New ONFORM shape is online. Only a very simple character ‘cause I’m so busy at the moment.

- Karoline

What is ONFORM?
ONFORM is a weekly drawing game for artists and everyone who want to join in this game. I’ll upload a shape every week. You’ve to download the file and draw a character on it.

All you’ve to do:
Download the current shape and draw on it. Submit your illustration and it will be shown on the blog.

/// Download the shape here ///

a little “Selfportrait” for Karos ILLUSTRATION PROJECT 

hmm, maybe i will still draw one more, because i am not totally happy with it. haha… ;)

thank you for asking me, Karo <3<3<3

she is still looking for Illustrators, so if you are interested, klick here for more Informations

Lately, I had to make some very unpleasant experiences on the Internet.

I love my followers and I appreciate every of you very much. I’m glad that you like my illustrations and works and that I inspire you. I’m always happy to see illustrations in which I’ve inspired other artists, and the fact that you are respectful and have decency to mention my name.

But copy an illustration or idea and sell it as your own is going too far!

I just wanted to speak to the people who hold it for granted, to use my illustrations and ideas (and those of other illustrators of course) as a template for your own illustrations and don’t even mention their names out of respect and decency.

That’s disrespectful and beneath contempt (and incidentally plagiarism)!

So here’s a little guide for people who don’t know how to deal with the work of others respectfully.

How to be respectful to artists:

  • See the artist as an inspiration, not as a template.
  • Don’t edit the original work of the artists
  • Don’t remove the signature of the artist (and sell it as your own work)
  • Mention the name of the artist if you get inspired (the artist will be grateful for that)
  • Report stolen or copied Illustrations on any platform (or inform the artist)

If you respect the work of the artists, they will respect you, too.

How can you be proud of your work, when you haven’t even created and developed it from the ground up? If the illustration is built on the work of another (real!) artist? To copy an idea or an illustration doesn’t make you an artist, but a lousy copier.

It’s ok to:

  • adopt an art techniques
  • adopt a color style
  • adopt everything that help you to make something new!

It’s not ok to:

  • steal original characters
  • copy an idea directly
  • or copy an illustration where the original can be seen!

It’s that simple!

Clothes, music, art and beer.

I drew another illustration for flyer, poster and other stuff for weiberkram, a girls flew market every month. Vintage & secondhand stuff, clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, unique pieces, everything what girls are addicted to.

Inspired by the beautiful Palina Rojinski.

Click here to support Get Rick Pietrowski home to recover by Marisha Pietrowski
Hi, I’m Marisha Pietrowski and this is my dad, Rick. On April 30, Rick and I were in Los Angeles, when he fell in our hotel room. He has a narrow spinal column and bone spurs, one of which dislodged during the fall, breaking his neck. He was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital and underwent s...

Hey guys,

I’m sorry to have to ask, but my family is desperate.

On April 30, my dad and I were in Los Angeles, which is about 2,300 miles from our home. He fell in our hotel room and broke his neck. He had surgery May 2 and was left with near paralysis in his hands and legs and has lost an incredible amount of strength. He has been in a LA hospital since and will need months of inpatient spinal rehabilitation, with the hopes that he will eventually regain 60-70 percent movement.

However, because the surgery took place in Southern California, the insurance company expects my dad to stay in a rehabilitation center there, instead of coming back home. We must present $18,000 to pay for an air ambulance home, because they will not cover transportation. He needs to go straight from the hospital to a rehabilitation center closer to home, and that cannot happen unless we raise this money. Because of constant changes in his medical condition, we do not currently have a specific date that he will be discharged from the hospital, nor do we know where he would be moved in Southern California. This is why we need to raise this money as quickly as possible — we need to make sure we have an alternative to staying in California. (You may be wondering why I waited to post this when the need is so urgent. That is because we were told that the insurance company would pay for a commercial flight for my dad, and we believed this could happen as soon as my dad was well enough to be discharged. However, we have since learned that the insurance company is offering no other option under our plan but to have him do his rehab in California, unless we pay for the air ambulance upfront, out-of-pocket.)

Our family has no connection to Los Angeles — no family, no support system and no resources to maintain a life there long-term. It is unfeasible for my mom to stay out there. (While I was his caregiver initially, my mom made her way out to LA — no easy feat for someone handicapped herself — and is now taking care of him there temporarily while I came home to Toledo.) My dad would be forced on this journey to recovery without seeing any family for months, and we would not be able to effectively monitor the quality of his care. In his current condition, he cannot move his fingers, so he couldn’t even call home and talk to us. He wouldn’t see any family or friends until he recovered enough so that he could travel via traditional means. He would be alone and we would be bystanders from 2,300 miles away. This is not the path to a good recovery. His primary care team is in Toledo, not California. Just because the accident occurred in California does not mean he should be exiled there.

My parents are all that I have, and we need help keeping our family together. If we cannot get his rehabilitation started in Toledo, it would be months before we’d see him again, and could not be there to support him and advocate for him. So, I am asking for your help. I know that I have not met most of you in person and that you may be wary to support someone you don’t know, which I completely understand. And of course, I know that money is very tight for many people. But if you feel inclined, we are accepting any donations on our GoFundMe page. Or, if you are unable to donate, if you could spread the word to those whom you think may be interested. If you know of any resources that could help us, information would be appreciated, too.