A few months ago I got a phone call from my friends at ACA Marketing to shoot one of there events that they where going to do with a “legendary Band"  i said sure! just give me the info and ill be there. come to find out it was Los Tigres del Norte! What an Honor to work with one of Mexican regional music icons and you might even say they are royalty, Los Tigres del Norte are as big or bigger then Metallica


Lions Reggae band I got to photograph the lions thanks to a friend whos band that she manages was opening for them. these are all great guys and a great bunch to shoot.

Is a Reggae band based in Los Angeles they are what you could call a reggae supper group because of the result of an impromptu recording session including members of Breakestra, Hepcats, I & I Sound System, Connie Price and the Keystones, Rhythm Roots All-Stars, Orgone, Sound Directions, Plant Life, Poetics and Macy Gray.  These guys are  a great live band.


I met Las Caferteras in later 2004 as a student of Son Jarocho music, well at that time they weren’t Las Cafeteras yet but a collective of eager Son Jarocho students from all over LA with a spirit like its music of rebellion, tradition  and hope. Our shoot though Down Town LA was very fun and in many ways exciting because of our constant threats of being kicked out of every location we shot. 

Las Cafeteras
sprouted in 2005 as students who enjoyed free Son Jarocho classes at the Eastside Cafe in El Sereno, Los Angeles and were inspired to utilize teachings of Son Jarocho as a tool to build autonomy, community and solidarity while sharing the magic of this folk music from Southern Veracruz with the public. They’ve since performed at community centers, churches, schools, museums, parties, protests, youth conferences, theaters, festivals, weddings, & art exhibits.

Sharing Son Jarocho inspired music through singing, spoken word (in English/Spanish/ and Spanglish), dancing (‘zapateado’, Las Cafeterasseek to gather the teachings of Son Jarocho and infuse the music with their own stories. Their mission is to learn, share, and practice the beauty, culture and energy of Son Jarocho music for the purpose of building autonomous communities. By telling our stories of life in the concrete jungle, Las Cafeteras strives to make this ancient music relevant to everyday people in everyday places.

Las Cafeteras continue to support the Son Jarocho lessons at the Eastside Café in El Sereno, Los Angeles. The Eastside Café is committed to the belief that all people and all communities have the right to self governance and self-determination and that we possess within our own communities all the knowledge and power to make this a reality.