Lance with a corset piercing

So, I got this idea afrer seeing one of the kinktober posts by @hardlynotnever several days ago, and I just couldn’t let it drop. Lance with a laced up back is now my new favorite thing. He would rock it so hard and the others would have such mixed reactions.

Keith is shocked, yet, very much aroused, how had Lance hidden this from the team, when had he gotten them, how had the garrison not kicked him out for it??

Shiro is slightly concerned, it looks painful, even if Lance insists that it’s not, he pulls on the ribbon and Shiro doesn’t know what to make of the stomach flip that he feels watching the skin pull at the piercing sites in reaction to the tugging.

Hunk knew back at the garrison, having helped Lance lace up his back numerous times. It’s very aesthetically pleasing, but he can’t quite understand what made Lance want it in the first place.

Pidge is fascinated by it. She’d never even heard of corset piercings until she saw Lance’s back, but now that she has, boy oh boy did she take whatever chance she could to mess with it, asking questions and taking notes about what it felt like to get it. (She contemplates getting one of her own, Lance is supportive.)

Allura doesn’t quite understand piercings in general, her own earrings being clip on. Injuring yourself for beauty is beyond her, but she does admit that there is a rather seductive allure to the little rings and woven fabric spanning Lance’s back.

Coran sees Lance with his rings out first and is highkey concerned about the little red wounds littering Lance’s back in a very specific pattern. He asks why Lance is so adamant that he makes sure the healing pod doesn’t close them up, and once he sees the full thing he understands somewhat. He’s still concerned, but he knows how much his favorite son likes to be pretty and while he wouldn’t do it to himself, he does have to admit that it looks quite fetching on Lance.

Ship wise;

Keith loves them. He often plays with the rings while they’re just laying in bed cuddling, but likes to cinch the ribbon during sex, Lance moans the loudest when he’s pushed to the brink just by feeling the pull of his skin, and Keith can’t express how good it feels knowing that that scream was caused by him doing such a simple thing.

Shiro is hesitant to touch it at first, he doesn’t want to hurt Lance, but once he gets passed that barrier he finds himself kissing along the criss-cross patterns as often as he can.

Hunk doesn’t like to pull the ribbon, but he does love tracing it against Lance’s skin and kissing each ring where it pierced Lance’s back.

Allura likes how the rings feel against her hands and will occasionally pull at the ribbon, but otherwise is still concerned for her paladin’s health, dispite Lance’s constant protests that it’s old and would never hurt him unless she tried to rip them out.

Lotor loves them almost as much as Keith, but is confused as to why Lance felt the need to get them. “Who came up with such a masochistic beauty design?” He asked the first time he saw them, but he pulls at the rings all the same, enjoying Lance’s sounds of pleasure at the action. He accidently cuts one of the ribbons with his claw the first time he got too into playing with it.

Kolivan likes to braid the ribbon into more intricate designs, even going so far as to help Lance get a second set.

anonymous asked:

hey!! do you have any recommended a/b/o stony fics? thank u in advance!! (also please don't shy way from mpreg it's my guilty pleasure)

A/B/O can definitely be an interesting trope, I’ve discovered. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it, and here we are!  Here are some I’ve enjoyed, though please note that these tend not to be particularly of the fluffy variety.  Due to the nature of A/B/O, make sure to check the warnings.

Also check out the recs from @mushroomhobbit who has a great list.


Never Is a Promise by manic_intent:  Steve had to admit that he had some reservations about how the New Century handled the social balance between alphas and omegas.

To Shield From the Storm by @polizwrites (WiP):  The Avengers have gone their separate ways after the Battle of New York and Tony Stark is on his own in the Tower. He’s successfully kept his omega status secret from all but a very few for decades; the suppressants have (mostly) done their job, but not for much longer.
Learning to team up with Captain America – possibly the most famous alpha of the 20th century and someone Tony’s already managed to alienate – is going to be just that much more difficult, now, isn’t it?

While We Pretend to Sleep by Typo66:  Tony pretends to be an alpha. Then he forgets he had been pretending. One thing he remembers is Steve. Steve tries to help out in his old fashioned, ethically strict way. Tony likes making big gestures. He has never been subtle.

Cornered by Goda:  For the prompt: A/B/O AU (but where Alphas/Betas/Omegas have equal rights and there is no obvious prejudice). Tony is Steve’s Omega. Newly mated pairs experience feelings of possessiveness, protectiveness and horniness. But the serum enhances it. Cue Steve trying to keep Tony locked up in his room protected by his shield while being embarrassed about the whole situation, and Tony being amused by it.

For Your Eyes Only by @sarah-has-blue-eyes:  Every soldier looks forward to mail call. But Alpha Steve Rogers gets a big surprise with the letter his Omega, Tony Stark, has sent him.

Howling Commando by AnonEhouse: In this apocalyptic world survival takes precedence over nearly everything. Throw in Alphas, Omegas, soul bonds, and shape-shifting, and it’s a wonder Steve Rogers remains such a level-headed person. Tony Stark is still a specially flaky snowflake, of course.(The non-con is one scene at the beginning & is more accurately described as dubious consent. He consented beforehand, on the fuck or die principle, when he was capable of giving consent.)

Inkling by @theactualcluegirl:  "Enough!“ The doctor snapped, no trace of chummy comfort left in his voice as he shoved the hypospray at another of the nurses. “We have orders! MPs, get topside, now. Hooper, get another fifty of Xyladine into the Captain. Dacy and Roccio, prep the gurney. Seames, wipe your goddamned face off and prep for blood draw.”“But Major, the muster-"Steve felt the cuff on his right arm begin to tear, blood slicking his wrist against the metal’s bite.
The doctor rounded on his aide, teeth bared. "Did. I. Stutter?"Another one tried, "Sir, the alphas will need-”“The alphas will fight, Corporal,” The doctor snatched the hypospray back. “Rut haze or no, they’ll fight. That’s what we keep them around for, now get that man unconscious, or I will-”

White Lace, Red Ribbons and Gold Rings by Agent C:  It’s a few days before Tony’s heat. Steve took time off early to prepare the house for his omega’s on-coming heat. However, Tony seems to have other plans for them.(Or: pre-heat sex on the dining room table because of reasons + Tony with a corset piercing)

Batteries Not Included by @robintcj:   Tony is trying to get through his heat when the batteries in his vibrator die, and he needs new ones. Who will help him?

The Other Side of the Door by AnonEhouse: While a few major character deaths are mentioned, they are either off-stage, or in the past, with no details. Other versions of the characters are alive and well in this story. I decided a warning tag would be misleading, but I wanted to give readers a heads up in case even that much would be upsetting.Tony Stark died during the battle for New York, but three months later a Tony Stark from another dimension falls into Steve’s arms. Tony desperately needs Steve’s help in order to survive long enough for his baby to be born. It’s just common decency on Steve’s part. Isn’t it? The fact that he finds Tony attractive has nothing to do with it. After all, he’s not the Steve who Tony married. The Avengers are just… well, you wouldn’t turn away a pregnant man who had no place to go, would you?

In a rut by @rouge-winter :  “You don’t have to do this, Tony.” Pepper said as she tightened her white knuckled grip on the clipboard in her arms. “I’m sure we can find someone else.”“Yes. I do.” Tony said, surprised that his voice came out steadier than he expected.Or the one where Steve goes into an Alpha Rut and Tony is the only one who can help.

Neither Independent nor Serious by @chibisquirt:  Steve doesn’t think it’s unreasonable of him to be alarmed by Tony’s disclosure, because Tony’s his teammate.It isn’t unheard of for a man to switch his dynamic; it mostly happens in cases of high stress, when the hormones produced would instigate either an advance to or a retreat from the extreme ends of the spectrum. Plenty of soldiers he’d known had gone off to battle as Betas and come home Alphas; a few came home Omegas, instead, and back before the days of suppressants, they got an honorable discharge.But no one goes straight from Omega to Alpha, or, for that matter, the reverse, which means that Tony has to have changed dynamic not once, but twice. And that is rare.

Breaking Tony by @awesomeavocadolove:  In a world where everyone is born beta, leaders chosen by newly founded packs become alpha. Omegas are not born or made, they are broken.Steve wants Tony to become the Avenger’s omega.

An Alpha for Christmas by @captainneverever:   Lonely Steve spends the days before Christmas pining for Tony.

Our Dual Nature by @winterstar95:  He will do anything for Tony in this room. Outside, he’s Captain America/Steve Rogers, inside he’s only omega – Tony’s omega.

You Kiss Me So Sweetly by romanoff:  The usual story: Tony’s an omega, Steve’s an alpha. Drug induced heat, and then they’re at it like rabbits.Or, the one where Tony has a fucking awful birthday, but then Steve makes it okay.

Closer (I need you so much closer) by downuptime: Tony Stark was pretty sure he was the luckiest man in the whole wide world. First, his dad. Then Afghanistan. Obi. Then the palladium poisoning thing. Pepper breaking up with him.And now, he was stuck under a building with Captain America of all people. His childhood crush, who thought he was an immature, reckless idiot with no regard for anyone except himself.To be exact, they were four levels underground in the garage of a building ninety stories high. Which had collapsed.Oh, and he was going into heat.Perfect.

In Tandem by RurouniHime: “Want a blood test,” Steve manages, because on the third night of their Week, he can think more clearly than he’s been able to for days. Tony’s scent is strong in his nostrils, cloying in a strange, sleek way he yearns after like a tune he nearly recognizes. “If you’re getting sick—”“God.” Tony shifts bodily up into him, clenching around him. “Yes, Mom.”

You’re Not Stubborn (Just Impossible) by @wordsplat:   Steve’s an alpha, Tony’s an omega. Biology should take care of the rest, right? Except, Tony’s not anything like TV taught Steve omegas were–or like anyone else Steve’s ever met, actually–and Steve should really learn to just keep his mouth shut about that. Also, it doesn’t help that Tony’s not too keen on the idea of alphas. Or Steve. Yeah, this bonding thing looked a whole lot easier on TV.

Fall In Ecstasy by @51st:   There were…things on the internet. Most of them, well, made Steve realize that though people today seemed to be more accepting of differences, being an Omega or an Alpha wasn’t something you talked about unless you started up a website and made people give you their credit card number first.

Hahaha, yes, thanks Anon!  ETA, I also have written a couple of A/B/O fics!

Celestial Navigation and assorted ficlets:  18 year old Omega!Tony finds himself Bonded to Captain Steve Rogers. He isn’t happy about it until he is.

This Is Not a Drill and This Is Not a Drill: Honeymoon Edition:  “Can I—can I see him? I mean meet him. Uh…welcome him to the team?” Tony clarified, probably not very well, he knew.“Well…there’s a bit of an issue with that,” Fury said, and Tony figured this was where Fury got to whatever it was that had really forced his hand and made him call Tony in, knowing how much the man detested having to do so. “You see, well. He was suspended in the ice for nearly seventy years,” Fury began. Tony nodded along, because he could do math.“I’m sure he has a lot of adjusting to do—“ Tony started.“Seventy years,” Fury repeated, cutting Tony off and leaning back in his chair and making it rock slightly. “Of no suppressants.”“Oh,” Tony managed to choke out past the lump that had suddenly formed in his throat. “Oh.”

Port Mafia Tattoo Shop AU

Another self indulgent AU hc post nobody asked for. This is a weird mix of a high school AU too because everyone is 18 except for Kouyou (20), Hirotsu (40), Gin & Higuchi (16).~

- Tattoo Artist { specializes in watercolor and surrealism but can bang out a new school tattoo and make it look like a sticker. }

• Started working at the shop when he was fifteen. It was across the street from a bar he did dishes at in high school and he’d always doodle outside during his smoke breaks. One day one of the artists and partial owners walked by and offered to teach him under the table after school.

• The biggest tattoo on his body is a phoenix that starts in the center of his chest and spreads down his left shoulder to the middle of his arm. It was Kouyou’s birthday present to him on his 18th birthday—she took a few of his drawings and melded it with her own.

 - Piercing Specialist { known for corset piercings and intricate non-permanent piercings for photo shoots and cons }

• Gin dragged him into the shop because she wanted her belly button pierced for her 16th birthday and Chuuya recognized Akutagawa from school. Weirdly enough Akutagawa had a fascination with piercings, and once he watched his sister get one he kept inching towards the piercing gun. Kouyou mention in passing they were looking to hire a trainee. He of course didn’t accept until both Gin and Chuuya pushed him towards the front desk to fill out paper work.

• Under Chuuya’s watch Akutagawa started sketching more after becoming the official shop’s piercer—but his true talent lies in the intricate piercings used in photoshoots or for conventions. He’s the only man in Yokohama that can give people corset piercings without tearing or destroying the skin. As for tattooing he’s on the fence about it and doesn’t have a solid grip on his artistic style yet.


 • Work part-time as the shop’s receptionist and helps clean the tools with another girl from her school, Higuchi. Gin’s nervous about getting a tattoo but she loves watching Hirotsu’s new apprentice Michizou practice his new school style on clients.

• Has no interest in working as a tattoo artists or piercer as a profession but she loves the atmosphere of the shop and looks up to Kouyou as a woman in power. A lot of her love and sex advice happens at the shop when she’s helping Kouyou clean her area and tools.

-Receptionist,/Akutagawa’s assistant

 • Aspires to be Akutagawa’s apprentice but he refuses to teach until she’s eighteen (even though Kouyou offered to pay under the table like she did with Chuuya). She dotes on him, cleans his equipment, and runs his social media accounts (without being asked) and helps with daily things around the shop like filing, appointments, and cleaning.

• She’s offered to let Akutagawa practice new piercings on her when they come into fashion, but the only one he’s been willing to do on her were surface piercings solely to see how long they stayed in. The experiment is still going and Higuchi is rigorous about cleaning the tiny gem pierced into her hip bone.

 -Owner/ Tattoo Artist { specializes in realism, water color, neo traditional }

• Started the shop with start-up money from a silent partner when she was twenty and continues to run it with Hirotsu. Kouyou was originally from Tokyo but was tired of getting bounced around in the system, so when she was fourteen she ran off and started working in a restaurant where down the street from the shop. When she was fifteen she lied about her age and started apprenticing, but she was so talented Hirtosu pretended he didn’t know her real age.

• Kouyou’s art has been featured in multiple tattoo magazines, and she’s actively speaking out on sexist trolls on social media in the tattoo world who try and put her down. She expects the best out of her employees and doesn’t take shit, even if Chuuya’s had a shitty day and a hangover that could kill Satan she expects his ass to do his best work or nothing at all. Has an entire cherry blossom tree up her spine with petals spreading over her shoulders down to her forearms—Hirtosu started the tradition of gifting tattoos to underage apprentices—that was her gift when she turned 18.

 - Owner/Tattoo Artist { specializes in traditional, realism, and tribal }

• ‘Grandpa’ of the shop tbh, and he’s always bugging his artists (especially Akutagawa) to eat and take care of their hands. He’ll point out if someone’s not hydrating enough after a long stretch of tattooing and he hates using the computers to look for references. He’d rather freehand and he’s damn good at it—it’s what he’s known for. His original and intricate designs that just come out with zero effort.

• Keeps in touch with a young kid named Dazai who taught himself how to tattoo at home out of boredom. He worked at the shop for a little but kept getting annoyed with the rules and standards so he set off to start his own one-man traveling tattoo shop. Sometime he stops by to show Hirotsu his work when Chuuya isn’t there. Hirotsu learned how to use Instagram just to keep up with Dazai’s work secretly.

 - Tattoo Apprentice { learning everything, prefers new school }

• Learns from Chuuya sometimes because Chuuya is better at new school, but he’s really Hirotsu’s apprentice. Has a hard time not getting snappy when Hirotsu makes him practice traditional, but he knows he should have a well-rounded education over specializing from the beginning. He followed Chuuya’s Instagram a few months back and tracked down the shop. Instead of asking for an interview he shoved his artwork in Chuuya’s face and stuttered about wanting to learn from him.

• He has a crush on the receptionist and likes when she watches him draw, but he’s too nervous to ask her out because her brother has threatened to kill him with a piercing gun, twice. Sometimes he sneaks little drawings in notes and slides them to her when Akutagawa is in the back doing something or he bribes Higuchi to distract him so he can talk to Gin on his break.

- Owner/Business Partner

• He met Kouyou as a teenager and ate at the restaurant a lot between college classes. When he mysteriously came into a large amount of money he offered to help Hirotsu buy the property out rather than lease the shop and gave Kouyou a percentage to buy her way in. He knows enough about the tactical ways of business and tattooing, and often bugs Hirotsu to convince Dazai to come back to the shop.

• Too nervous to get any actual tattoos, but he once let Elise draw a picture and Kouyou used semi-permanent ink to draw it on his arm—while muttering under her breath what a pussy he was.