pierre leclerc

F1 as Demigods (Percy Jackson)

Lewis Hamilton:
- Son of Zeus
- Definitely acts like the queen bee at camp
Valterri Bottas:
- Son of Demeter
-  Shy friend that follows Lewis around (Lewis’s only friend at camp)
Sebastian Vettel:
- Son of Hermes
- Likes to joke around and prank fellow campers (especially Lewis, that kid is too in to himself)
Kimi Raikkonen:
- Son of Dionysus
- Sits next to Sebastian and quietly drinks, constantly
Daniel Ricciardo: 
- Son of Hermes (I’ve always seen Vettel as an older brother to him)
- Pulls pranks constantly
- Makes sure he is friends with everyone (This kid would literally jump at the shy kids and scream,” I’m your friend now”(He gave Valterri a heart attack the first time))
Max Verstappen: 
- Son of Janus
- Dad helped him speed up his beginning
- Always think he knows the correct doorway to choose
- Sometimes even his dad’s skills do not help him
Carlos Sainz: 
- Son of Hephaestus
- Works hard, but things don’t always go his way
- He may have his father’s skill, but looks nothing like him (That boy is gorgeous
Daniil Kvyat:
- Son of Apollo (more like Lester Papadopoulos tbh)
- Deserves better
Fernando Alonso: 
- Son of Hades
- Considered really cool, but doesn’t seem to have all the luck
Stoffel Vandoorne: 
- Son of Athena
- Smart and really shy
- Alonso has taken him under his wings so he could be the next cool kid ™
Felipe Massa: 
- Son of Aphrodite
- Full of love and wants everyone to feel it
Lance Stroll: 
- Son of Aphrodite
- Is way too into himself
- Thinks he’s smooth, but isn’t
- Felipe has to constantly watch his brother
Esteban Ocon:
- Son of Nike
- Ready to fight (says “fight me” a lot)
- Constantly challenges people and tries to win                                                                                                                              
Sergio Perez:
- Son of Hephaestus
- Likes to keep to himself and tinker
- Always accepts Esteban’s challenges                  
Nico Hulkenberg: 
- Son of Ares
- Strong and constantly shows it
- But is also a dork and is a bit clumsy
Jolyon Palmer: 
- Son of Hypnos
- Needs a nap tbh
- Is always there to calm Nico down
Romain Grosjean:
- Son of Hecate
- Mom likes to mess around with him and give him random bad luck
- Likes to put little spell on people just to inconvenience them
Kevin Magnussen: 
- Son of Ares
- Doesn’t like his brother Nico
- Acts tough, but is really a nice guy
- Wants to make dad proud
Marcus Ericsson:
- Son of Apollo
- Have you seen that hair? Literal ball of sun
- Dad’s favorite, even if he isn’t the best
Pascal Wehrlein :
- Son of Iris
- Cute ball of fluff and rainbows
- Likes to have tea with his mom
- Doesn’t like to fight
- Helps Marcus when he is healing
Pierre Gasly:
- Son of Poseidon
- Gets in to friendly competitions with Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc:
- Son of Zeus
- He has amazing skill, but doesn’t like to use his fathers name for his own gain