The Mysterious hero p.t- 2

Pairing: peter x fem! reader

Summary: the day finally arrives and you get to meet earth’s mightiest heroes.

Author’s Note: so, this part has much more of peter and the reader’s interaction. Something I wanted to do in the first part but it couldn’t quite come out properly as it was my first one shot. Hope you like it!

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 1609

Part 1

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You were in your room getting anxious every second. Everything had happened so suddenly; you had met Spiderman last night and were asked to meet the avengers. Had you made a mistake by saying yes? Were you in trouble? You couldn’t stand all the chaos in your head and decided to call peter. The bell rang for a while but someone eventually picked it up.

‘hello, um, am I talking to peter parker? You asked fidgeting with your fingers. ‘yeah that’s me. May I know who is it?’ he asked. ‘hi, I am (y/n). I met you last night.’ You said ‘oh! Hi (y/n)! I was waiting for you to call. I have talked to them and we will be meeting tomorrow at my house.’ He said as he recognized you. ‘great, peter, I am not in trouble or anything, right? Why do they want to meet me?’ you asked hesitantly. ‘no,no. they just want to make sure that you are not a threat and help you with your powers, that’s all.’ He assured you and you were finally relieved.

 ‘hey,I, um wanted to ask what you will be wearing? You see we both haven’t actually seen each other.’ He asked ‘I will be wearing my gear.’ You said in a matter-of-factly tone. ‘I think you can understand how I cannot have blind faith in you. what will you be wearing?’ you said. ‘civilian clothes.’ He chuckled. ‘a red sweatshirt to be more specific. I will be right outside my house tomorrow at 4pm. Is that okay with you?’ he said. ‘yeah, that’s perfect with me. Meet you tomorrow then, bye.’ You said. ‘bye.’ He replied.

 The day finally arrived and you were feeling a mixture of emotions. You were nervous, scared and little uncomfortable wearing your costume in day time. You had decided to discard the chest binder as you had assumed that peter must have told them about you. ‘this shit better be worth it.’ You thought as you took a final look in the mirror. You tied the mask around your face took a deep breath pulled your hood over your head and got out of your house. The day was perfect as your parents weren’t home. You sneaked into an alley and then flew to your destination.

  Peter was waiting outside. He had told aunt may that he was going to meet a new friend he had made. He was looking around when he saw a black figure in the sky. It was you. when you spotted him you signalled him to follow you and he understood. You both stopped at a place without much people.

  ‘Hi! How are you?’ he said as you landed. ‘Hey! I’m great, you?’ you shook hands with him. ‘I’m good.’ He smiled. ‘so, I guess I can’t even get a peek’ he pointed at your face. ‘sorry, but, no.’ you folded your arms. ‘well, I’ve got to say it was a nice face you were hiding under that mask.’ You winked and a pink smudge appeared on his cheeks. ‘thanks for the compliment.’ He said with a shy smile. ‘its weird first time we met you were cursing me.’ he looked at you. ‘let’s go then. I really want to see your face.’ He said. ‘yeah, but how are we going there?’ you asked looking around. ‘Mr. Stark has sent a car. Its right there.’ He pointed. ‘come.’ He walked towards it and you followed.

 You both got in the car and were sat beside each other. ‘why did you decide to wear this?’ he faced you and pointed at you. ‘as I told you I could not have been sure if you were the ‘good guy’. I wore it in case I had to roast you.’ you faced him and he chuckled. ‘that was a good decision I must say.’ He smiled. ‘hey peter, do you notice anything different about it.’ You raised your arms in shoulder level. He thought for a while and examined you. ‘its all… black?’ he said with uncertainty. ‘no, dum-dum, I am not wearing the chest binder.’ You said and he blushed. ‘oh, oh, i-I mean I wouldn’t just look there you know. Its-its rude.’ His face red with embarrassment. You laughed and he smiled shyly. You finally arrived at the facility.

 Peter guided you to a room where everyone was present waiting for you. ‘this is (y/n)’ He said and you moved forwards. ‘so this is her.’ Steve muttered and got up from the chair. ‘hello (y/n), it’s nice to meet you. I am Steve Rogers.’’ he said with an assuring smile. ‘hello sir, its nice to meet you too.’ You said still standing near peter. Tony and Natasha moved towards you.

‘hi (y/n). you must be knowing me I am tony stark and this is Natasha’ he pointed at her, she smiled and gave you a nod which you mirrored. ‘spidey must have told you why we called you here?’ he looked at both of you. ‘yes, he said you wanted to make sure I wasn’t a threat and help me with my powers.’ You looked at him.

‘so, now that you know our intentions, will you take of your mask?’ natasha looked at you kindly. You nodded and everyone including peter looked at you. you first untied the mask and then took of the hood of your jacket letting you (y/h/c) hair loose. You gave them a small smile and looked at them with your (y/e/c) eyes. Peter stood there staring. ‘whoa.’ He thought. You looked at him and wiggled your eyebrows.

‘quit staring spiderling, that’s rude.’ Sam said to peter and everyone including you chuckled. ‘back to the topic,’ tony said ‘so, (y/n), what exactly are your powers? How did you get them? ’he tilted his head to the side.

‘I can manipulate all the five elements. And talking about metals I can control anything that can be categorized as metal or metalloid. My healing is enhanced too; it takes me a day maximum to repair some broken ribs.’ You explained and everyone listened carefully. ‘about where I got them. I can’t say. I guess I was born with them and they got ‘activated’ when I turned 15.’you shrugged.

  ‘oh, okay.’ He said scratching his cheek. ‘do you face any problems due to them.’ clint inquired moving towards you. ‘no, not really, but they get very strong when I experience intense emotions. For instance, my hair erupt in flames when I am angry or when I get sad, I get very cold or get the temperature very low.’ You said and she nodded her head.

‘I can help you with that.’ Another girl in the room moved forwards. ‘I’m wanda. I have powers too.’ She said with a smile and you smiled back. ‘can you show us what you can do?’ ‘sure’ you took a deep breath and concentrated on each element one by one. You first made a water ball then a fire one. They all were in awe. ‘can I take something metallic and not very precious?’ you asked and sam handed you something like a sheet. You made that in a ball as well then, then you made an ice one and made them move in a circle by using air. You finally looked at them with a small smile and quirked your eyebrows.

‘that’s amazing.’ Wanda used her powers to move an ice ball in her direction. ‘that’s great (y/n). so, let’s get back to the real question, do you want to train with us? You can learn how to fight and control your powers.’ steve asked. ‘yes, of course.’ You smiled. ‘great’ peter said.

‘ok, now that it’s all sorted, why’d you choose the name the sorceress and why did you decide to wear that? I’ve been meaning to ask that for a while.’ Tony looked directly at you. ‘well, I couldn’t have been sure if I would have to roast someone or not. and as for my alias, telly tubby was already taken.’ You said and everyone laughed except thor who yet again could not get the reference. ‘guess we have to deal with a younger female version of tony.’ Bruce said. ‘I like you already.’ Tony said. ‘and welcome to the team.’ He smiled.

Everyone introduced themselves to you. you made quick friends with everyone especially wanda. It was nice being around people who knew the truth about you. the time passed quickly and it was time to go home.

  ‘I’ve gotta go now.’ You stood up. ‘already?’ wanda asked. ‘yeah.’ You tied your mask. ‘how will you go? Little one.’ Thor said. ‘I’ll fly home.’ You shrugged.

Tony spat out the water he was drinking and everyone else looked at you like you had grown another head. ‘what? You can do that?’ sam asked.

‘yup, peter didn’t tell you?’ you asked and everyone looked at him. ‘I kind of forgot.’ He muttered. ‘how do you do it?’ Pietro asked. ‘I just make very strong currents and control the pressure. It took a lot of practice to get it right thought.’ You said.‘bye everyone!’ you grinned and started walking after receiving a bunch of byes.

 ‘don’t forget the training’s at 4pm!’ steve shouted and you nodded before the doors closed. You took a deep breath. You had met the avengers and had joined them. ‘This is going to be great.’ You thought.

hope you liked it!