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Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione (La Castiglione) as Donna Elvira, a lady of Burgos abandoned by Don Giovanni, Photo by Pierre Louis Pierson, 1863.

Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione was a source of inspiration to Marchesa Luisa Casati.

Virgiana Oldoini (Italian, 1837-1899), countess of Castiglione. She was the spy and mistress of french emperor Napoleon III.

La Castiglione.

This was someone who didn’t follow the fashion trend. When she arrived at a party in Paris you could never figure out what she was wearing. It was like a costume, she invented everything. She was very mysterious and she didn’t want to talk. If she talked with someone, it was with men. She hated women. La Castiglione was a woman who left quite an impression.

Thoughts During the first game of the season

  • ‘Wooooo, that guy who was injured and we thought died is in fact not dead.’
  • 'Oh god… I miss the chicken pox more than I missed Pierre McGuire.’
  • 'Oh my god, ShUt Up PiErRe!!’
  • 'Refs still blind, good, good.’
  • 'Offsides still a dumb ass challenge.’
  • 'Literally 3 minutes in and we already got two penalties. WTaF.’
  • 'My goalie optimus prime marshmellow looks so good.’
  • 'Who tf is this guy? Is he on our team?’
  • 'How tf do you even pronounce his name?’
  • 'Oh my God ShUt Up PiErRe.’
  • 'Other team scored and we’re starting off our midseason slump early.’
  • 'Why am I even watching actual beer league players?’
  • 'ThAt’s NoT a PeNalty YoU bLiNd FuCk.’
  • 'Pout palace door getting a good workout.’
  • 'Its only the second period and our coach already looks close to a mental breakdown.’
  • 'Easy there turbo, no need to get injured this early.’
  • 'It’s the first effing game, how is someone already day-to-day?’

'JFC, ShUt up Pierre’

  • 'Why does this team hate me personally.’