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JoBro Group Chat?

thats way too many people anon i dont think that group chat would last. it would be over as soon as speedwagon created it

But in those rare moments when all the jobros get together i can see them taking pictures like these

Famous writers and painters for every zodiac sign
  • Aries: Pablo Picasso and Gabriel García Márquez.
  • Taurus: Vincent van Gogh and Miguel de Cervantes.
  • Gemini: Ernest Hemingway and Rembrandt.
  • Cancer: Leonardo da Vinci and Jorge Luis Borges.
  • Leo: Miguel Ángel Buonarroti and William Shakespeare.
  • Virgo: Frida Kahlo and Charles Dickens.
  • Libra: Francisco de Goya and Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Scorpio: Joan Miró and Oscar Wilde.
  • Sagittarius: Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Victor Hugo.
  • Capricorn: Salvador Dalí and J. R. R. Tolkien.
  • Aquarius: Caravaggio and Truman Capote.
  • Pisces: Paul Cézanne and Franz Kafka.

Pierre Fritel (1853-1942), ‘Les Conquérants’ (The Conquerors), 1892

This is how some see the march of history, “great men” plowing through the dead to bring the world “progress”, changing destinies through the sheer force of their “will.” I say that’s a bunch of noise but I have anarchist leanings so my worldview might be a bit biased when it comes to celebrations of power and of those who claim to hold it.

“In the centre of the van rides Julius Caesar, whom Shakespeare has pronounced “the foremost man of all this world.” On his right are the Egyptian called by the Greeks Sesostris, now known to be Rameses II, Attila, “the Scourge of God,” Hannibal the Carthaginian, and Tamerlane the Tartar. On his left march Napoleon, the last world-conqueror, Alexander of Macedon, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, that “head of gold” in the great image seen in his vision as interpreted by the prophet Daniel, and Charlemagne, who restored the fallen Roman Empire. Straight onward, mounted on horseback or riding in chariots, march these mighty men of the past at the head of armies whose lines of spears stretch back into the dim distance. On either side lie prostrate the naked bodies of those who have yielded their lives that these men might exercise power. The Conquerors, their hosts and their victims all belong to the world of the dead. Yet their power and glory are made fearful realities. Their influence and work are felt to pervade the world, to reach even to us, the living spectators. They are presented as dead, yet living and sending forth a mighty effect upon ages yet to come. The mighty sacrifices by which the glory of the world is achieved are here realized as never before.”

“The Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events of All Nations and All Ages”, Volume 3, ed. by A.R. Spofford, Frank Weitenkampf, and J.P. Lamberton, Philadelphia: William Finley & Co., 1894.

Can someone PLEASE get me a bootleg of Shakespeare in the Park's Julius Caesar?

It’s set in modern day America and Donald Trump is Caesar and he gets brutally stabbed to death onstage guys you have no idea how much I want to see this

If you live in New York and you could go to the show in Central Park and record it (it’s free admission) before it closes on June 18th I will give you every organ in my body


(I couldn’t think of one for Jonathan)

William: Hey baby!

Speedwagon: I’d let you on my speedwagon any time.


Joseph: I definitely wouldn’t run away from you!

Caesar: *just blows bubbles at you*

(I couldn’t think of one for Lisa Lisa)

Rudol: *just boasts about German science*

Wham/Wamuu: You blow me away!

Esidisi: You get my blood pumping!

Kars: You’re perfect.


Kakyoin: Hello, Mrs. Kujo.

Avdol: You set my heart ablaze!

Polnareff: Please tell me your house has a normal toilet…

(I couldn’t think of another one for Joseph)

Hol Horse: I’ll let you ride my whole horse.

SDC Dio: You mean za warudo to me.

Josuke: Just don’t make fun of my hair.

Okuyasu: I can use za hando in more ways than one.

Koichi: *would never dare to leave Yukako*

Rohan: Great material for my manga!

Mikitaka: *brainwashes you into thinking he’s your son*

Kira: Killer Queen has already touched that doorknob.

Giorno: I can give you a Golden Experience.

Mista: Want to see my Sex Pistol?

Bruno: *unzips pants*

Abbachio: Drink this tea.

(I couldn’t think of one for Fugo or Narancia)

(I’m only like halfway through Vento Aureo)