so this is a thing i did since i have never listened to/seen great comet (for specific reasons™, you can unlock my specific reasons™ by sending me an ask about them) so here’s a slideshow summarization of great comet according to and solely based on what i see on tumblr

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A request: my otp is Abdul and Polnareff, but I know you don't prefer drawing super muscle-y men and prefer drawing for part 4... which gave me an idea! Could you draw Abdul and Polnareff just being cute and couple-y together in your usual style, as if they had been in part 4 (like how Jotaro’s design changed from part 3 to part 4)? Like a "everybody's alive and happy" AU. :p No worries if this request isn't your cup of tea! Thank you again for sharing your work. ♡♡

I love Polnareff. And I like the way I drew him. And now I’m so happy I know that I can draw him.

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Hi, I'm hoping that you can explain this to me since you're a huge Great Comet fan. I was watching their performance on the Today show, and I didn't really know what was going on since it was so out of context. Could you please explain what's supposed to be happening in number that they did today? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

So in this number, sexy roguish alien angel Anatole is off to elope with pure young innocent confused Natasha! Anatole’s best buddy/boyfriend Dolokhov has hired Balaga the troika driver to get them to Natasha’s place as fast as possible. Balaga arrives and chaos ensues. At one point Pierre pops in to sing and honestly at this point the entire company is just going nuts.

That’s literally it.

Happy Aniversary from @konamitomoko For Divide|TalE!

Colored by Me!

Kona’s the one going “YEE” 

Divide|TalE’s aniversary was on March 6th. This was given to me a while back. <3 

Aww Seamus. Just gotta put up with us lil shits for a while longer (A LONG WHILE LONGER) You emotional bastard.