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Take a Seat - Pietro Maximoff Drabble

Originally posted by knowledgefordummies

Request: (by anon) pietro x reader + “Sit in my lap”

Words: 869

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this! :P I’m sorry if this is weird or cringe-worthy! How do you do the whole sexy thing? 

You had just won a tedious battle with your team, the Avengers. The battle waged for hours and caused extensive damage to the surrounding areas. Your bones ached, your muscles were sore, and you were covered in cuts and bruises. It was definitely a battle for the history books.

After such a battle, the team was starving and therefore thrilled when they came across a small diner that was still functional. Somehow Tony had convinced the owners to stay open and provide you all with some meals.

Everyone slumped into the diner and pushed a couple of unbroken tables together before plopping down into their chairs for a much-needed rest. You looked around at all the shattered glass and debris, trying to find an extra chair. Somehow, every chair that wasn’t already in use was smashed to bits. Just your luck!

You sighed heavily, not wanting to be on your feet a second longer. Despite that, you just leaned against the dusty counter, trying to shift your weight from one foot to the other.

“[Y/N], why don’t you sit down and join us?” Steve asked, slightly confused.

Your response was to pick up a busted bar stool to present as evidence.

“Oh.” Steve nodded. “Well here, take my seat.”

“No, you sit. You’re in worse shape than I am.” You dismissed him.

“Please, I insist.” You shook your head.

“Sit in my lap.” Pietro suggested, drawing all eyes towards him.

“That’s a little bold, don’t you think?” You raised an eyebrow.

Pietro had a habit of flirting with you, which usually you didn’t mind, but it wasn’t something you were up to dealing with while you were this dog-tired.

“No funny business, I promise. Just a friend helping a friend out.” He assured you.

“No ulterior motive?” You seemed suspicious.

“Cross my heart.” He drew an ‘x’ over his heart.

You reluctantly hobbled over to where he sat and carefully sat down on his lap, wincing as your body wanted to give out.

“There. Now was that so bad?” He smirked causing you to roll your eyes.

One of the owners came by and took your orders, while the other one double checked that the kitchen was still up to code. Miraculously, it seemed as if the kitchen was the only part in the whole place that was untouched by the battle.

You all silently rested as you waited for your food. After eating for a little while, you all started to regain some energy, lightening the mood a bit. You all began to talk about the battle. The good, the bad, what you could’ve done differently. Somehow you ended up geeking out over each other. 'Did you see Wanda do this’ or 'how about when Thor did that?’ The more you spoke, the more lively you all became.

Pietro excitedly recounted how he took out thirty enemies in ten seconds, his new record. One thing to know about the Sokovian was that when he got excited, he spoke with his hands. As he spoke, you could feel his arms flailing behind your back, which made you snicker. When he finished his story, he absentmindedly rested his hand on your upper thigh, causing your heart rate to increase slightly.

You tried to ignore it, but his touch was ever-present. Because of his super speed, he constantly radiated heat, which lead him to unintentionally ease your pain and relax your muscles. But it wasn’t just the temporary relief he caused that gave you comfort, it was just being in close proximity to him. You liked him and you often flirted back with him, but you were teammates so you never let yourself give in to him. Teammates shouldn’t date, it would be a bad idea. Wouldn’t it?

You slowly moved your opposite hand over to where his sat. He began to apologize before stopping once he realized that you weren’t pushing it away, but were instead holding it. Taking that as a hint that you were in a flirty mood now, he took and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. You felt a hitch in your breath, which Piet must’ve noticed because the moment that nobody was looking he began peppering your shoulder and neck with sweet, soft kisses.

When the others looked in your direction next, they pretended not to notice as a blush crept up your neck.

“You know what,” you sighed, “I’m not really feeling well. So, I’m gonna go rest in the Quinjet while you guys finish eating.”

You weren’t fooling anyone, but nobody cared enough to call your bluff. So, you slowly got to your feet and slightly limped to the door.

“Now that you mention it, you don’t look like you’re in very good shape,” Pietro added, “let me help you.”

You nodded and in a flash, he was over to you and was carrying you bridal style before racing off.

“You think that’s just a friend helping another friend out?” Natasha smirked.

“You owe me twenty bucks.” Steve said to a cursing Tony.

Sokovian cuddles

Anon request:

Hi there! I’m in love with your blog, and I know that there are a lot of specifically Pietro blogs, but I love your style, so I was wondering if you could do something of Pietro? Maybe it’s movie night and the reader never told anybody she liked to cuddle but Pietro kinda offers and he can’t stop staring at her and saying cute things then they fall asleep together all tangled. Idk I just need FLUFF!

A/N: I’ve changed the ‘never told anybody she liked to cuddle’ to ‘haven’t been cuddled for ages’ - I hope you still like it?

Word count: 1.4k

Warnings: none, this is pure sweet fluff.

Originally posted by deanimagines67

Another movie night, another rom-com on the agenda. How delightful, You thought to yourself. Everyone around you is either loved up or is having a casual friends-with-benefits arrangement. Meanwhile you’re stuck in the Avengers Tower, the rarest creature of them all - a singleton.

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“(Y/N) are you alright, don’t vorry I’ll get Bruce in here to make sure you’re okay,” Pietro panicked, zooming up to you as you looked up from the book you were reading.

“And why would I be I injured?” You asked, clearly not amused by his antics.

“Because you just fell from Heaven of course,” Pietro smirked, looking like he had just delivered the smoothest line in history.  

“Actually I scraped my knee climbing out of hell,” You replied on instinct, ignoring him and going back to your book. Pietro, however, seemed determined to get your attention, so much so he plucked the book from your hands and sped off somewhere else. Getting more than pissed you tried to chase after him, finally reaching your whit’s ends you turned the gravity in the area off. Pietro floated in the air, holding your book.

“Drop it,” You growled as he struggled to move without the assistance of gravity.

“Alright Printsessa, but only for you,” He chuckled before dropping the book into your hands. You walked out of the room, and with a click of your fingers, Pietro fell to the floor with a thud. Pietro only smirked after you, he wasn’t giving up yet.


If only Pietro wasn’t so hot, and you weren’t so stubborn something would happen between you two. Wanda and Natasha were on short fuses with you both, and Tony just wanted the pair of you to stop being idiots.

You walked down the towers hallway, nose in your book once again. Before you knew it, you were tackled to the ground, and of course, Pietro was above you.

“Sorry Solnishko, I didn’t see you there,” Pietro chuckled as he eyes your face. A raging blush spread across your face from the position you were both in before you pushed him off and stood up.

“You definitely did that on purpose,” You huffed before walking off once again.


“I swear to god if something doesn’t happen between the two of them I’m going to make something happen,” Natasha hissed as she watched Pietro try to flirt with you once again.

“Don’t vorry, it vill happen soon, I assure you,” Wanda responded casually.

“Your lips look so lonely; would they like to meet mine?” Pietro asked, leaning closer to you. You placed your hands on his lips, pushing his head back.

“No thanks,” You replied dramatically trying to ignore him still. Pietro huffed in annoyance before looking at you with a frown on his face.

“Oh come on katyonak, vhy von’t you play along for once. I know you like me I’m not zhat stupid,” Pietro huffed, smiling upon seeing the surprise on your face.

“Fine then. Are you a magician? Cause every time I see you everyone else disappears,” You replied. Pietro seemed taken aback for a second before a grin spread on his face.

“Are you happy now!? I hate you so much,” You groaned before getting up from where you were sitting and going off to your room. Pietro only continued to grin, maybe he did have a chance with you.

Lightsaber Battle - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1358
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark
Warnings: swearing, maybe
Requested by anon
Pietro and the reader having a lightsaber battle in the middle of the toy section
Summary: What happens when you and Pietro are in the toy section and Pietro is pracitcally a toddler in a store? Chaos ensues.
Authors Note: this was so much fun omf

Pietro Maximoff / Full Masterlist


“Target could be my second home,” You marveled as you walked into the doors of the large store.

Pietro laughed. “Well, you do come here a lot.”

“Because I love it!” You squealed and walked to where the one-dollar section was.

With a roll of the eyes, he put his hand on your shoulder. “That, and Tony kicks us out of the base a lot.”

Shrugging, you picked up random things in the one-dollar bins. Tony does kick you two out of the base a lot, mainly because when you don’t have anything to do, you annoy someone until you are entertained and come up with something to do. He’s usually the easiest to annoy, not to mention that he gets annoyed really easily, and his reactions are typically the funniest.

You walked up to the nearest employee, doing like you and Pietro always do. “Excuse me, miss, where are the toasters?” You linked onto Pietro’s arm. “My husband is really worried about the fact that we do not have a toaster and I’m afraid he’s going to break down if he doesn’t see a toaster soon,” You told the girl who seemed to be a bit older.

She quickly directed you to where the toasters would be, and once she was out of sight, the two of you broke into a fit of laughter. “That was a good one. I’m really passionate about toasters,” He laughed. It was almost a tradition after the many times you two have been to Target recently, asking the staff random and strange questions. Sometimes he was your son, sometimes you were a random stranger, and today he was your husband. Of course, you two were only friends, which made it only funnier.

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(S) at the end of the title is standing for smut.

Originally posted by love-is-in-the-air-baby-love

Steve Rogers x Reader

Bucky Barnes x Reader

  • Nothing in Between

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Steve x Reader x Bucky

  • Getting Busy (S)

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Chris Evans x Reader

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Pietro Maximoff x Reader

  • Unexpected Lust (S)

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  • The Personal Guardian

The Avengers series

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Drabbles x

Masterlist for Sinners x

Dirty Admissions

Summary: You use a jealous Pietro’s ignorance to your own advantage to get him to admit your relationship
Warnings: swearing, almost smut
A/N: I was reading through old requests at 1:00 because I couldn’t sleep and this happened #sorrynotsorry

“You’ve been fucking each other for how long now?”

“Four months, three weeks, and five days,” you answered Natasha’s question, taking another sip of your drink and running your hand across your face in an attempt to conceal your embarrassment.

“And neither of you are fucking anyone else?”

“No,” you said, pressing your lips together and regretting your existence. Natasha had caught you sneaking from his room early Thursday morning, your hair a mess and your shorts in your hand. “Neither I nor Piet are fucking anyone else, Nattie.”

“Yet no one knows and neither of you will admit you’re together?”

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Dating Pietro Maximoff Would Involve:
  • Being called Sokovian nicknames 24/7
  • Him shirtless all the time
  • You only in your panties and one of his shirts all the time
  • The two of you trying to cook dinner but always ending up having sex on the counter
  • You often finding yourself on your shared bed with Pietro on top of you before you could even blink
  • Staying up all night chatting
  • Him doing everything he can to spoil the hell out of you
  • You giving him massages after his missions/trainings
  • Having movie nights that end up in the bedroom
  • Him never keeping his hands off you, even in public
  • Him kissing you in front of everyone to show them you are his
  • You always teasing him
  • Him always teasing you
  • You playing with his hair all the time
  • Him often tickling you because he loves hearing you laugh
  • Always giving each other hickies
  • You two fighting over silly things but always ending up having sex
  • Dancing together
  • You dancing for him
  • “I am not going to leave you.”
  • Getting drunk together
  • You becoming really close friends with Wanda
  • Waking up to find Pietro watching you, smiling
  • Him coming up behind you and pulling you into his arms, kissing your neck everytime you talk with a guy
  • Girls being all over him but him pushing them away, “Sorry ladies, I am already taken. I suggest you leave, she can bite.”
  • Having lazy days where the two of you just cuddle in the bed
  • Sharing earphones
  • Taking care of Clint’s kids together
  • Two of you pranking others
  • Him kissing your neck to make you talk to him when you give him the silent treatment
  • Him making sure you know you’re beautiful, he reminds you 10 times a day
  • Being everyone’s OTP
  • Lots of silly selfies
  • “But you love me.”
  •  Always making each other laugh
  • Lots of vacations
  • “That dress would look even better on the floor.”
  • Beard burn
  • Slow, passionate sex
  • Rough sex
  • Kinky sex
  • Him tying you up
  • You tying him up
  • More sex
  • Just wonderful sex in general
  • Lots of ripped clothes
  • Him making you scream his name and making sure everyone hears it
  • Dirty talk in Sokovian because he knows you love it
  • You wearing blue/silver lingerie for him
  • No one being able to dare laying a hand on you because they know he would kill them on the spot
Preference: First “I love you” (Avengers, Marvel)

Steve Rogers: 

Originally posted by bluebrooklynkid

It happened on one of Steve’s bad days. He pretty much dragged himselfs upstairs to his apartment, after a failed mission. He searched for his apartment key, patting on his front pockets, then on his back pockets. He groaned when he realised he probably lost or left them somewhere. You opened the door, looking up at him with warm smile. You had the keys to Steve’s apartment for a short while now since you’re dating, so you could regularly be found there. You noticed the gloominess in his face as he gave you a weak, pressed smile. You turned around and walked back into the kitchen, where you were making dinner. Steve walked in and closed the door, being home immediately puts him a bit at ease. You knew not to ask how his day went when he came home like this, his face said enough “You want to eat on the couch to watch TV?” you asked with a gentle smile. “You trust me with eating on the couch?” he smirked at you weak. “It’s your couch, if you make mess that’ll be on you.” you smirked back. He chuckled and sat down on the couch, turning on the tv and zapping through the channels a bit clumsily. You came out of the kitchen with two plates with food. You handed him one as you sat down on the couch. You two ate and watched TV, both being silent most of the time. Steve had his feet up on the coffee table, right besides his dirty plate as he looked at the TV almost emotionless. It was when your fingers crept up in his neck, into his hair, gentle stroking his blonde hair that Steve fully relaxed. He looked at you, with a odd mixture of doubt and admiration, as you looked back with a raised eyebrow, waiting for him to say something. “I love you..” he muttered.

Bucky Barnes:

Originally posted by friendzoned-by-avengers

Bucky had moved in with you shortly after you two got together, it helped him lay low. You knew about Bucky’s past with Hydra, but it didn’t change your perspective of him, because you knew the real Bucky. Tonight you had a long shift again, so you came home late.Your apartment was entirely dark and silent apart from the dim light and muffled sounds coming from your bedroom. You made your way to your bedroom and carefully opened the door, incase Bucky was asleep. You entered, Bucky’s sleepy but open eyes looked at you. He was in bed, sitting with his back against the headboard, the blankets covering him half, as the TV lit up his face a bit.. “Hey doll..” he said with a raspy voice. “Hey, sorry I’m late again, my work-…” “I know doll, just get ready for bed, you look tired.” he chuckled lightly. You sighed and gave him a sweet, but indeed tired smile. You showered, changed into your pajamas and brushed your teeth, before walking to the bed. Normally you’d lay down on Bucky’s right side, that’s what he insisted on, because his normal arm as on the right and he couldn’t hurt you with that. But now you crawled into bed next to him on his left side. His head immediately shot up at you, frowning as if you had forgotten. “Doll-…” You shushed him. You carefully grabbed Bucky’s metal arm, lifting it up slightly, he hesitantly cooperated as you wrapped his cold, metal arm around yourself, snuggling against him as you looked at the TV. Bucky looked down at you for a bit, slightly overwhelmed by the suddenness of your actions, before slowly relaxing, putting his arm around you a bit more securely. You smiled soft to yourself. The only sounds in the room where the ones coming from the TV, as you two silently watched. “I love you..” he whispered eventually.

Peter Parker:

Originally posted by aweparker

You didn’t think dating the quiet, nerdy boy from school would bring a lot of chaos with it. You found out about him being Spiderman after you caught him in his suit in his room. It took Peter a little while to calm you down and reassure you that everything was fine. Since then everything changed, at first you didn’t mind, but his week cut it though. He had left during classes with some sort of excuse, he didn’t show up at the Academic Decathlon practices and he didn’t show up at your house when you were supposed to hang out. You shrugged it off, until you remembered there was a deadline at the end of the week for a certain essay, which was to be graded highly and after all Peter had missed, he couldn’t afford another bad grade. It was Friday, you stood with Peter and Ned at Peter’s locker. “Dude, your Spidey and Peter agendas aren’t really matching, is schoolwork going to be a problem?” Ned asked. “No man, it’s fine, just got like two bad grades, nothing major, besides, I’ll catch up with everything in no time.” Peter shrugged. “Well, if you just hand in that essay today I think you’ll be good.” Ned said. Peter’s face drained of color. “Essay..?” he mumbled confused. “Yeah man, you didn’t do it?” Ned widened his eyes. “Shit, shit, shit-…” he slammed his locker shut and turned to you two, a bit panicked. “What the hell should I do?!”. Ned opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by you, pressing a small stack of papers in Peters hands. “Rely on your girlfriend..” you said bluntly as the bell rang, walking off to your class. Peter looked at the essay in his hands in shock, before looking down the hallway at you again. “Oh my god, I love you!” he blurted out loudly, for everyone to hear.

Loki Odinson/Laufeyson:

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

It happened the day Odin had fallen into Odinsleep. You were standing in Loki’s bedroom, the room was dark as the curtains were closed, only a few torches on the wall lit the room up moderately. Loki stood with his back turned to you, you could see him breathing heavy by the way his shoulders lifted rapidly. “They lied to me…” he said coldly. “What-..?” you wanted to ask.  “They lied to me..” he repeated. “About who I am… my entire life…” he finished. You frowned. “A monster..” he mumbled, almost more to himself. “Loki, you’re not a monster-..” you were about to say, until Loki swiftly turned around, as if you had said the most offensive thing in the world. You widened your eyes as you looked at him. “You’re-..?”  “Horrifying?! Revolting?! A Frost giant?!” he spat, walking over to you threateningly. You stood your ground as he leaned over you a bit, keeping eye contact with his now bright, red eyes, who looked down upon you with anger but also fear in his eyes. “Yes my love, take a good look at what I actually am…” he said with gritted teeth. “Loki…” you muttered soft and utterly calm. He frowned confused at you, still waiting for you to scream or something. “Your origins don’t matter to me.” you said calm. “Wh-what..?” he said a bit breathless. You lifted your arm, holding out your hand. His blue, dull skin, turned into his normal, warm skin tone again, right as you put your hand on his cheek. He closes his eyes and places his hand on top of yours. You smiled soft at him. “You’re no monster…” you whispered. He opened his eyes, they had turned back into their beautiful, green state, as he looked down at you again. “I-.. I love you…” he choked out.

Thor Odinson: 

Originally posted by dailymarvelheroes

You had met Thor on earth. You knew who and what Thor was: a god. He had talked your ears off plenty of times about Asgard and his infamous battles in space, but you had never been there. Thor had left to Asgard on multiple occasions, promising you he’d take you with him one day. Today was that day: Thor finally wanted you to meet his parents. You had just arrived at Asgard through the Bifrost, which had made you nauseous. You quickly put that aside though once you took a good look at where you had just arrived: Asgard. It was beautiful and you silently wished Thor would’ve taken you here earlier. You made your way into the castle where you were greeted by maids. Thor said he had some small business to do and that you’d meet up again in a bit. The maids took you to the room you would be staying. “Lady y/n, would you allow us to assist you in freshening you up after your trip?” One of the maids asked. You nodded but frowned a bit, apparently they knew your name and apparently ‘freshening up’ meant dressing up in a gorgeous Asgardian gown, getting your hair done beautifully and being treated like an absolute princess. Eventually they escorded you to the enormous Great Hall doors, where Thor was already standing, still looking the exact same as when he got here. His eyes widened a bit when he caught sight of you. The maids left as you stood next to Thor, quite nervous. “I’m glad you want me to meet your parents, I know it’s something of importance to you.” you smiled up at him. Thor just smiled back at you, he is nervous as well, especially for his father’s reaction, but seeing your enthusiasm eased him. He took your hand and right before he walked into the Great Hall, he turned to you again shortly. “I love you y/n.”

Pietro Maximoff: 

Originally posted by imagine-marvel

“Принцеза, where is my running jacket?” Pietro asked as he was running from one place to the other, searching. “I put it in the washing machine, it smelled.” you said as you stood in the kitchen, making some breakfast for Pietro and you. “But I’m going out in a bit, I need it.” “Then grab your other one.” “The other one is more comfortable.” he pouted. You sighed deep and stopped what you were doing, making your way to the laundry room. You took out his wet jacket and put it in the dryer. “It’ll be dry in a bit.” You continued what you were doing in the kitchen, before handing Pietro his breakfast. He eats as he keeps pacing around, this boy can never sit or stand still. “How long did you say it was going to take before it dried?” he asked with his mouth full. “Just wait.” you sighed again. Pietro was done eating in no time and he rushed to the laundry room. “Can I take it out?” he yelled. You rolled your eyes short. “Sure.” you replied. He came running back. “It’s still a bit wet, but good enough.” he smiled dorkily. “Now I have to go.” in a split second he ran towards the door, making some papers that were laying on the table fly around. “Oops, sorry.” You knelt to grab the papers, putting them back on the table. You were used to all the literal speed that went into a normal day with Pietro and it was funny from time to time, but sometimes tiring as well, he knew that. You put your hands in your side as you looked at him. He looked at you for a few seconds with his lips pressed together, before he sped towards you, standing still in front of you as he pecked you on your cheek. “I love you Принцеза.”

Принцеза = Princeza (Princess)

Wanda Maximoff:

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Wanda had a bit of difficulty with American culture at first. Yes, she could speak English and all, but sometimes she missed things from her homeland. You had noticed that, so you dedicated yourself to learning as much of her culture as possible. That included cooking for her, something you were going to do for her. She had told about some dishes she really liked when she was younger, so you quickly went searching for recipes. You stood in the kitchen, frowning as you read the recipe, you had to say you weren’t the best cook. You eventually started following the recipe, glancing at it frequently, really wanting to do this well for Wanda. You finished after some time and called for Wanda. She came walking in just as you were putting the food on two plates. “What is this?” she asked. “Ја сам кухана за тебе” you tried to say with confidence, you had tried learning some Serbian, but you were pretty bad at it. “You are cooked for me?” she asked laughing. You groaned at your failure. “I try.” You chuckled. “It smells good, what is it?” “Paprikash, you’ve told me you liked that.” She widened her eyes a bit and smiled. “I do, where is this coming from though if I may ask?” “I know you’ve been missing your home and all, so I thought I’d do this one thing for you.” You said as you shoved one of the plates to her, as she sat down at the kitchen island, before taking a bite. You sat down as well, waiting for her reaction. “That’s actually not too bad” she said as she smiled bright. “Yes!” you smirked, proud at yourself. Wanda kept smiling as she looked at you with admiration and gratefulness. “Волим те” (I love you)

Natasha Romanoff:

Originally posted by slippykylo

You were out on a mission with Natasha. You were a skilled spy and sniper, you were mostly put on missions that required a lot of stealth. You and Nat had been dating for a little while, so missions with just the two of you were always nice: none of the guys would be interfering, no jokes or bickering that would make you roll your eyes and this way you could keep a close eye on one another, after all, you both were very protective of the other. “I see 3 guys out here by the gates” you said through your earpiece as you were situated on top of a building. “All right, I’ll go through there, you keep your eyes open.” you heard Natasha’s voice in your ear. “I always do.” you smirked to yourself as you looked through your scope at the guards. “Think you can handle them all, I’ve got a clear shot from here.” “Have a little faith in me y/n.” you heard the playfulness in her tone. You saw Natasha in the distance, a corner away from where the guards were standing. Then she attacked, this was always the fun part to look at. She took the three of them out in which seemed like seconds, soundless and unseen. You grinned as you saw Natasha look your direction with a smirk on her face. Then you spot movement in the corner of your eye through the scope. As Nat tries to break into the gates, two armed men come walking over from an exit you both hadn’t seen. The two yell and raise their weapons as they spot Natasha, who you can see cursing. You swiftly aimed your sniper and shot twice, taking them both out through a headshot. “Careful there, you owe me one now.” you said with sass and cheekiness in your voice. You heard Natasha chuckle. “God, I love you.”

Hope you guys liked this one. I apologize for any grammar or language mistakes. Requests are open!!



Jealous Much? (Pietro x reader)

Good evening babes! I hope your Saturday went well. I love you all, and I’m sorry this weekend isn’t super filled with fics, but it’s a hectic family kind of holiday, so I’m doing my best to be as active as possible. Much love, xoxo

Request:  can you write a pietro imagine where he loves the reader but doesn’t show it so she brings someone else as her date to a party and eventually he gets so fed up that he picks her up and runs off and they have really rough dominant sex? by: Anon

Warnings: SMUT. Cursing. 


Tonight was one of Tony’s grand parties where all important and famous guests came to spend their Friday night. He had asked you to find a date, so that you wouldn’t be alone. Everyone else on the team had a date, well, besides Pietro. Honestly, you had a huge thing for him, but you always thought that he could never feel the same way. He was always so feisty, and it made it hard for you to read him. Was making snark remarks his way of flirting? Nobody knew, especially you. So, having no date within the circle of your fellow Avengers, you had asked one of your old friends if he would accompany you to the party. Luckily, he agreed. 

You slipped on a form fitting black dress with a low neck line, that showed just enough to catch the right person’s attention. Your hair fell effortlessly around your shoulders, brushing lightly against your arms. You met your date at the party, and as you walked across the room, you started catching people’s eyes. They stared at your curvy figure, the exposed parts of skin, and they were head over heels for the way you strutted. You kept mostly to yourself and your date, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. Well, the only person’s attention you wanted was Pietro’s, but you wouldn’t admit it. So, you talked it up with your good friend, bringing up old memories and cracking jokes with them. The two of you were really close, you guys were basically siblings. Naturally, you were more comfortable with them, and you would nonchalantly would drape your arm over them. To other people it would seem like you were a couple, but to you two, it meant nothing. 

But, oh, did it mean something to Pietro. He was drifting away from a conversation with Wanda as he stared daggers at you and your date. The way you put your arm around him, or whisper in his ear, got his blood boiling. Seeing you with him was making him jealous. He should be with one with you on his arm, whispering all the things he was going to do to you later. Yeah, okay, he didn’t ask you. But, it was out of pride. Pietro didn’t want everyone to think that he would just fall to his knees for you. 

At this time, you and Pietro were catching glances at each other, the tension between you two growing. He would slit his eyes at your date then quickly shift his gaze to yours. You would respond with a stoic glare, quietly wondering why he was acting meaner than usual. He was being sassy, and it was pissing you off. But God, did he look good in his suit. The dark blue contrasted against his alabaster skin so well, his bleach blonde hair complimenting the look. You wanted to tear it all off of him, and you were doing so in your mind, biting your lip at the thought. From across the room, Pietro was leaning against the bar, a growl erupting in his throat. He couldn’t take this anymore. You were being a little to friendly with your date for his liking. And seeing you bite your lip got him very aroused. 

“Get the fuck over here, princessa.” A low, raspy voice whispered in your ear, before zipping you off down the hall, leaving nothing but a blue streak in their wake. It all went by so fast, making you very disoriented when he stopped in his bedroom. 

“Pietro, what the fuck?” You furrowed your eyebrows at him, quite baffled at his actions. “I swear to g-” You were quickly cut off by his lips harshly colliding with yours. It was unexpected, but you quickly melted into his touch. You had wanted this for so long that nothing was going stop you now. 

“Stop talking to other men, F/N. I don’t like to share.” He pressed you up against a wall, whispering into your ear, then lightly biting your neck. You moaned, the sensation sending shivers down your spine. 

“Jealous much?” You mumbled under your breath, pressing your lips against his in a passionate kiss. Without saying another word, the two of you quickly tore each other’s clothes off and threw them onto the floor. 

“Fuck, F/N. I want to fuck you so bad.” He mumbled into your neck, sucking on your sweet spot. You already knew he was going to be leaving a bruise there. But, you didn’t mind. If he was marking you as his, then hell, let him do it. He roughly kneaded your breast with one hand, grabbing your ass with the other. You gasped as your nipples began to harden under his touch. He lifted you against the wall, and you wrapped your hips around his waist for leverage. Your bare core brushed against his stomach, earning a moan from him. With every movement, you could feel Pietro’s erection getting harder.

“Why the fuck didn’t you do this earlier?” You gritted through your teeth. Pleasure surged through your veins. Your eyes were dilated with pure lust for him. “If you wanted me all to yourself, you should have done something about it.” You met his gaze, receiving the same lustful look.

“Don’t question me. Piss me off more, and I’ll fuck you harder than anyone has ever before.” He ended with a slap to your ass, leaving a red handprint. You yelped, and he grinned at your reaction. When you couldn’t take the build up anymore, you clawed at his back, trying to lift yourself onto his cock.

“Eager, are we?” He smirked. Then his face turned stern and dominant. “You don’t get it till I say so, princessa.” You moaned. Your bare core was pulsing, and you were leaving your juices all over his toned abs.

“I swear to god…” You said in between moans. “Fuck me already, damn it.” The two of you were fighting for dominance, and both of you were relentless. This time, Pietro gave in, but he wasn’t nice about it.

“You asked for it.” He growled and lifted you up, then forcefully thrusting himself into you, bottoming out inside of you beating core. You screamed his name, painful pleasure erupting in your body. He gave you no time to adjust to his length and immediately pulled out almost all the way before plunging his cock back into you. You clawed at his back and tugged at his hair. He moaned your name, you tight core feeling so good around him.

“Pietro! Fuck… I-I’m almost…” You couldn’t even finish your sentence as you gasped for air, every thrust knocking the wind out of you. He smirked, glad he was getting you to your breaking point. Without warning, he used his speed to thrust in and out of you at mind blowing rates. You screamed out as he hit your g-spot what seemed like a million times.

“Fuck!” You moaned out and your body tensed, your orgasm rippling through your core. Pietro followed close behind, and you felt him twitch inside you, his movements becoming sloppy. He slowed down, rocking you through your euphoria. You felt his hot cum release inside you, then felt it dribble down your thighs. He bit your collarbone and you fell into him, exhausted and blissful. You were slumped against his body as he pulled out of you, then lifted you up into his arms bridal style, laying you in his bed. You eyelids were heavy, and your breathing was slow and deep. Pietro pulled the covers over both of your bodies, pulling you into him. As you fell asleep, you completely forgot your friend along with the party that was roaring downstairs.

You were fast asleep in minutes, and Pietro took the opportunity for his confession. His face softened, a different wave of emotions rippling through him.

“You’re mine, F/N. Never forget that. Because guess what? I’m in love with you.”

Good evening babes!! I hope you had a good Saturday. I got to spend my day with cute babies. Best. Saturday. Ever. Just a reminder that you’re all beautiful and I love you guys!! xoxo



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Word Count: 1,380
Reader Gender: Female i guess idk 

Warnings: Jealousy, arguement, him arguing with other girls, cursing

Love Interest: Peitro Maximoff
Note: There is a 200000/10 chance that there will be a second part

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I crossed my arms as I glared at him, waiting for him to finish his little show. Anger and irritation bubbled inside of me, and I mentally cursed myself for trusting him enough to leave him alone. I go into the shop for five fucking minutes, and I come out to this shit. I tried pulling him away from the girls that were flirting with him, but it just shrugged me off. The worst part about the whole thing? He was flirting back.

His ass was flirting with other people and he was loving it. I’m not sure if he got the memo, but he’s not single anymore. He’s in a relationship with me, and I have half a mind to kick his ass. I clutched harder at the plastic bag that was in my hand, the contents were requested by none other than the douche himself. I grunted, deciding that he wasn’t going to finish anytime soon. I walked up to him, gripping his shoulder and turning him around.

“We’re leaving.” I said sternly.

“Who’s the slut?” One of the girls asked.

“I’m his girlfriend.” I spat, anger coursing through me.

“Oh really? Then why is he over here?” Another girl asked.

“Slut.” The first one said.

“Pornhub called, honey, they say your resume is too extensive.” I spat.

“I’m not going anywhere, why don’t you find somewhere else to be.” Pietro offered in an annoyed tone.

“Fine,” I shoved the bag in his chest, walking away, “But you’re finding a new place to live.”

It didn’t take him long to appear at my side, but I didn’t acknowledge his existence. I was still beyond pissed at the little act he pulled moments ago. He wouldn’t like it if I did that stuff to him, he’d be pissed. I’d get my ear chewed off, so why does he think it’s okay for him to do it? I still had my arms crossed over my chest, a clear indication that I was angry. Despite my body language, he still tried to talk to me.

He said that he was confused, which just pissed me off even more. What the hell does he mean? He doesn’t get to be confused, he gets to feel like an ass. I sent a glare his way, instantly shutting him up. I looked away from him, rolling my eyes and focusing on getting home. I’ll deal with him there, right now I’m too angry to talk to him. He didn’t even stand up for me, he just let them trash talk me.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”Pietro shouted as I closed the door to the apartment.

“Oh, I don’t know, my boyfriend just completely forgot that my ass existed. Forgive me if I’m a little pissed off.” I glared, flipping him off.

“What are you talking about?” He asked, eyebrows furrowed.

“You were flirting with those girls! I heard you the entire time! One of them was even talking dirty to you!” I yelled, “God, Pietro, where do you draw the line?!”

“You’re just being jealous and oversensitive.” Pietro said, walking past me.

“I’m not any of those things! I’m just worried that maybe my boyfriend is cheating on me!” I yelled, feeling the anger mix with betrayal.

“I can’t help it, Y/n! The ladies like me, get over it. I’m not going to stop just because some worthless little girl doesn’t like it.” He spat, glaring at me.

I was silent for a moment, absorbing his words completely. Is that all I was to him? Just some little girl? Not his girlfriend or anything? My brows furrowed, and I took his words to heart. He can’t just get over himself for two seconds to listen to me? I took in a deep breath, realizing that his opinion on this matter wasn’t going to be changing anytime soon. I saw his face soften, and I wiped the tears away from my eyes.

“Worthless?” I questioned.

“Oh, come on, you know I didn’t mean it like that.” He reasoned.

“Then how did you mean it?” I asked quietly, but he didn’t respond, “That’s what I thought.”

With that, I quickly walked into the bedroom that him and I shared. I got out the suitcase that I took with me on extended missions. I started packing my things, no longer feeling welcome in here. I took a deep breath, sadness now kicking in rather than anger. I sighed, shaking my head as I shoved more clothes into the suitcase. I heard Pietro enter the room, thanks to the small breeze of wind that had picked up out of nowhere.

“What are you doing?” Pietro questioned.

“I am taking my worthless self out of here so you can continue living your wonderful life as a bachelor.” I said, zipping up the suitcase.

“You can’t leave me, Y/n. I love you, don’t do this to me.” He pleaded.

“Love me? You’ve been flirting and getting random chicks numbers the entire time you’ve been dating me, you don’t stand up for me when they insult me, then you call me a worthless little girl, and you have the audacity to say you love me?” I questioned, narrowing my eyes.

“Please, just stay with me.” He pleaded, and I sighed as I looked into his eyes.

He looked like a lost puppy on a rainy day.

“Do you promise to stop flirting with people that aren’t me?” I questioned, slightly hopeful.

“I,” He stuttered, “I don’t.” He trailed off and I shook my head, laughing dryly.

“It’s nice to know that the man I’ve been dating for 3 years doesn’t love me enough to actually act like he’s dating me.” I said, moving past him and to the door.

“You don’t understand.” Pietro said, blocking the door.

“I understood clearly when you called me worthless,” Tears formed, “I understood when you flirted with the other girls and acted like you didn’t know me,” My voice broke, “And I understood when you couldn’t even promise you’d stop. I’m not good enough, and I never will be.”

“Just give me another chance, Princessa.” He said, cupping my cheeks.

“Pietro, don’t you get it?” I removed his hands from my face, “I’m exhausted! I’m mentally and physically drained from trying to take the pressure and the hurt of your actions. From arguing with you over the same things. I’ve given you dozens of chances.” I huffed, and he went silent.

I shoved him out of the way, walking out and slamming the door shut. Tears fell from my eyes as I left the complex, my suitcase on my shoulders like it was a backpack. The weight of the entire event settled onto my mind, and I angrily wiped my eyes. I didn’t expect him and I to actually end, but if he thinks I’m not good enough for him then I’ll leave him be. I know when to push, and when to walk away, and today it was the ladder.

I found myself walking to Tony’s place, which was the only place I felt like I could go right now. Questions swam through my mind, drowning out everything else. Had he been cheating on me? When did he decide that I wasn’t good enough? I was just so tired of fighting to keep him, and fighting to make him see that what he was doing was wrong. I was emotionally exhausted, and, in turn, it made me physically exhausted.

“What are you doing here?” Tony asked, not looking at me as I entered the room.

“I,” I took a deep breath, “I was hoping I could stay here for a little while.”

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He turned around, hearing the sadness in my voice.

“It’s nothing.” I shook my head as he came closer.

“Well, I’d love to hear about nothing.” He joked.

“We broke up.” I held back a cry.

“What? Why? Do I need to kill him?” Tony asked, visibly concerned.

“He just makes me exhausted.” You sighed.

“Well, how about you have a seat and I’ll pour us some drinks?” He offered.

“What’s the price?” I eyes him.

“Dirt, details, blackmail.” He stated, turning around and going to get a couple glasses.

“So the usual?” I questioned, sitting down.

It Takes An Accident- Pietro x Reader

Authors notes: I have never done a Soulmate AU so I hope this is okay. Thanks for the request Anon. Also, I dished this out this morning and did not read it over and over like I usually do to edit fics so, sorry for any mistakes. Also, also, I don’t do science so I hope the number thing makes sense.

Prompt: I have a request (no rush) if you write Pietro could you write a soulmate mark one? Pietro or reader has their mark in a hard to see place so one doesn’t what to look for, but the other has it on a visible spot. .. Am I making sense I’m not sure XD

 Notes/Warnings: I cant really think of anything but maybe adrenaline rush, flying, falling, crashing.

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 You hate it.

 Its dark and it hurt when it burned into your skin. On the plus side, its on the the back of your hip so, no one can see the deep red numbers that sat raised slightly above the rest of your skin. They looked like scars, lifted with a slight shine to them. The thing that bothered you about all this soulmate nonsense was the fast that it was so unclear.

 For some people their numbers were a date, for some a location, and others, a time. Then, there were the extremely rare ones who got letters, initials or even an actual name. You however were stuck with numbers, so there was no way of knowing what yours meant.

 The number was too short to be a date or location. So, what did 894 mean? Screw it, you didn’t care. With your luck, you probably wouldn’t even meet your soulmate, it’s known to happen to some people.

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Friend: hey what’s wrong??

Me:*thinking* why the living fuck didn’t they revive pietro? First of all Pietro has super healing, like his powers so he heals quickly. Along with the healing magijer, doesn’t stark industries have that one skin thang that makes skin n stuff?? And also if they brought back to life that one guy from “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” why the tricky trak can thy not bring pietro back.

Me: nothing

Mine, All Mine

Pietro X Reader

request: (thanks! @incoherent-smiles ) hi! I saw that you’re taking requests and I’d love to make one! How about a Pietro x Reader, they get into a fight because he sees somebody flirting with Reader (Tony, maybe?).Full of angst, ending in Pietro teaching reader a smutty ‘lesson’ (if you know what I mean ;) ) also, DADDY!PIETRO. pretty sure he has a daddy kink

a/n: hi guysss! my drabbles and one shots have gotten quite a bit of attention and I’m so thankful! I couldn’t keep a smile off of my face. Please know that requests ARE open and that I’m pretty much willing to write anything! thank you all again :)

warnings: there’s some language, some drinking, and some sexy time! nothing too bad, but it is definitely smutty. bare with me, smut isn’t my strongest point! sorry if that isn’t your taste. more fluff to come! xoxo *not my gif*

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Dating Pietro Maximoff would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-You being the only one he lets himself be so vulnerable with and know about his worries and doubts as well as everything that is happening to him, since he trusts you so much

-Him purposely annoying you by using his power to get things done quickly, not letting you enjoy the simple tasks with him

-Him being rather touchy feely with you and always having a hand over you somehow, as he just needs to feel you

-Him throwing you over his shoulder whenever you’d both argue for too long, as he just wants to end it

-Him sometimes being bad with anniversary dates and such, only to use his powers to prepare a quick surprise for you

-Him flirting with you as if you already aren’t together, making you laugh at all his attempts

-His sister still apologizing to you about his antics and odd behaviors, as she just feels bad that you’re going to be putting up with him for the rest of your life

-Him always kissing you goodbye whenever he has to attend to some of his work, as he always fears it’ll be his last

-Him being teasing and playful during sex and always making you yearn for more

-Him loving it that you’d always tend to his injuries and just staring at you lovingly when you’d do so

-Him always reassuring you whenever he’d hold you while showing you off his powers, as he realizes how frightening you are

-Him promising you that he’ll keep you safe from any harm and happy as long as he’s alive as that is his sole purpose since he’s with you

Avengers Preference - The Baby Kicks for The First Time

Requested by Anon.

Tony Stark
Tony would panic. He’d worry so much about you and his baby but would also be so happy at the same time. He wouldn’t know what to do so would probably just have a drink.

Steve Rogers
Steve would pull you into a gentle hug, being so amazed by the life you’d produced. He wouldn’t be able to keep the smile off his face.

Clint Barton
Clint would be used to it by now but he would still have worried that the baby wasn’t okay. When it kicked for the first time, he would smile happily, and just hold your hand.

Natasha Romanoff
Natasha would be so happy that you were having a child with and for her. She would be ever thankful, teasing you that the baby was dancing. 

Bruce Banner
Bruce would be quieter than usual, amazed that he was going to have a child with the person he loved more than anything. It would be slightly surreal for him and he would just place a hand on your stomach and a little smile would grow on his lips with each kick.

Pietro Maximoff
The whole time you were pregnant, Pietro would have been telling you how beautiful you were. He would barely have left your side because he wanted to be there when the baby kicked for the first time. When it did, he would have kissed you, telling you once again how happy he is to be having a child with you.

Wanda Maximoff
Wanda would take your hands, holding them gently on your stomach waiting for the baby to kick again. She’d want to feel it and she’d be so happy when she did.

Thor Odinson
Thor would laugh, finding it adorable. He’d say that the child was obviously a fighter already.

Loki Laufeyson
Loki would wrap his arms around your waist, holding your stomach gently to feel his child. He’d be worried, knowing there was no going back now but he’d be happy that it was you and you were alive and with him.

Bucky Barnes
Bucky would be busy getting you anything you wanted, so when he came back from the supermarket and you told him the baby kicked for the first time he would drop everything and run over to you, gently pressing his flesh hand to your stomach. You’d take his metal hand and put it on your stomach too and Bucky would look up at you, smiling and looking absolutely in love.