Whoops this is REALLY REALLY LATE!!!

Anyways! I’ve been working on this since like, last November? It was meant to be a birthday present for superpietepiet (Paul) but I got caught up in exams in December and then he came to visit for New Years and then it was back to school and so I didn’t have time to finish it until now! 

It’s his two characters, Penny (who owns the Vespa) and the so far unnamed musician girl who will appear in a future game project of his. I’m really excited about his game and I hope you follow its progress when it starts happening!


Monster girl challenge log: Day 2

Paul & I were working on our Centaurs for Day 2 of the monster girl challenge, and this was my initial sketch. I was laughing & telling him i thought it looked like UBOA from Yume Nikki, but Paul hasn’t played it yet.

Paul said, “Show me your centaur!”, so I sent him the file.  He laughed, but then was like, “Jesus christ Grace.  Are you even trying??”.  And I don’t think Paul knew or heard me that it was a joke and just my sketch, and I thought it was funny… so I animated it for him :|

Snake and Konjak did a Wario Land and Princess Daisy mockup respectively, so I couldn’t stay behind.

I started this at the end of 2014 and finally got around to finishing it This taught me a lot about all the different aspects of game art, and it allowed me to put everything I’ve learned during Nuclear Throne into something that was a bit higher resolution. 

So yeah, this is what I would make a Sonic game look like if I was given the opportunity. It’s heavily inspired by Sonic Advance 2, which is my favourite Sonic game, along with the overall aesthetic of games like Sonic CD and Knuckles’ Chaotix. 

I might at some point animate Sonic’s runcycle and the Starpost (the wings flip around the red ring when you run past it, so that they end up right way up), and perhaps the Mosqui’s flying. For now though, I need to take a break from this one, haha! 

Super Smash Bros.

This is by far the biggest illustration I have ever done. 66 (I think) characters, including some alt costumes. I lost a lot of motivation on this piece early on because of a PSD fuckup, but I pushed on and managed to finish it. 

Super Smash Bros. is a series that is very dear to my heart, because it combines more or less my entire youth into a single game. It was a lot of fun to draw all these familiar (and not so familiar) faces. 

Even though this piece has a bunch of mistakes, I still learned a lot from it and I’m proud of the final result. I’m sure glad this thing is over though. It pretty much took over my free time for the past week and a half. 


I don’t plan on posting Nuclear Throne animations until we’re done with the game, but here’s one I can’t resist posting any longer. 

The Allies’ spawn animation has gone through a lot of iterations before I got to this one, and it’s by far my favourite animation in the game. 

I’ve included the frames seperately so you can get a clear look at it. I really enjoyed making all the individual frames in this one. 

Walkcycles in Nuclear Throne

Someone asked me how I do walkcycles in Nuclear Throne, so here’s some sheets and gifs. 

For bipedal characters like Fish, most walkcycles are the same. They have a pretty strong bob to give it a bit more power

For characters with more than two legs, like Robot or Horror, I try to alternate the legs to give them more animal-like behaviour when walking. Robot also bobs less so he looks more stable and controlled.