>>“ You were out of my league

Got my heartbeat racing.”

Some headshot sketches of Hijack PNAU and R!PNAU~ ^D^

I’ve never drawn R!PNAU Hic and Jack and wow.

I’m really starting to love that R!PNAU too. ((especially when I can picture little dorky Jack being really into Marvel comics //  trying to reserve his Comic Con tickets // cosplaying as Captain America, etc. //shot.)) I like to picture him being really crafty when it comes to creating things such as cosplay and tries his best to play close attention to detail and such.

I felt like giving Nerd!Hic a charm necklace thing. |D He wouldn’t openly wear it to school or whatever, though it’s always with him whether it be tucked under his shirt or hidden in a back pocket. He keeps little charms he’s collected of his interests such as Pokemon, dragons, little dorky things he collects as cons, a snowflake… He’s one of those late-night artists and often is up until 3 AM sketching up miscellaneous fantasy pictures.

R!PNAU Hiccup was fun to draw. Love drawing the braids and little stubble. x'D I picture him wearing a leather jacket often and the more leather,  buckles and belts, the better. ((Jack even may find himself making a Catwoman suit to wear on special occasions for Hiccup’s amusement<33)) I like seeing Punk!Hiccup either having that crest as a patch on his jacket or a tattoo on his shoulder. Not sure which I prefer. Both, both is good. |D <33

Aaah Punk!Jack. A classic<33 Love drawing this guy. xD ((piercingsss))
As a said in posts in the past, I like to think of Punk!Jack as really softening up after some time after he meets Hiccup. As much as he tries to resist it at first, he finds secret amusement in hanging out with Hiccup on their DS’s, dressing up in Hiccup’s costumes he has lying around, and has even found himself purchasing surprise tickets to their local conventions ((even though they may not be /the best ones around/ because Jack wouldn’t exactly be /con savvy/ He’s still learning. //shot))

Whoops got carried away with random headcanons.

Dedicated to the ever-amazing Laryn ~ ouo


Sketches by me