pierrot and columbine

Pierrot and Columbine (c.1890). Jules Chéret (French, 1836-1932). Pastel on canvas.

In 1892, rich banker baron Jonas Vitta commissions Jean-Camille Forgé to build his residence. Baron Joseph Vitta takes over the project and oversees the décor of the spectacular villa. Many artists work on the residence: Rodin, Albert Besnard, Félix Bracquemond, and Jules Chéret, dear friend of the baron’s, paints murals with such colors and lyrism that they will be moved to the Hôtel de Ville, Paris.

anonymous asked:

Goodness, Au clair de la lune! It's the most mesmerizing and soothing children song ever! Now I can't help but picture Pierrot narrating the story. And even better, imagine TC,Raoul and Christine as Commedia dell'arte actors, all dressed up. Actually, I can't picture wich of them would make the best Pierrot. Like, Christine has the slightly saddish spooky aesthetic, Raoul is the most precious melancholic Pierrot, and TC is the pining depressed Pierrot. Love Fantomestein too much for my own good

Awwweee thank you! I have been itching to draw more Pierrots (and inevitable Fantomestein!Pierrots especially after TC called Raoul a Pierrot in the comic akdhf).  I think they would all make cute pierrots, and I have been wanting to sketch Raoul/Pierrot, Christine/Columbine, and…TC/Harlequin…

I haven’t sketched for “fun” in so long good gravy

Puppets. Walter Ernest Webster (British, 1878-1959). Oil on canvas. 

“The Fairground Booth”  or “The Puppet Show” was presented in Moscow in 1906. Written by Alexander Blok, the production was a collaboration between the Theatre director Meyerhold and Blok himself. The outline of the play involves three main characters Pierrot, Columbine and Harlequin plus other players like the author and a group of what is called the mystics.