Yeah, don’t think you didn’t see it coming. Heehee~!

I’m so happy with this run. ^O^

Atmadja’s flag feature was soops clean and gorgeous and everything just worked out nicely~!
Ninkou Latora was fab too, ESPECIALLY THE RIFLE RIPPLE @ ~2:55. AAAH. <3 Flaggies were cute and omg they’re growing up to be wonderful performers. :’) Still a work in progress, though. For everyone. -Don’t think you’re off the hook with performance faces-
Quidam. YAY BRYANT. Whispering to Bryant through my teeth, “Oh my god OH MY GOD.” Fucking. Burning by then LOL. The color scheme after the first set of work is a bit awkward, but it’s ok~. We’re cute. :’) And I’m upset that you can’t see the sabres! Except for Ajae’s solo, which was pretty ~amazern~ for learning it that day. Props, props. ~_~
And then there’s Incantation. LOL. I HATE EVERYTHING THE END. 

Oh, and I want the pictures to go up already. I want to see how dead everyone is. <3

#Poway Field Tournament #pift #poway #marchingband #fieldtournament

My run sucked. I hate precipitation, but thank God my Bass didn’t die until after the duet. (:

It’s time to kick it into high gear. We’ve got a lot more of the show coming next week. We’re coming after you Vista! Be prepared!

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