Lately, I had to make some very unpleasant experiences on the Internet.

I love my followers and I appreciate every of you very much. I’m glad that you like my illustrations and works and that I inspire you. I’m always happy to see illustrations in which I’ve inspired other artists, and the fact that you are respectful and have decency to mention my name.

But copy an illustration or idea and sell it as your own is going too far!

I just wanted to speak to the people who hold it for granted, to use my illustrations and ideas (and those of other illustrators of course) as a template for your own illustrations and don’t even mention their names out of respect and decency.

That’s disrespectful and beneath contempt (and incidentally plagiarism)!

So here’s a little guide for people who don’t know how to deal with the work of others respectfully.

How to be respectful to artists:

  • See the artist as an inspiration, not as a template.
  • Don’t edit the original work of the artists
  • Don’t remove the signature of the artist (and sell it as your own work)
  • Mention the name of the artist if you get inspired (the artist will be grateful for that)
  • Report stolen or copied Illustrations on any platform (or inform the artist)

If you respect the work of the artists, they will respect you, too.

How can you be proud of your work, when you haven’t even created and developed it from the ground up? If the illustration is built on the work of another (real!) artist? To copy an idea or an illustration doesn’t make you an artist, but a lousy copier.

It’s ok to:

  • adopt an art techniques
  • adopt a color style
  • adopt everything that help you to make something new!

It’s not ok to:

  • steal original characters
  • copy an idea directly
  • or copy an illustration where the original can be seen!

It’s that simple!


New ONFORM shape is online. Only a very simple character ‘cause I’m so busy at the moment.

- Karoline

What is ONFORM?
ONFORM is a weekly drawing game for artists and everyone who want to join in this game. I’ll upload a shape every week. You’ve to download the file and draw a character on it.

All you’ve to do:
Download the current shape and draw on it. Submit your illustration and it will be shown on the blog.

/// Download the shape here ///

Clothes, music, art and beer.

I drew another illustration for flyer, poster and other stuff for weiberkram, a girls flew market every month. Vintage & secondhand stuff, clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, unique pieces, everything what girls are addicted to.

Inspired by the beautiful Palina Rojinski.