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The Little Wolf: Uncle Peter (Chapter Four)

Summary:  When a pack of werewolves, who had been allied with the Hales, are wiped out by hunters a young pup finds her way to Beacon Hills. the gang has to now balance raising a Born-Wolf pup while fending off Deucalion and the continuous attacks of mysterious supernatural creatures and hunters.

Word Count: 1310

Warnings: Hints of child having a panic attack

“Then Stiles was all like NOOOOOOO and Derek was all like RRRAAARRRR and Alison was all piew piew and Scott was going RRROOWWRRR.” Amelia chirped into Peter’s ear as he lent over the map on the table in front of him. He raised an eyebrow as one of her arms flung out and smacked into his side.

“And you know this how?” He asked nonchalantly. Cora strolled into the room and grunted in acknowledgement of the pup who had been with them for most of the day while Scott and Derek attempted catch Erica or Boyd’s scent.

Stiles had taken it upon himself to teach Amelia a large vocabulary which Peter was sure she used purely to give him a headache. Both Hales froze and looked to the now empty air that had previously been occupied by the tiny pup.

“It still scares me that she can do that.” Cora muttered. With a sigh Peter left Cora to study his maps of Beacon hills, with the hopes of fresh eyes seeing something new, and began tracking the McCall pup.

He growled when her scent trail led him to the semi open penthouse door and hurried out to find the pup before she got herself killed. Despite Derek’s guidance Scott had a weak spot for the Pup and his entire pack seemed to melt whenever the child asked for anything.

“Mia?” Peter snapped, his fangs baring with irritation. A rumbling filled his throat when he picked up the scent of an Argent and hastily stormed towards it, once he closed in on the Argent scent he realised both Chris and Allison were lay on the ground coaxing something out from under the car. When Allison saw him she tugged her father away from the car and waited for the two men to talk.

“She ran out into the road and we can’t get her out, it’s the full moon in a few days, I think she’s feeling it.” Chris mumbled as Peter crouched down next to the car. He froze for a second and looked to Allison who was wearing a jacket that must have been Scott’s judging by the scent and size so he motioned for her to hand it over. After he promised to get it back to her once he’d give it back once he’d convinced the pup to come out from under the car, she shrugged it off, and he slid onto his stomach holding out the jacket that had clearly caught the child’s attention in the first place.

“Alpha.” She whispered as he let her take it from him and bury her face in the comfort of her Alpha’s scent. It took a few minutes for her to be distracted enough to let the oldest Hale wolf pull her out and cradle her to his chest.

“She can keep it.” Allison decided. She carefully wrapped the jacket around Amelia so that all you could see of her was he legs which were dangling at Peter’s side. Peter spoke with Chris hoping that despite not hunting recently he might have a clue as to what was going on. Despite only being able to give Peter strategic advantages and disadvantages on where they could be keeping the Hale Beta’s his answers gave Peter a lot more to work with.

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