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ravenpocky  asked:

Do you have anything for cute crochet animals? Like plushies or something?

Any animals in particular?

DIY Dumpling Kitty

DIY Newborn Guinea Pigs

DIY Little Blue Lobster

DIY Little Yellow Duck

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Meet the four new chubby bunch!

Ginger the Guinea Pig (Link HERE)

Pola the Polar Bear (Link HERE)

Rudy the Reindeer (Link HERE)

and Mason the Manatee (Link HERE)

ALL available and READY TO SHIP!


When I was making Mason, I wanted to make a hippo. But it just wasn’t coming out right. My friend then suggested I make it into a Manatee. When I was beginning to sew all its parts together, I noticed it looked a lot like another manatee I’ve seen before. and then it hit me, it looked a lot like BLUEPHONESTUDIOS manatee. I was a little bummed. I don’t want anyone thinking I stole her design, I would NEVER do that. It was just a coincidence that it happen to look like hers. :/


Oh look, it’s an adorable flying piggy in bi pride colors! That must mean that biphobia is over, because they said “when pigs fly” and – wait, that’s not what it means? It’s just an adorable bi pride flying piggy that I crocheted?

Oh, well, I guess that’s okay, too.

(Other pride piggies forthcoming, natch. Now available for sale at my Etsy account!)

Edit: Other Pride Piggies (that I have pictures of) to date: Trans Pride Piggy, Pan Pride Piggy, Aro Pride Piggy, Ace Pride Piggy, Polysexual Pride Piggy