pig and strawberry

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  1. Name: Jess
  2. Nicknames: Jess
  3. Sign: cancer the crab
  4. Height: 5′9″
  5. Nationality: Irish, Polish and German
  6. Favorite fruit: plums, pears, raspberries and peaches
  7. Favorite season: summer and winter
  8. Favorite flower: hydrangeas
  9. Average hours of sleep: 6-8, more or less
  10. Dog or cat person: dogs, hands down!
  11. Favorite fictional character: rn, Scooby Doo
  12. Favorite book: of all time?? the Harry Potter series
  13. Number of blankets you sleep with: now that we’re getting closer to summer: one
  14. Your dream trip: backpacking through Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and basically everywhere else in Europe
  15. Followers: 1.4K
  16. Favorite scent: lavender
  17. Favorite animal: pigs
  18. Favorite beverage: strawberry milkshake
  19. Blog created: 2013
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It’s been a whirlwind ten days. I’m so behind, so I’m doing one blob post about it all!

Shae “The Intern” arrived in Madison, where I picked her up and brought her home. She drove from Florida so she could see the country on her way. She had a great time, saw friends and fell in a very strong like with Chicago.

If you want to follow Shae’s tumblr, she is @queervoyant. She is not as blabby as I am, so don’t worry. She’s fantastic! Mellow, interested, easy to get along with, tolerant of my butterfly chasing and disorganization, I feel like we are getting along great and work together really well. 

We’re kind of ramping up slowly for the growing season, partially because of the rain. That’s good for us, though, as she’s never gardened or farmed before and I’ve never had a helper and I’m all out of shape from winter, so it’s working well. We have lots of babies right now and more are on the way, soon we’ll butcher our seven big hogs (if you want to buy a side of pork hit me up, two people backed out). 

We’ve sniffed and picked lilacs, gotten pig milk, weeded strawberries, hit the feed store, Farm and Fleet, and of course, Brennan’s The Cheese Store. We’ve been to Jeanne’s, Duffy is in love with her, the dogs sleep in her room when they can get away with it. We build a new turkey poult yard in the rain yesterday, that’s why Shae is pounding her first t-posts. 

We’re both learning as we go and her calmness is helping my spazziness and of course John is John, Mr. CalmDimples. Today we brought a bed home from Toni and Dan’s so now we all have kind sized beds to lay our weary bodies and sore asses on. Everything is beautiful and I am so very grateful Shae approached me about coming here. I never would have had the nerve to find someone this year, and I can already tell it’s going to be a great season for all of us.