Since April showers brought nothing but May and June showers, a few of us had the day off and decided to take a the 65-mile round trip ride to Piermont .. rain or shine. This time would be the first that I would have more than one gear and a set of brakes. Longest ride I’ve had on the roadie so far, and definitely less (though still) painful than riding 9W on a track bike. Great ride overall. Photos below.

Post #Brooklyn-#Piermont Group Ride Detritus - 61 miles of city riding, gorgeous River Road climbing (got dropped like a lead weight - ha), refueled & regrouped in Piermont, took some wooded dirt roads & steep climbs that reminded me of those great #Rapha Continental videos, paced my dood @sherpakid on 9W & thru Manhattan (he’s a MUCH stronger rider than me but he was having a rough day w/his new standard cassette…he’s paced me back SO many times before), & made brief pit stop @ NYCVelo for a minor #ChinaWhite tweak. I absolutely love long group rides. #cycling #bikenyc (Taken with instagram)

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