pierre dupuis

The Partridge Creek Beast is said to be a living Ceratosaurus seen in the Partridge Creek area of Yukon Territory, Canada. This creature terrorized local moose and caribou herds. It is said to be 50 feet long, be 40 tons in weight, solid black in color, be bipedal, have boar-like bristly hair, sharp teeth, and a single horn on its snout. It’s footprints were five feet long and two feet and six inches wide with claws one foot long. Its tail impression was 10 feet long and 16 inches wide. It resembles Ceratosaurs and other theropods.

The creature is known from two sightings in the early 20th Century. In 1903 James Lewis Buttler and Tom Leemore were hunting moose near Clear Creek when the animals ran away in a sudden fright after having been extremely quiet. They discovered gigantic tracks that appeared to be a tail impression. They followed it for a while, until the tracks disappeared into a deep rocky gorge. They later met Georges Dupuy, Fr. Pierre Lavagneux to search for the monster. They were initially unsuccessful but eventually encountered it near their campsite. They observed it for about 10 minutes and had a very clear look at it.

Lavagneux claimed to have seen the creature again in the same area on December 24th, 1907. It carried a deceased caribou in its gaping jaws and left tracks identical to the tracks recorded four years earlier. 

That appears to have been the last time the beast of Partridge Creek was spotted, either by Lavagneux or by anyone else, for there does not seem to be any further records on file alluding to this extraordinary creature.

First photo © DiBgd/Wikipedia

Second photo © Je Sais Tout