pierre trudeau

G-7 Economic Summit in Williamsburg, Virginia (left to right) Pierre Trudeau (Canada), Gaston Thorn (Luxembourg), Helmut Kohl (West Germany), François Mitterrand (France), Ronald Reagan (USA), Yasuhiro Nakasone (Japan), Margaret Thatcher (UK), Amintore Fanfani (Italy), 1983

itsonlypoetry  asked:

People keep saying that the PM can't criticize Trump because of the rules of diplomacy. To what extent is this actually true? (Thank you for all the work you do!)

Pierre Elliiott Trudeau acknowledged controversial countries (Cuba, China) during the Cold War.

Jean Chretien pulled Canada out of the Iraq war against the wishes of the US president.

Stephen Harper put huge pressure on Obama to acccept the Keystone XL pipeline (and that hurt relations a bit but the US didn’t cut ties with us).

So, I think there is a little leeway to do something now. I’m not talking about blatantly insulting the POTUS or trying to provoke the US government, but it just feels wrong to do nothing and pretend that Donald Trump is any other president. The things he is doing are destroying peoples lives and he’s only been in office a few weeks. It feels morally wrong to do nothing right now.

On this day, in 1972, Pierre Trudeau was sworn-in as Prime Minister of Canada (the second of four terms) in Rideau Hall, Ottawa. A little less than 43 years, later, his first-born son, Justin Trudeau, was himself sworn-in as the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada in Rideau Hall.

In this picture, taken in 1973, Prime Minister Trudeau is carrying Justin to Rideau Hall. Little did he know then, that his son would walk, quite literally, in his footsteps.