak to smol s/o puppy eyes

fandombuggaboo  asked:

Would you rather give a bear a bear hug or a pig a piggy back ride?

Tumblr didn’t wanna show this ask to me >:00
But uh, Christ, okay, so, uh, bears are kinda scary and big, but I think I’d rather try to bear hug a Bear, which is big, and warm and full of fluff and soft and horrible teeth and claws that rip and tear and pick berries and catch fish, than try to give a pig a piggyback ride

Pigs scare me more than Bears. Have you ever seen a full grown pig? Those fucks don’t mess around. I’ve been around pigs when they were being raised. Them shits fought. They weighed a kajillion pounds. They’d accidentally shit out their intestines and die. DIE !!!!! my dude ! Pigs scare the fuck out of me ! They’re cute n all with their snuffler snoots and flip flop ears but when you get to the rest of the pig it’s like !!! You’re done son! Go home! You’re gonna get fuckin plowed over by a pig and then trampled by a cow cos the pig was running in the mud and spooked that sunuvabitch! Rip you!

avelera replied to your postI’m in writing withdrawal because I’m not working…

Bagginshield - old married couple :) (can be when they’re actually old together or just “old married couple” behavior, up to the author)

I am all about cute old married couple things :D

All things considered, their retirement in the Shire had been good for the both of them. It had not been without its challenges at first; Thorin tried not to mortally insult or scandalize the neighbors, but as prim and straight-laced as Bilbo was, his neighbors were far worse. They came to accept Thorin’s ways eventually, and over the years much of Thorin’s proud bearing had slowly become a sort of quiet dignity.

Oddly, Bilbo had taken longer to adjust to living in Bag End again than Thorin, partly because he had not the first clue what to do with a tiny, energetic fauntling. Frodo was a good lad, but Bilbo seemed to like him best when he was tired out after a long day, and all he wanted was a story and perhaps a song before bed.

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