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Okay so basically lol, BIT OF A FLOP TBH. But didn't piss me off as much as it could have. Stefan died, Damon and Elena ended up together (saw that coming - still disgusted though), Caroline ended up alone and got a letter from Klaus foreshadowing something there in the future. She and Alaric opened up a school for witches/warlocks, and Jeremy popped up in the end to help out with it. Had literally 2 fleeting seconds of screen time. And the ending... idk what it even was tbh

WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I was never the biggest fan of Stefan or Elena, but they should have ended up together. I like Damon, I really do, but if one of the brother’s were to die, it would make more sense that it was him. I heard something about him and Katherine potentially going to hell together? That would have been pretty damn cool and fulfilling.

I’m Klaroline trash, so that bit I like, as long as they bring her on to the Originals. I love my Care Bear and she deserves everything she’s ever wanted, and one of the biggest things was for someone to love her. I didn’t like her with Stefan, but I really just wanted her to be happy.

Opening up a magic school is a little cliche for me and too reminiscent of Charmed, but it’s okay. Alaric’s alive and presumably as happy as he could be, so I’m good.

I will forever be pissed about this. Jeremy deserved a reunion with his sister, he deserved a closing arc and his fans deserved closure.

I read something about a bunch of ghosts showing up and everyone being able to see them? Is that they’re way to not piss people who’ve had their faves die off? I swear, if Jenna and Anna were there and Alaric and Jeremy didn’t see them, I’m gonna cut a bitch.

I guess it’s not as bad as it could be, but I’m definitely not gonna watch about 4 seasons of it to see it.

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It could be that Vanessa ends up in the most danger and that is what finally opens Rhona's eyes and she can fight back against Pierce? I want Rhona to be the one who ultimately kicks that guy's fucking perverted arse! (And as a side-note: look how Liv had Pierce right all along. She recognised the same controlling behaviour G*rdon used.)

Yes. Yes and yes.

I definitely want it to be Rhona who kicks his arse into next century but I hope Vanessa keeps up the strength she’s been showing because she’s amazing!

Liv is a VERY perceptive kid. She’s pretty worldly wise for her age (perhaps too worldly wise) and had Pierce sussed from day one which is amazing to me. That skill will stand her in good stead for the future :)

Lynne's gonna rant a little - feel free to ignore or agree, your choice

While we’ve been so shattered and tortured all season long and are forced to be happy with the scraps we got…here’s what we did NOT get:

1. Where was the relationship discussion the “spoiler” sources spoke of?  Yes, we got an amazing 2 second reunion and unbelievable hot kiss (thanks, Chris and Darren) but WHERE WAS THE MUCH NEEDED DISCUSSION?

2. What happened to the elopement plans?  Their tuxes were in the car because they had planned to elope?  Burt was supposed to call Pam and they talk Kurt and Blaine into getting married there instead of eloping? Hmm??

3. Gina Gershon.  She’s introduced as Blaine’s mom for a split second line and then NOTHING.  They wasted her.  NO story for Blaine and his family.

4. Why did Pierce Pierce give a stupid, rambling toast and NOT BURT HUMMEL?  Why the fuck didn’t Burt do a toast?

5. We were told that Klaine stopped the quartet song so they could have a couples dance.  NOT ONE COUPLES DANCE FOR EITHER COUPLE.  

6. COME. WHAT. MAY.  This is the song that Kurt and Blaine envisioned dancing to at their wedding.  Better than sex (yea sure boys).  They could have had a couples dance and had Kurt and Blaine sing some of the lines in each other’s ears.  Such a little thing to do, they didn’t even have to record it - do it live - just sweet humming.  Would have made the fandom happy but nope, we can’t have that.

7. When Sue and Brit sprung the wedding idea on them and they hemmed n hawed and debated and hesitated…then BOOM!  Walking down the aisle.  Kurt did not propose as we had hoped, no discussion was seen - again - FAIL.

8. TBH, and I knew this was gonna happen, I think BOTH couples were screwed tonight.  BOTH.  There should have been two separate weddings.  FFS I’d rather have had Klaine elope - show just the two of them saying prepared vows in front of Burt/Carole and Pam (and Cooper!).  That would have meant MUCH MORE.

Sigh. I know we’re grasping at what we are given, and the gif/video makers will put it all together and we’ll cry and swoon and be happy just for the mere fact that our babies are finally HUSBANDS…but Glee missed the mark BIG TIME tonight.  Final season.  Wasted 7 episodes on angst and Sue’s silliness.  This night should have made up for it.  It DIDN’T.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Klaine proposal was the absolute pinnacle of their relationship.  It was the BEST we’ve ever seen and will ever see in canon.  Treasure that moment, Klainers.  It was a rare gift to us.

Piercings and martial arts

A few months ago for my birthday I decided to get two extra piercings in each ear (so now I have 3 piercings per ear). Like most piercings, the earrings couldn’t be removed for a number of weeks or the holes would close up. This meant I couldn’t take them out for training.

Any type of body jewelry (especially piercings) is seen as a safety hazard, so students are either forced to remove the jewelry, or tape up the pierced area. The taping my ears was tedious, but I could understand my instructors concern. At events I’ve seen students asked to take out gages and belly button rings, as piercings are also viewed as untraditional. The removing can be a pain.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I want to get maybe two cartilage piercings on my ear, and possibly a nose piercing - just a little stud. At the same time I’m wondering if this would be worth the annoying lectures and taping again :/

My right ear has an industrial in it… but my left ear is completely blank. I used to have a cartridge piercing on that ear but it’s since closed up and I so badly want to start an ear project on that ear. Hnnng *o* The closet place that would probably be able to do it is 3 hours away and because of my job I don’t have the time to travel to get anything new done and I’ve also never gone to that shop before either…