archivedpiers  asked:

"Kiss me somewhere dirty."

“Dirty? I don’t know… You look rather clean all over–” Fwuhmp–The pillow to the face was rightfully deserved for the redhead’s cheeky response. Obviously not fuelled by his naiveté, but 100% sarcasm on Kyle’s part. Despite that Piers laughed, and as Kyle kept his head down, forehead against Piers’ stomach and pillow now balanced on his shoulders, he laughed right along with him.

That was what Kyle loved. That he was utterly comfortable lounging atop Piers’ thighs, the other’s hands roaming down his body as his own lips explored where ever Piers’ flesh was exposed. But then in a split second it was light– it was fun. It wasn’t a job, or a task to be completed. If he slipped up, he wasn’t going to be scolded. They could be as serious or as playful as the mood called for; It was natural.

Kyle kept his head tipped as he wiggled down Piers’ thighs. Giving himself room he cocked his head and pressed warm lips just under the brunet’s navel, the skin there exposed from where his shirt bunched up, “Is this somewhere dirty?” Kyle could tell Piers was smiling before he glanced up. He didn’t respond past the grin.

“How about this?” The curve of his hip bone received two more kisses; one at it’s peak  and one placed just at the edge of the waist of his trousers.

Piers hummed thoughtfully, as if mulling over whether it would suffice.

Kyle didn’t wait for a response. His hands gripping Piers’ thighs, just above where he now sat, before slowly sliding up them. When they reached the junction of his hips, Kyle hesitated. His boldness only went so far…

There might have been a slight tremble to his hands, but the calm on his face didn’t betray the bit of nerves. He did fall quiet though, hands sweeping up to grasp either side of the waistband,carefully undoing the button. Kyle placed another kiss at the centre of V the zipper made as he pulled it down. In response to his silence, Piers’ hands lifted to stroke through Kyle’s hair, the action both encouraging and soothing. He knew, because he always knew, because he cared enough to know.

Again a smile turned Kyle’s lips, as if his confidence was restored if only from the reminder of Piers’ acceptance. His lips hovered lower, waiting almost anxiously for his hands that worked slowly at the denim encasing Piers’ lower body.

“Is this dirty enough?” The pianist’s voice remained coy, breath hot, and lips gentle. Kyle was timid by nature, but that wasn’t going to stop him from finishing what he had started.