pierre allard

Berthe and her mom, Claudine, hugging in a graveyard.  … totes not messages to on-the-way-out Mom.

Claudine and Jean Luc… flirting.

In a game of push-pull.

Yessir… France is certainly a country of uninterrupted, wholesome love.

Well what do you know?  That food synthesizer is totally coming in handy today.

Seraph DESPERATELY wanted to use Andrei’s sauna.  Like… desperately.


Besides that, Andrei’s food pull reined her back in.  She looks thrilled to share a meal here.  xD


Despite being terrified enough to pee, Pierre-Louis still gets more tail than you.  At least in France.  NO TAIL FOR YOU.  xD

It is slightly unfair, tbh.  … not just that Pierre-Louis is getting undeserved carnal affection so much as they always usurp the only bed.

Do you really wanna sleep in that though…?

Well I mean all that just can’t stand.  xD


Shit went on like that.  Andrei blew through a good bit of time trying to get three gawddamn frogs for Margot friggin’ Petit’s phantom soiree.

Michele was the voice of the people in that shot.  I was done and didn’t realize how done yet.

And in the next moment, she caved in and gave Pierre-Louis the time of day on a pretty permanent basis.

What can I say?  It’s France.


I’m gonna have to ask you stop that… like for real.

…. so I had to put the big gorilla smack dab in their bed to stop them from fucking.  This shouldn’t be.  :|


And then I got an idea, because apparently they didn’t hate each other ENOUGH for my headcanon.

Some poking around in their relationship later and…

After attempting to kiss her, Pierre-Louis got his butt handed to him.  Balls successfully removed, I think. :D


…. friggin’ loon.  :|


So before he checks for new stuff to do he’s gonna go back home (to his home here in France).  FIRST THOUGH…

A quick undermining of a charity.

Charities love undermining.  He’s doing them a service.

Tomorrow in my game is the full moon.  Cute.


I SAID, you’re unlucky in love, bitch.  YOU SIT DOWN WHEN YOU PEE.  :|

Pierre-Louis ended up in a small coma in the bedroom.  Michele passed out somewhere out in back Idek… it was undignified, as you’d expect.  xD

…. yes but, Andrei has a small thing for Grumpy women.

I’m starting to think he enjoys being taken advantage of by pretty women.

Stop.  xD

All the walls were down as Pierre-Louis decided to turn in for the night.  He was denied this.

…… :|

Ducks!  All over the walls.  And now you have to bathe in this same room.

I would have sworn someone here would have flipped out but…

I guess they’re intimate enough that this is fine.

IKR?  Pretty women don’t come in to pee while you’re taking a bath.  Ten points from Gryffindor.


Don’t be like that.

François gave Andrei the next piece of his quest…

… and waved goodbye, becaaaaause…

I noticed this shit.  It can’t stand.  At least not without criminal interference.

Bitch reeks.  …. Pierre-Louis still wants a piece of it.

Better bite the pillow, lady.  D:


Oh, just… you know… meeting the natives.  D:  Growling at them and then denying them one’s soft belly fluff.  Nbd.

Colette, Léa, and Pierre-Louis stood in the courtyard and conversed.

… well.  I mean that’s an incidental paddlin’ at least.