What is collective intelligence? It is a form of universally distributed intelligence, constantly enhanced, coordinated in real time, and resulting in the effective mobilization of skills… My initial premise is based on the notion of a universally distributed intelligence. No one knows everything, everyone knows something, all knowledge resides in humanity… New communications systems should provide members of a community with the means to coordinate their interactions within the same virtual universe of knowledge. This is not simply a matter of modeling the conventional physical environment, but of of enabling members of delocalized communities to interact within a mobile landscape of signification… Before we can mobilize skills, we have to identify them. And to do so, we have to recognize them in all their diversity… The ideal of collective intelligence implies the technical, economic, legal, and human enhancement of a universally distributed intelligence that will unleash a positive dynamic of recognition and skills mobilization.
—  Pierre Lévy
De todo o reino animal, é o homem que pratica em mais alto grau o imperalismo territorial, a caça impiedosa e a implacável dominação. Mas é também no homem que esses tipos de relacionamento são momentaneamente suspensos graças à relação com o objeto. Certamente a tecnociência, o dinheiro e o ciberespaço fazem do homem um caçador, um proprietário, um dominador mais aterrorizante que nunca. Mas os grandes objetos contemporâneos só lhe conferem esses poderes forçando-o a submeter-se à experiência propriamente humana da renúncia à presa, da deserção do poder e do abandono da propriedade. A experiência da virtualização.
—  Pierre Lévy - O que é o Virtual? pág.130

I’m reading this paper for an assignment and jfc it feels like I’m reading 21st Century!Victor Hugo’s fever dreams or something.

I mean:

Man constitutes a bridge between Heaven and Earth, he forms a passageway between the natural and the supernatural. Through him, the life of signs is elevated from the life of the body where it was born and attains its autonomy through art, religion, technology, writing, science and through the world of ideas which is today growing ever more complex and functioning like a second biosphere in Cyberspace. Human language is a virtual flower which blossoms infinitely as it grows towards the invisible centre of Gaia.