piercing rambles

if you’re mlm, reblog this and tag it with the tattoos or piercings that you want!!!

i want a septum piercing, snake bites (or, the thicker one in the middle of the lower lip), and nipple piercings after surgery! for tattoos i want the comedy/tragedy masks, flowers with ‘pansy boy’ in the middle, and a little male symbol- all three on my inner left wrist,, soft punk aes kinda stuff!!

edit: maybe some space stuff too like a planet or star ! and also maybe a jellyfish bc i love the ocean,,


Vogue, September 1996. 

Ralph Fiennes photographed by Helmut Newton.

2/? eye color edits

Hawkeye’s baby blues

Hii, I wanted to show you guys my new haircut and take a pic in the my new apartment. Excuse the bags under my eyes and low quality, its late and on my webcam. ill probably delete later and take one on my camera. -ps i miss talking to you guys more so send in some msg’s if you’d like


edmund pevensie // king for a day

please, won’t you push me for the last time
let’s scream until there’s nothing left
so sick of playing, i do'nt want this anymore
the thought of you’s no fucking fun
you want a martyr? i’ll be one
because enough’s enough, we’re done

anonymous asked:

Kind of an odd question, but when did Malek get his ears pierced. Did Dallas help him like he did with Dallas's hair?

Malek was always written as a very well put-together guy. He gets good grades, and he always did as his parents told. He was a dutiful nephew to his aunt, and a big brother Sabina could look up to. He’s very mild-tempered. Malek got his ears pierced when his aunt started dating someone. Malek was 13. He started stretching them at the age of 15. By the time he’s 18, he could put his whole thumb through it. His aunt was strongly opposed to it. Prior to meeting Poppy and Dallas, Malek’s stretched ears was one of the very few acts of defiance he’s ever done (against his aunt Nadia, whom he loves very much.)

Well, now THAT’S a whole lot darker than I (or the box, proclaiming itself “faded denim blue") anticipated. 😮 That is distinctly what I would refer to as a definite High School Gawth Blue. 😂 And believe me, I’d know.
Oh well. I love it! 💙 And usually I hate how fast my hair fades (srsly is high desert, the atmosphere just scours your hair to death, plus the altitude makes sun-fading that much worse) but as this starts to fade, imma hit it a few times with the silver Viral shampoo, which will be GORGEOUS, and then as it fades even more, I’ll bust out the mermaid colors and zillion tint brushes and mixing trays and get my iridescent shimmery metallic pastel aqua purple green blue silver going on. MERMAID HAIR DON’T CARE. Just more of a deepwater mermaid at the moment. Anglerfish mermaid. Yaaaaasssssss.
Plus it smells of sandalwood because I’m magical like that.