pietro badoglio

August 6, 1916 - Sixth Battle of the Isonzo Begins

Pictured - Austrian soldiers inspect a couple of dead Italians.

The Italian army launched its Sixth Isonzo offensive on August 6, which would also be known as the Battle of Gorizia.  Italian Chief-of-Staff Luigi Cadorna had skillfully re-deployed his armies this time, transporting them quickly by rail after defeating the Austrian spring offensive around Asiago and sending them east, where they hit weakened Austrian lines on the Isonzo. 

Attacking with 22 divisions, this time the Italians met with success.  By August 6, Gorizia itself was in Italian hands, giving them a bridgehead across the river.  One man who distinguished himself was a Colonel Pietro Badoglio, Chief of Staff on an army corps, who personally lead six battalions into action.  Badoglio, who would make the armistice between Italy and the Allies in World War II, was promoted to Major-General for his actions.