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Three trees were planted in a “Grimm Grove” in North Portland’s Pier Park: a witch hazel, a chokecherry, and a black hawthorn. Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Portland City Commissioner Nick Fisher presided over a ceremony to plant the grove and unveil a plaque dedicating it to the show. The plaque reads:

On April 14, 2017, this grove of trees was planted by Governor of Oregon Kate Brown in honor of the NBC television series Grimm. For six seasons the City of Portland and Pier Park served as both Grimm’s inspiration and setting.

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AU where Nico and Hazel are merpeople and Nico still falls for Son of Poseidon Percy and idk I just want Piper and mer!Hazel help me

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Nico was right. There really was a cute human at the pier.

But Hazel wasn’t talking about the sea-green-eyed boy Nico had been gushing about the past few days. She was talking about the girl who was with the male human.

Dark skin, brown choppy hair, full red lips, and bright eyes that changed colors every second. Hazel found her very fascinating for a human.

Hazel’s fins fluttered in the water as she continued to look up at the pair of humans trying to fish. Hazel thought that she and her brother couldn’t be seen in the murky water with how far up the humans were seated, so she could gaze at the girl all she wanted.

For a moment, Hazel thought she had been seen watching her when the girl stared into the water. The human girl smiled, and Hazel could feel her heart beat rapidly.

The human girl then spoke to the human boy, but neither Hazel nor Nico could hear what she was saying. Hazel tried to read her lips, but all she could discern was the word mermaid.

She knew, Hazel thought. She knew we were here the whole time.