“Keep reading,” Kyle mumbled, not even bothering to sound alert.

“But your eyes are closed,"Piers lowered the book in his hands, trying to glance down at Kyle with little success.

"I don’t hear with my eyes.”

“Don’t get sassy,” he gave a little shrug of his shoulder in way of playfully bumping Kyle, “I meant maybe we should go to bed.”

“I’m not–” A poorly placed yawn interrupted Kyle’s words, “… don’t laugh.”

Piers laughed.

Kyle huffed.

“Just… just keep reading, I like listening to you…”

He didn’t argue again, placing a small kiss atop Kyle’s head before picking up the book to continue where they left off.

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"Kiss me somewhere dirty."

“Dirty? I don’t know… You look rather clean all over–” Fwuhmp–The pillow to the face was rightfully deserved for the redhead’s cheeky response. Obviously not fuelled by his naiveté, but 100% sarcasm on Kyle’s part. Despite that Piers laughed, and as Kyle kept his head down, forehead against Piers’ stomach and pillow now balanced on his shoulders, he laughed right along with him.

That was what Kyle loved. That he was utterly comfortable lounging atop Piers’ thighs, the other’s hands roaming down his body as his own lips explored where ever Piers’ flesh was exposed. But then in a split second it was light– it was fun. It wasn’t a job, or a task to be completed. If he slipped up, he wasn’t going to be scolded. They could be as serious or as playful as the mood called for; It was natural.

Kyle kept his head tipped as he wiggled down Piers’ thighs. Giving himself room he cocked his head and pressed warm lips just under the brunet’s navel, the skin there exposed from where his shirt bunched up, “Is this somewhere dirty?” Kyle could tell Piers was smiling before he glanced up. He didn’t respond past the grin.

“How about this?” The curve of his hip bone received two more kisses; one at it’s peak  and one placed just at the edge of the waist of his trousers.

Piers hummed thoughtfully, as if mulling over whether it would suffice.

Kyle didn’t wait for a response. His hands gripping Piers’ thighs, just above where he now sat, before slowly sliding up them. When they reached the junction of his hips, Kyle hesitated. His boldness only went so far…

There might have been a slight tremble to his hands, but the calm on his face didn’t betray the bit of nerves. He did fall quiet though, hands sweeping up to grasp either side of the waistband,carefully undoing the button. Kyle placed another kiss at the centre of V the zipper made as he pulled it down. In response to his silence, Piers’ hands lifted to stroke through Kyle’s hair, the action both encouraging and soothing. He knew, because he always knew, because he cared enough to know.

Again a smile turned Kyle’s lips, as if his confidence was restored if only from the reminder of Piers’ acceptance. His lips hovered lower, waiting almost anxiously for his hands that worked slowly at the denim encasing Piers’ lower body.

“Is this dirty enough?” The pianist’s voice remained coy, breath hot, and lips gentle. Kyle was timid by nature, but that wasn’t going to stop him from finishing what he had started.

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who cooks normally?: Kyle, he likes cooking.

how often do they fight?: Their arguing is usually playful, any irritation easily quelled with joking and kisses. But when one of them comes home hurt things get tense. Not really anger, but worry and stern talking-to’s. Piers’ hero complex probably gets him snapped at by Kyle, and Piers probably gets frustrated with Kyle’s unhealthy relationships around Frolic.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Kyle goes to Frolic almost daily to appease Cohen. Piers uses the time to explore Rapture while collecting supplies. They probably spend a lot of time together otherwise.

nicknames for each other?: Generic pet names now and again, babe/honey. Kyle might jokingly call him ‘soldier boy’ in way of teasing him for certain things he says or does that seem stereotypically military.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: I’m sure they’d switch off if there were an opportunity. 

who steals the covers at night?: Kyle tends to cling and roll up in covers, so if he did steal them he’d be attached to Piers and still covering them both.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Kyle would go down to Neptune’s bounty and pay off some smugglers to get his hands on some real food. He’d make nice, big, healthy diners for Piers until the food ran out. Assuming Piers’ PDA had music on it, he’d let Kyle listen to it, and tell him about modern music, as well as show him pictures from topside. (I’m terrible with gift ideas, made harder by the whole rapture thing, but that’d make Kyle happy beyond words)

who remembers things?: Piers hasn’t been in Rapture as long, so his sense of time might be a lot better than Kyle’s. He’d remember what day it was, and holidays. Kyle would remember specific things about Piers, his birthday, things he likes, everything he’s told him about his life topside.

who cusses more?: Piers? Kyle rarely curses, he doesn’t like the way it sounds, but isn’t bothered when other people do it.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Kyle frets and coddles like crazy. A scratch could have him trying to wait on Piers hand and foot. So substantial damage could set Kyle into a panic. Not enough to render him unable to help, but it’d be quiet frantic and he’d worry until Piers was completely better.

who kissed who first?: Piers kissed Kyle.

who made the first move?: Piers did this too :l Kyle doesn’t make moves on other men….. Not purposefully, at least.

who started the relationship?: I guess Kyle made the final decision.

Piers had seen Kyle’s sudden disappearance behind the curtain, followed by Cobb’s exit just moments later. It didn’t take a genius to work out what had happened, especially when Kyle emerged, looking more than a little stunned. He wasn’t predisposed to jealousy normally, but even the idea of Cobb getting his filthy hands on Kyle filled Piers with indignant rage. Kyle was far too good for the likes of Cobb. Probably far too good for Piers, himself, but he could hope, couldn’t he?

Silently descending the stairs as Kyle took his place at the piano and began to play, Piers approached with all the stealth he could muster and clambered up onto the stage. In just a few steps, he was standing behind Kyle, looking down at his slightly hunched shoulders and the nape of his neck. Piers bent and as he did so, wound both arms around the younger man’s torso, causing Kyle to jump and cease playing.

“Don’t stop,” Piers murmured, lowering his lips to Kyle’s ear. “Please, keep playing.” Slightly unsteadily, Kyle took up the tune once more and Piers’ lips met the back of his neck, placing delicate kisses up to his hairline then along. From the soft patch of skin beneath Kyle’s ear to the same spot on the other side, Piers’ lips mapped out a meandering trail. He kept tempo with the music, a slow, somnolent piece that seemed entirely apt for the occasion. 

Unlike Cobb, Piers didn’t grope; he caressed. Fingertips lightly skimming up and down Kyle’s sternum, dipping lower to his stomach before trailing over to his sides. Nothing heavy. Nothing insistent. Nothing invasive about it. Just pure affection. One hand moved upwards and very gently, fingers pressed to the underside of Kyle’s chin, tipped his head back. The playing continued; Kyle didn’t need to see the notes to play them. In fact, his eyes were already closed and his lips parted as if in anticipation of what was to come. 

Piers didn’t disappoint. Bowing his body over, he caught Kyle’s bottom lip between his and gave it a soft suck before delving a little deeper. Small flicks of his tongue, teasing and coaxing. Without pulling away, he manoeuvred his body around and perched on the edge of the piano stool. Drawing Kyle into his embrace and against his body, he deepened the kiss until it was nothing short of seeking and demanding, passion pervading each swipe of his tongue.

When he finally drew back, he did it gradually, leaving small kisses before leaning back and taking a deep breath. Kyle’s cheeks were flushed and Piers was certain that his own were too. They certainly burned. “You stopped playing,” he said, earning a breathy laugh from Kyle. “I’ll leave you in peace now.” Leaning forwards, he stole another kiss, then stood up to depart.

“See you when you get home.” A wave, a smile, both returned by Kyle, and then Piers was away, striding up the stairs without looking back.