Today I went on a little adventure down to the SVU set! They were filming at a small church in the town or Piermont. It’s a small town on the Hudson River in Rockland County, NY. The episode they are filming right now is the SVU part of the Prison Break Crossover event with the Chicago shows. Raul was on set today! I also saw Kelli! I didn’t see anyone else because it was cold as hell and they didn’t come out of the church when I was there. Raul and Kelli stepped out for smoke breaks. 

What I know about the episode is that it there will be a situation involving state troopers, FBI agents, and ATF agents. A bus load of people playing these folks showed up and they were instructed to put on their bullet proof vests. So something clearly goes down in the church. I also saw the red headed juror from the Lewis Trial and the Season 17 premiere. So something is going down and Barba is there! So holy crap! 

I didn’t get a chance to talk to Raul or Kelli unfortunately. Before I could get their attention, people started talking to them and then they were wanted back in side.

It was cold and windy as hell and I haven’t fully thawed out yet. But it was fun!

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