So this is Piers Morgan’s response to Janet Mock’s critical reaction to the way he framed his interview with her. Several other tweets are at the end of this buzzfeed article about Janet Mock.

So what we have here is a cisgender white man showing his true colors when a trans woman of color (actually two trans women of color, since Laverne Cox was with Janet when the interview aired) objects to the way the interview was framed, by saying Janet “used to be a man” and that she “was a boy until she turned 18,” and obsessing over her relationships and disclosures to the men she’s dated and her anatomy and when she’s had surgery and not talking about the trans women of color’s lived realities. 

So tomorrow night (or rather, later tonight since it’s after midnight for me) we’ll get to see a cisgender white man with a rather far reaching media platform have a go at a black trans woman because she didn’t show the proper amount of deference and gratitude about the way the interview was framed.

Toni D'orsay has a better post on this, but that tweet above has been pissing me off since I saw it. The sheer arrogance of this man. It’s not about him being treated in a “disgraceful manner.” It’s about who dared to challenge him.


When you defend yourself against being called out by pointing to your *shining record* of LGBT *acceptance* 

And then go on to publicly bully and act aggressively towards a trans woman and enforce a culture of cisgender privilege and dismissal of/disdain for trans* experiences, opinions, and knowledge

You might be a dipshit.

Go home, Piers Morgan, you’re drunk.


Is anyone else witnessing the massive hissy fit being thrown by Piers Morgan right now? Him and his producers clearly fucked up with their transphobic, gender-reductionist language and he refuses to apologize and learn from it. He goes as far as to diminish the very-valid critiques of his behavior and claims that calling him out on his transphobia is abuse.