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My thoughts (5) - The sorceresses and their stones

The idea for this post was given to me by @daisyofgalaxy10 and it’s about the sorceresses and their favorite stones and what do they mean.
Yennefer has her obsidian star, Triss has an lapis lazuli necklace and Philippa has agate jewels.
So I took some geology lessons. I don’t want to get you bored so I’ll try to keep it simple.

This is what I found about Obsidian on Wikipedia:
“Obsidian is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth. It is hard and brittle; it therefore fractures with very sharp edges, which were used in the past in cutting and piercing tools.”
As I thought, Sapkowski didn’t choose obsidian to be Yennefer’s stone by chance, I think the similarities are quite obvious:
1) Yennefer has a volcanic personality, obsidian is a volcanic material
2) “Obsidian is hard and brittle; it therefore fractures with very sharp edges”. Yennefer is very difficult but she melts if someone (meaning mostly Geralt or Ciri, of course) knows how to handle her, yet she still has her “sharp edges”.
3) Yennefer wears black and white, obsidian is usually dark colored, mostly black.

Lapis lazuli
Triss wears a lapis lazuli necklace. Wikipedia didn’t say many things about it. Still it says that “has been prized since antiquity for its intense color”. From ancient Egypt to Middle ages it was one of the favorite jewelry for royal courts. We can relate this to Triss, in the books and in the games too she was always close to a royal court or another, she’s used with that kind of life ans she likes it.

Ok, so Philippa’s stone is the agate. It’s a volcanic rock, pretty common, nothing very special about it.

So that’s it with Wikipedia, I moved on. I knew there are some meanings and symbols given to the stones but I never believed in such things. After some research on such sites I only kept the ideas which I found on most of them:

The obsidian is a very protective stone, and is excellent for removing negativity. It is also excellent protection against psychic attacks.
I immediately thought about the times Yennefer used protective shields. If I’m not mistaken there are 2 times in the books and 1 time in the Witcher 3 game. So again the rock fits Yen perfectly.

Almost everywhere says that Lapis Lazuli is a stone of royalty. Again, royalty.
It is said about Lapis Lazuli that it symbolize true friendship and the harmony of these kind of relations. Well, Triss is a friend for Geralt, she’s always there when he needs help. Even though maybe she wanted more than this, I think Triss is the perfect example of what “friendzone” means. 

(Later edit: Thank you, @pommeverte3 for a much better idea:  Regarding Triss and friendship though, I always had the feeling while reading the books that her storyline was more about her relationship with Yen than her relationship with Geralt. Here you can find her analysis about Triss and Yen friendship: http://pommeverte3.tumblr.com/post/151557328137/the-yennefertriss-friendship-in-the-witcher-book )

Agate is a stone of strength. It was used by the Ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Energetically, it is considered to give strength in both battle and physically. What stone can be more perfect for Philippa than one who symbolises strength? I think it fits her perfectly.

As a conclusion, I am amazed about how much attention Andrzej Sapkowski had for all these small details. I bet there are so many more in the books which I didn’t think of yet. I hope I didn’t bore you too much, I tried to do it as short as possible.

if you have any ideas about symbols in the Witcher world, please give me a message. Have a nice Sunday! :)

The other factor spurring the King into action in the spring of 1527 was that he was, by a fortuitous coincidence, passionately in love for the first time in his life, and wished to remarry. This has often–and erroneously–been understood to have been the real basis for the King’s doubts of conscience, which has tended to trivialize the whole issue. In fact, Henry VIII did, desperately, need a male heir; his wife of eighteen years was now barren. His concern for the succession and the future of his kingdom was sincere and genuine. He had been questioning the validity of his marriage for several years, long before he had fallen in love with this latest mistress. Moreover, he and the Queen had had little in common for years. It was a sensible decision, therefore, to consider applying for the annulment of his marriage and taking another wife who could bear him children. Falling in love was merely the final spur to action.

Like all the others, this latest affair was conducted in the strictest secrecy, yet Henry was hinting at it in courtly fashion from the beginning of 1526, when, on Shrove Tuesday, at a joust held at Greenwhich, he appeared in the lists decked in a splendid outfit of cloth of gold and silver, on which was embroidered in hold the device Declare je nos (“Declare I dare not”), which was surmounted by a man’s heart engulfed in flames, typical of the symbolism beloved by the Tudor court. The King’s affair with Mary Boleyn had ended, probably in the previous year, so this pretty conceit could only mean that he had found someone else. The Queen was by now used to his infidelities, and probably attached little significance to this evidence of a new one.

In May 1527, the affair was still going on, although the identity of the chosen lady was still a well-kept secret. Yet Henry could not resist dropping hints, for he was now completely enslaved by her, and wanted the world to know it. One evening, he entertained the court with a poignant song he had written that told of the heart’s torment when spurned by the beloved: The eagle’s force subdued each bird that flies; what metal can resist the flaming fire? Doth not the sun dazzle the clearest eyes, and melt the ice, and make the frost retire? The hardest stones are pierced through with tools, the wisest are with princes made but fools.

Few present were aware to whom the song was addressed, nor guessed that she was probably present at the banquet in her official capacity as one of the Queen’s maids of honor. Nor did anyone realize that this love affair, which had now been gathering momentum for more than fifteen months, was to be the most significant of them all. For the King was passionately, abjectly in love, a novel experience for him. Even more novel was the fact that the object of his desire was holding herself tantalizingly aloof, and would not even agree to be named his mistress in the courtly sense. This was surprising indeed in an age where it was considered almost honorable, or was at least lucrative, to becoming the mistress–in a sexual sense, even–of a king. Yet this lady was keeping him firmly at arm’s length and loudly proclaiming her virtue, which of course only served further to inflame the King’s passion. She would have marriage, and the crown of England, or nothing.

Her name was Anne Boleyn.

—  Alison Weir, The Six Wives of Henry VIII

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While Santana and their daughter are out, Brittany, with the help of their son Aiden, tries to bake a birthday cake, as a surprise for Santana, for when she gets back home

It does not go as planned

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I was just thinking…

Sandry ends up in Winding Circle because of a plague. In Briar’s Book, what do they face? Plague.

Tris is there because none of her relatives want her. Daja’s Book has a raging forest fire, sure, but really it’s about dealing with the Traders who don’t want her.

Correspondingly, Daja is there because her ship sank. What does Tris do in her book but sink a load of ships?

And correct me if I’m wrong, but the first time we meet Briar is in a prison cell, only slightly less trapped than he and the girls would be a book later in the earthquake.

The parallelism isn’t perfect - the earthquake is meant to evoke Sandry’s stay in the dark more than Briar’s cell, after all - so I don’t know if it was intentional. But it gives me warm and fuzzy feelings anyway.

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