piero barone ognibene

i saw il volo live on friday on this local tv show and oh my god. they are even more perfect in person, YES, it is possible. well thing is i screamed “PIERO TE AMOOO” and he screamed back, and said he loved me too, and that he liked my hat, he also saw my t-shirt (it said baciami piero) and he pointed at me and smiled. aaaaalso i held gianluca’s hand and it was so soft and he smiled at me and i died inside it was so perfect. 

then on saturday i went to the concert, i had to sit super super far away from them but seriously along with friday night those were the best nights of my life, i cried, i laughed, i sang and screamed like crazy! those guys are seriously the best thing in the whole wide world. i can’t wait for them to tour again and come again to my country! so i can buy the tickets with time and see them closer and probably go to their hotel and stalk them.

thing is, this was the best weekend of my life.