pierre boucher photomontage

1934 Dead End Track 

Boucher, Pierre (1908-2000) -

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“ Pierre Boucher is a photographer who has contributed much to give the picture its place in modern art.He studied at the School of Applied Arts before working in the 1930s the magazine Arts and Crafts Graphics . Its proximity to the studios advertising and knowledge of modern graphics technology will be instrumental in her artistic approach. In 1934 , he created with René Zuber Agency Alliance-Photo . Within the agency, it imposes the first code of ethics and compliance photographer signature photographers upon publication in the media. His frequent trips to Spain , Egypt , Morocco , Monaco , Russia , Peru , Bolivia , Brazil or the United States , it will bring a large collection of photographs, some of which give rise to exposures.
But it’s time to mark especially have contributed significantly to bringing photography into modernity, as artistic material in full, using mechanical techniques for imaging diverted. With Pierre Boucher, the photographer out of the darkroom to learn about other professions. Actor current photo of the New Vision or New Objectivity , Pierre Boucher explores various aspects of avant-garde photography. He must nudes surrealist inspired by Man Ray , the frames , the photo collages , of solarizations and overprints . For this post tireless innovator cliché, all techniques are good to explore.
Her artistic approach also comes on commissioned work as posters, pictures, documentaries, industrial reports and illustrations for publishing, such as the famous French ski Method of Emile Allais . He had to sport a special attraction for which he expresses himself in these terms: "Today I hunt for images. Must be satisfied with a quick glance, captures motion in flight, capturing life in that it offers more moving, more elusive.”