pierre antoine moelo


It’s been a couple of days that Ballerina is out in theatre in Europe. I’m really proud of the work that all the team put into this project, those two years creating environments, props, colorkeys and characters have been among the most challenging yet rewarding of my career.
I highly recommend to give a shot to the movie, there is a lot of love and hardwork behind it and I assure you that you will have a good time !
Here are a couple of artworks I did for the project.

Et si il existait un arbre, très ancien, à qui l'on offrait chaque année un présent pour amener la bonne fortune sur soit et sa famille ?

Je vous souhaite une année riche en aventures, en voyages intérieurs comme extérieurs, et en objectifs atteints ! Bonne année 2017 !

Happy new year folks, may 2017 brings you exciting adventures, inner and outer travelling and fulfilled goals !