a little “Selfportrait” for Karos ILLUSTRATION PROJECT 

hmm, maybe i will still draw one more, because i am not totally happy with it. haha… ;)

thank you for asking me, Karo <3<3<3

she is still looking for Illustrators, so if you are interested, klick here for more Informations

Lately, I had to make some very unpleasant experiences on the Internet.

I love my followers and I appreciate every of you very much. I’m glad that you like my illustrations and works and that I inspire you. I’m always happy to see illustrations in which I’ve inspired other artists, and the fact that you are respectful and have decency to mention my name.

But copy an illustration or idea and sell it as your own is going too far!

I just wanted to speak to the people who hold it for granted, to use my illustrations and ideas (and those of other illustrators of course) as a template for your own illustrations and don’t even mention their names out of respect and decency.

That’s disrespectful and beneath contempt (and incidentally plagiarism)!

So here’s a little guide for people who don’t know how to deal with the work of others respectfully.

How to be respectful to artists:

  • See the artist as an inspiration, not as a template.
  • Don’t edit the original work of the artists
  • Don’t remove the signature of the artist (and sell it as your own work)
  • Mention the name of the artist if you get inspired (the artist will be grateful for that)
  • Report stolen or copied Illustrations on any platform (or inform the artist)

If you respect the work of the artists, they will respect you, too.

How can you be proud of your work, when you haven’t even created and developed it from the ground up? If the illustration is built on the work of another (real!) artist? To copy an idea or an illustration doesn’t make you an artist, but a lousy copier.

It’s ok to:

  • adopt an art techniques
  • adopt a color style
  • adopt everything that help you to make something new!

It’s not ok to:

  • steal original characters
  • copy an idea directly
  • or copy an illustration where the original can be seen!

It’s that simple!


Victoria is a character who was developed for a project in illustration class.

Victoria is a 16 year old girl, daughter of a noble family. Her family owns a large, prestigious hotel, which is regularly visited by high society. So she have to be a lady.

Victoria, however, is annoyed by everything. She just want’s to do what she wants and doesn’t care about others opinions.

The character is still in progress and will be revised.

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for illustrators for an ILLUSTRATION PROJECT and I need your help!

My goal is to create a magazine for my bachelor thesis about the own drawing style. The reader should receive an impression of different drawing styles and views on the subject based on a lot of self-portraits of various illustrators. National and international artist can join in.

Many well-known illustrators already take part in this project!

External image

f.l.t.r. larapaulussen, Felix Scheinberger, frannerd, Mawil, Mareike Engelke, sibyllinesketchblog

I’m grateful for every reblog to make this project big and successful!

All you’ve to do to take part in:
It‘s simple: Just draw a selfportrait. Feel free to draw yourself as you want to. It‘s important that the own drawing style is clearly recognizable, so the reader can compare the different illustrations easily.

You also have to write something about „style“ in 1-3 sentences. What does style mean to you? How do you defind style in relation to the own drawing style? What are you connecting with the subject? etc.

For example:

“Stil entwickelt sich von selbst. Er ist einfach die Art uns Auszudrücken und das entwickelt sich schlicht durchs machen. Das was uns gut von der Hand geht und uns gefällt ist unser Stil.” - Felix Scheinberger

“Style is who you are, from how you dress to how you see the world. Everyone’s is different, it’s what defines you and lets you be the individual you are.” - Caroline Boyk

1st December 2014

All criteria you’ve to note can be found at the link below! Also please check the FAQ before asking.

After my exam and presentation I will plan a Kickstarter Project to publish the book. Thus all have a chance to buy a copy.