The First King and the First Ackerman: Why we can't really trust any timeline this series tries to give us

I hold this truth to be self-evident, as someone who is arguably too old to be on Tumblr (currently around Levi’s mysterious age), that the older you get, the faster time seems to pass, and the easier it is to forget what happened last week if it wasn’t particularly exciting.  I’ve spent chunks of the last four months saying that a friend’s son was “born last month.”  I go looking for a work email that I swear I got last week and it’s from three weeks prior.  Hell, when I was in high school, my overambitious best friend (we’ve all got one, but mine did pre-professional ballet, played 2 or 3 musical instruments,& whatever classes weren’t advanced placement were esoteric independent studies) described his memory’s timeline as “If it didn’t happen today, and it didn’t happen yesterday, it happened ’the other day’.”  And you don’t have to look particularly hard to find psychology studies detailing just how easy it is to plant false memories in someone’s head.

Now, according to Rod Reiss, his daughter Frida could have used the power of the First King to stop the invasion of the Titan then-Duo, and possibly eradicated every last titan on earth.  Even if this was a lie to clinch Historia’s loyalty and convince her to make a midnight snack of Eren’s spinal fluid (the First King’s Power goes to 11), we know there’s at least a hint of truth to this. As readers, we’re so far aware of two powers of the First King Titan: 

  • 1) The Coordinate, which allows someone to control or heavily influence non-shifter titans, and
  • 2) the power of mass amnesia, which he used to wipe all memories of pre-walled humanity.  

So when Rod says,

he could mean either using the coordinate to make all titans march single-file into the sea to be eaten by hungry whales eager for vengeance against something that at least looks like the things that used to harpoon the hell out of them, or he could mean using the coordinate to clear the walls of titans and collective amnesia to wipe his subjects’ memory of the event.  

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